Anime Spring Season 2020: Final Thoughts

2020 spring anime season

It’s that time of the year again, so enjoy our Final Thoughts of the 2020 spring anime season that just came to an end~

Length: 12 Episodes | Genre: Action, Fantasy, Super Power

bna anime
We didn’t watch a lot of shows this season, did we? 😀

Whenever Trigger comes out with a new anime, I’m either all over it, or I’m not interested at all. There’s no in-between. Kill la Kill? All over it. SSSS.Gridman? I couldn’t care less. BNA had an interesting premise, so I gave it a chance, and my curiousity was certainly rewarded. This turned out to be pretty entertaining and had the action, comedy, and flair that I’ve come to expect from Trigger.

The story, revolving around the criminal goings on in a city where beastmen can live freely, was familiar enough to fans of crime drama, yet the beastmen x human angle was enough of a twist to keep it all interesting to me. The story didn’t go anywhere near as far as it could have regarding the discrimination faced by the beastmen, though it’s probably best for an anime not to trivialize the harsh reality of social injustice, so I’m okay with the decision. Instead, there was more of a focus on organized crime and other shady activities, and then there was the goofiness we’ve come to expect from Trigger, which helped things from becoming too heavy. Thanks to most of the characters’ ability to transform between a human-looking form and beast form, a lot of the characters had a lot of personality, so that was another plus. I wouldn’t rank this anime up with Kill la Kill or Little Witch Academia, yet I think this ended up being another winner from Trigger.

Total Enjoyment: 7/10

Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2
Length: 12 Episodes | Genre: Comedy, Psychological, Romance, School

kaguya-sama season 2 anime
The first season of Kaguya-sama: Love is War premiered a year and a half ago, and it winded up being one of my favorite anime romcoms ever. It had a super fun premise that felt fresh, great characters, and comedy that was consistently funny. Fast-forward to this season, and because of how all those points were repeated, I’m once again reminded why I love this series.

Ishigami had largely been nothing more than a running gag for the entire series, so I think him being given some actual character development had to be the most surprising thing this season had to offer. He starred in the best episode, and it was mostly absent of comedy, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this series show some genuine heart. But that’s not to say the ongoing war between Kaguya and Shirogane didn’t once again deliver big laughs. The mix of comedy and awkward romance was still handled brilliantly, and even though neither one confessed, I hope that means we’ll eventually get a third season.

The two new additions to the cast fit in really well, and the best girl, Chika, was as great as ever. It’s easy to lump all romcoms together, but this series has demonstrated itself to be a cut above the others. Through two seasons now, it’s maintained its originality in a genre usually devoid of any, so it’s no wonder why so many people have come to love this series.

Total Enjoyment: 8/10

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!
Length: 12 Episodes | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, School

hamefura my next life as a villainess anime
First off, am I the only one that hates the idea of an 8 year-old being set to marry someone, even if it’s with someone their own age? Also, 99.99% of 8 year-olds are incredibly immature, so I don’t like seeing them presented as rational human beings capable of deep thought. Okay, my “you kids get off my lawn!” rant is over. 😀

By all accounts, this was another mediocre season with not that many reasons to watch anything, but one anime worth watching was Hamefura. Thanks to Cat’s ability to have everyone love her, we got some yuri courtesy of Mary, who’s probably the only girl to have romantic feelings for Cat, despite Maria and Sophia obviously caring deeply for Cat. I honestly expected more yuri, as Mary was not always as gung ho as I would’ve liked. Still, this was easily the yuriest anime of the season, though, because all of the guys have romantic feelings for Cat, that’s something yuri fans will have to deal with.

Regardless if you prefer yuri or het, this was an entertaining show that I’m happy is getting a second season. The otome game backdrop added a fun and charming layer to this show, and speaking of charming, this was a cast that I enjoyed a lot. I liked how each of them were given a brief backstory info dump, which gave me more reason to care about them, while not taking up too much time and disturbing the flow of the narrative. Cat was a really entertaining protagonist, equal parts funny and charismatic, so this anime definitely had some things going for it. We’ll probably review this anime at some point, so expect to read more about this show in the coming weeks.

Total Enjoyment: 7/10

Length: 12 Episodes | Genre: School, Sports

tamayomi anime
Looking back, hopes were high that Tamayomi could be an anime worth watching for yuri fans. But things just didn’t work out that way. Not only was it not worth watching for yuri fans, I don’t think it was really worth watching for anyone, maybe not even baseball fans. Did the world need another incredibly generic sports anime? Don’t we already have enough of those? There isn’t anything here that hasn’t been done before, and done so much better, so I have to wonder why this anime even exists in the first place. There is a character that gets a little touchy feely with the other players, but that’s nowhere near enough to keep me entertained.

