Yuri News Update: August 2020

yuri news update

It’s that time of the month again, time to go over what’s been happening in the world of yuri anime, manga, and visual novels. So sit back, relax, and enjoy August’s Yuri News Update~

And as usual, if we missed anything important, let us know in the comments.

donuts under a crescent moon yuri manga

There are a lot of manga licenses to get to, so let’s start off with one. Thanks to the kind folks at Seven Seas, Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon will be brought to audiences in North America, with the first volume being released in February 2021. In case you’re not familiar with it, here’s the description.

Uno Hinako throws herself into makeup, fashion, and falling in love, hoping that will make her seem “normal” to the other people at her job. But no matter how hard she tries, she’s a self-doubting mess inside, and her attempts at “normal” romance with men just keep failing. When she starts to think she might be alone forever, a new normal presents itself–in the form of her relationship with Sato Asahi, a level-headed woman who works at her company, which starts as respect until it becomes far more intimate.

While yuri anime fans have to make do with the typical assortment of idols, magical girls, and school girls, yuri manga fans get interesting stories like this, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not jealous. Not every story has to star fifteen-year-olds, so manga fans have it pretty dman good, especially with all these licenses that keep coming down the pike.

yuuki yuuna season three

YuYuYu fans should be thrilled now that Yuuki Yuuna is getting a third anime season, titled Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Dai Mankai no Shou. That subtitle translates to The Great Full Blossom Chapter, and that’s about all that’s known at this point.

The second season was all sorts of confusing to keep up with, thanks to the six episode/three movie format of the Washio Sumi Chapter and then six episodes of the Hero Chapter. For whatever reason, I never got into this anime, despite all the good things I was hearing, and despite covering this series a lot in these News Updates, we haven’t reviewed the second season.

Still, I know a lot of people consider this series to be the next best dark magical girl anime behind Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica, so those who haven’t seen it might want to consider changing that before season three begins airing.

flowers le volume sur automne yuri visual novel

In visual novel news, four years after it was first released in Japan, FLOWERS -Le volume sur automne- is finally available in English. In case you need a refresher as to what this season is about, here’s the synopsis.

Yatsushiro Yuzuriha, president of the school’s Council of Nicaea, knows the truth hidden within the school. The silver-haired beauty seeks to prevent Suou from reaching it by giving her what seems like an impossible task—take over the role of president and she’ll hand over the key to what she desires.

However, Yuzuriha is harboring her own secret, buried deep within herself…

As the leaves turn and strange incidents continue to plague the isolated Saint Angraecum Academy, interweaving threads of emotion tangle together in an intricate story of love and truth.

This is the third game in the Flowers visual novel series from Innocent Grey, renowned for its beautiful artwork, engaging stories, and complex characters.

While yuri anime suffers another down year, the yuri visual novels just keep on coming. Available for Windows, you can buy -Le volume sur automne- on the JAST USA website, Steam, or if you’re craving the limited edition, you can find that on J-List.

vampeerz yuri manga

In news that’s sure to have made its #1 fan, YR visitor Kabeidon, happy, yuri manga Vampeerz has been licensed by Denpa. In case you’re not familiar with Higashiyama Shou’s most recent work, here’s a desciption.

On the day of her grandmother’s funeral, Ichika meets Aria, a beautiful foreigner who claims to be her grandmother’s friend. But Ichika soon finds that Aria is no normal human; she is a vampire, and their relationship has just begun…

Given our reviews of Prism and Stretch, you’d think that we would have mentioned this more, but it appears that we’re late to the party. Still, vampires and yuri are a winning combination, so when Denpa brings this out next summer, expect this manga to make a lot more noise.

please be happy yuri visual novel

Keeping with the visual novel theme, Studio Élan has announced another yuri visual novel, Please Be Happy, which is currently scheduled to be released later this year on PC and Nintendo Switch. Here’s the synopsis taken from the game’s official page.

Born as a fox in the forest of Korea, Miho carries with her the memory of a traveler who showed her kindness and spoke of home. Now more human than fox, Miho has spent a long, long time searching for her person. She arrives by airship to Wellington Skyport, one of the jewels of the floating island of New Zealand.

Despite her years spent observing humans, she still has a lot to learn about their culture and society. She’s made a living so far as a thief, her heightened senses allowing her to easily take advantage of people. She’s also seen a lot of the worst of what mankind has to offer.

It’s only after meeting Juliet, the owner of a small library, and Aspen, an aspiring novelist, that Miho starts to understand what kindness is, and that there’s more than just the bad stuff when it comes to people.