To me, the characters in Tamayomi are bland and not very interesting at all. I simply had little reason to care about any of them, and the story did nothing to help with that. This is basically your typical “school club gets formed and the girls aim for Nationals” story, so it’s completely unoriginal and lacking any real substance. It’s totally by-the-book and cliché, and given my dislike for baseball, I would’ve normally dropped this within two or three episodes. It certainly didn’t help that this anime doesn’t look good, and that’s being kind. CG was used for a lot of the baseball scenes, but that didn’t help matters, so it looked more awkward than anything. Like baseball itself, I thought this was really boring and not very entertaining, and judging by the MAL scores, it seems I’m not alone in thinking that.

BNA had a baseball episode that was a lot more entertaining than anything this show had to offer, so I’d rather rewatch that twelve times than rewatch this series. 😛

Total Enjoyment: 3/10

Dropped: Listeners


12 thoughts on “Anime Spring Season 2020: Final Thoughts

    Would agree! Villainess was cute and enjoyable if not spectacular. But Kaguya-sama S2 was a hit out of the park, even better than S1. What really got to me was the Yū Ishigami story arc which was totally unexpected. For a somewhat minor background character to take the center like that took some real artistry, and for me, blew a whole through the entire season. After the race, when he faces his cheer teammates, and suddenly the blank faces turn full on in acceptance was such a masterpiece of story art and story feels. And to end with that balloon, fell laughing out of my chair. And the narrator who calls the games and their scores, is simply incredibly funny, funny!! And, and, the artists behind Kaguya-sama are just as good at heartfelt drama as they are at fall down funny comedy so much so that this might end as a masterpiece.


    • Ishigami was so great, wasn’t he? Going from kind of a joke to being every bit as great as the other characters was awesome. I love the whole series. Counting both seasons as a single entity, it’s probably somewhere in my top 25 favorite anime~

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t even manage to finish the 3rd episode of Tamayomi because it was just too boring and *painful*. From the whole extremely generic “cute girls doing gay things” to how annoyingly squeaky and bland the characters are (I guess it doesn’t improve as the show goes on) with only Ibuki being somewhat of my favorite due to her being voiced by Miyu Tomita. (just…………..fuck Yoshino, there I said it, fuck her. She can sink into the void and my mind would be better off)

    Let’s be real, nobody asked for this, but Cinderella Nine was a shitshow from what I’ve heard and it already got a 2nd season so I guess there’s some profit to be made with this kind of “sports” anime and oh, I sense a dark future ahead of us.


    • Yeah! Let your frustrations out! I have to try and seem a little “professional”, but I can agree with pretty much everything you said. I’m not a huge sports anime fan or anything, but this is probably the worst one I’ve seen.

      If this does get a second season, I’ll probably take a seat on the bench and skip it. Dark days indeed… 😀


  3. It is funny this post is kinda empty , i mean not many good stuff happening 😂
    Talking about non yuri anime currently there is one called something like demon lord academy , i liked the manga so far , but the anime is from the ones that made bofuri and already saw cut content ://///
    So this lapis re something i mentioned before has yuri potential , at least in first episode when ||spoiler the 2 girls where going to share the room one got more red than a tomato ||


    • The summer season Final Thoughts post in three months might have even less stuff on it. I can’t decide whether it’s funny or sad… 😀

      I tend to not be a big fan of fantasy/magic anime. Not sure why. But I’ll probably skip that one, even though there aren’t many other shows that seem interesting to me this season.

      And Lapis Re:LiGHTs is one of the few shows I’ve picked up this season. I don’t really expect it to be very good, but it probably is the show with the highest yuri potential. 😛


    • Really? Sweet! We got nominated for one of these Sunshine Blogger Awards posts last year, but we never fully filled it out. We’ll try to do better this time… 😀

      And thanks~


  4. Might check out BNA. Heard a lot of good things about it and I did recently watch SSSS Gridman and loved the hell out of that series. I’m mostly waiting for more Strike Witches closer to the end of the year at this point.


  5. The Assault Lily game is called , Assault Lily : Last Bullet , it is on pre register in japan it seems , i found the game in the app i like a lot so far because i found a few games im very interested in , there only , TapTap , qooapp doesn’t have it and google play is garbage so i don’t use it


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