And to further get you hyped, here’s the game’s trailer.

Studio Élan has been killing it with their yuri visual novel releases, and this one looks to be no different. Remember a while back when the only yuri visual novels were coming from Japan? Those days seem like ancient history, so let’s hope that the genre continues to grow and more and more developers jump on the yuri bandwagon.

the legend of korra

Here at YuriReviews, we mostly deal with Japanese works, but there are plenty of Western creators that have been doing great things as well. It’s taken a while, but The Legend of Korra is finally on the way to Netflix, at least in the US.

International fans still won’t have the luxury of their American brethren, but look on the bright side, at least… nevermind. The jokes are too easy at this point. 😛

If you’ve ever broken into someone’s Pinterest account to download some Korrasami pix, you must be very familiar with why yuri fans love Korra so much. In addition to streaming on Netflix, the series will continue to stream on CBS All Access and Nickelodeon’s Amazon Prime channel, but who uses those?! Nobody, that’s who. Anyway, the bottom line is, soon, it’s never going to have been easier to catch up on all the Korrasami moments your heart can take.

a white rose in bloom yuri manga

There are even more manga licenses to mention. Seven Seas has announced that they’re licensing Asumiko Nakamura’s A White Rose in Bloom manga, and here’s the synopsis.

Ruby is a student at an elite European boarding school. Things are going pretty well for her until she finds out that she won’t be able to go home at Christmas. Instead, she’ll be stuck at school with only one other student–the aloof and beautiful Steph–for company. As Ruby tries to understand Steph, she becomes more and more interested in the other girl. But can she break through Steph’s icy exterior?

The first volume will be released in print and digitally in January 2021. Seven Seas has been a godsend for overseas yuri manga fans, but there are plenty of other publishers fighting the good fight as well, including J-Novel Club.

a lily blooms in another world yuri light novel

They’ve announced that they’re bringing A Lily Blooms in Another World to the yuri party, and here’s the synopsis for that.

Miyako Florence isn’t sad when her fiancé breaks off their engagement after two years. It’s all according to plan! Whisked to the world of her favorite otome game, Miyako frees herself from a dull noble to pursue her true soulmate: the game’s villainess Fuuka Hamilton. Proud Fuuka only has eyes for their mutual ex-fiancé! Miyako confesses her love to Fuuka and proposes that they run away together. Fuuka agrees on one condition: Miyako must make her say “I’m happy” in 14 days. With conniving nobles, strange diseases, and magical rituals pulling them apart, can Miyako win the villainess’s heart? A tentative bud blossoms in this twisting romance from the author of Sexiled!

otherside picnic yuri manga

In time for the upcoming anime adaptation, Square Enix Manga & Books announced that they’ll be licensing the manga adaptation of Otherside Picnic, with the first volume pegged for a May 2021 release date. Here’s the synopsis.

In this sci-fi/fantasy survival thriller, the dangerous and deadly realm of the Otherside–where urban legends, cryptids, and folkloric legends roam–calls to two women, both in search of something. As they set out to sate their curiosity and explore this other world, will the most earth-shattering thing they discover on the Otherside be their feelings for each other?

The Otherside Picnic anime adaptation is among the most promising yuri anime on the horizon, and now with this manga adaptation, it seems the series is finally having its coming out party. In fourth grade, I was positive that I was going to be the person to discover Bigfoot (and the Loch Ness Monster), so needless to say, this story really calls out to me. And it’s yuri on top of all that? Sign me up!

touzainanboku manga namori

Everyone loves Namori, so when she teased a new project, everybody was excited. It turns out that new project was a new Yuru Yuri manga spin-off titled Touzainanboku!. Here’s the translated description.

Four high school girls who will become teachers at Nanamori Junior High School in the future. They don’t even know what their future holds, and this is the story of the daily life that certainly happened to these four lost girls as they set their course in the direction of each other.

Baka-Updates includes shoujo ai in the list of genres, so I’m sure yuri fans will welcome this new story with open arms. As expected, the character designs look great, and it should be interesting to see what becomes of this manga.

strike witches road to berlin

It’s been almost seven years since we reviewed the first season of Strike Witches, and we haven’t reviewed any sequel or spin-off since. There have been a million of them, and there are even more on the way. Strike Witches: Road to Berlin is the most high-profile of these works, and ahead of its October debut, that new visual you see above has been revealed.

I see familiar faces, big guns, and a lack of pants, so this is truly the Strike Witches I remember. But there are other Strike Witches anime on the way, or to be more precise, World Witches content.

world witches takeoff season two

Last year, Strike Witches: 501 Butai Hasshin Shimasu! raised eyebrows for being a Strike Witches anime that doesn’t feature witch-on-Neuroi violence, but instead, it involves the girls just going about their daily lives away from combat. Well, get ready for more of that, thanks to World Witches Hasshin Shimasu!. This sounds like more of the same, but this time, the girls include the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing as well. Yes, it’s the Brave Witches, and here’s the synopsis.

Countries all over the world formed an alliance to counter the emerging enemy of mankind “Neuroi,” whom only girls with special powers could counter. However, the Neuroi never appeared. Instead of fighting, the witches spend their days idly. This time following not only unit 501, but also unit 502 known as “Brave Witches!” The 2nd volume of the comical daily drama of the witches who do not fight Neuroi begins!

Maybe we’ll get back to watching this series someday, but the fans will probably eat this up like all of the other sequels and spin-offs, and then we’ll get even moar.

love live! superstar anime

As for the obligatory Love Live! news story, it’s been confirmed that the title of the anime formerly known as Love Live! (Shin Series Project) is now officially Love Live! Superstar!!.

The group doesn’t yet have a name, but that—along with the logo of the school—will be voted on by Japanese fans, in a poll conducted by magazine. A synopsis of the show has also been revealed, and to no one’s surprise, it sounds like almost every other idol anime. 😛

Yuigaoka Girls High School is a newly established school that lies between the Omotesando, Harajuku, and Aoyama neighborhoods of Tokyo. The story centers on its first batch of students. With no history, no upperclassmen or alumni, and no reputation, it is a school full of unknowns.

Five girls, among them Kanon Shibuya, have a fateful encounter with school idols. Kanon decides, “I love singing. I want to make something come true with song!” Many feelings converge upon a star that has only started to grow. The future is blank and full of possibility for these girls, and their story that everyone will make possible has only just begun. Soar with your wings, our Love Live!

This is the sixth month in a row that we’ve had a LL! story, but can the franchise make it seven? Is Love Live! burn out finally settling in? Will I declare war on the franchise in an expletive-filled rant? Tune in next month for the answers to these questions and more. 😛

shoujo kageki revue starlight rondo rondo rondo

Turning to a much more interesting idol anime, after being delayed from its May premiere date, the Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight compilation film, Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight: Rondo Rondo Rondo, will debut in Japan on the 7th of this month.

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of watching the TV anime, this compilation film should get you ready for the anime movie sequel, which still doesn’t have a release date. I thought Revue Starlight was awesome, so I hope this news means that we’re one step closer to continuing the story~

ninja nonsense+ manga

After my review of Ninja Nonsense, I thought I’d never mention it again, but here we are talking about the original manga getting a sequel. This actually began back in June, and we missed this story in last month’s Yuri News Update, but better late than never.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original manga’s anime adapation, so this news only elicits a shrug of indifference from me, but I’m sure that someone somewhere is thrilled with this news. Possibly… 😛

vlad love yuri anime

Lastly, the drip feed of Vlad Love information continues, ahead of its (hopefully) premiere in 2021. In this month’s installment, another character gets the spotlight, and it’s Jinko Sumida, who’s voiced by Yoko Hikasa. Take a listen~

I might’ve mentioned if before, but this anime has some big-name voice actresses involved. Yoko Hikasa, Romi Park, Saori Hayami, and Yuu Kobayashi are some of my favorite voice actresses, so to have all of them involved in the same project is pretty awesome. If HanaKana and Miyuki Sawashiro were to sign on, this might be the best thing ever. But with this month’s update over with, let’s all go back to being depressed about having to wait at least another five months for this to begin airing. 😛


14 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: August 2020

  1. When i saw the Vampeerz cover 💥haha , and thanks a lot for mentioning me , yeah i hope it makes a lot of noise and it made it in japan too , also i look forward to seeing white rose and lily in another world , maybe the one with guns 🤔
    Namori will have 2 new spin offs? Or it turns out it will be the teachers only? I look forward to it too but i wanted 1 spin off with action haha , one character looks like Sakurako sister , but it is not i think ?
    I was just thinking i had to watch strike witches haha
    Uhh shoujo kageki and that stupid giraffe , seriously , it ruined the anime for me
    I was browsing steam (fast) and found at least 4 fan made yuri (vn/rpg) Touhou games 😂


      • I was fixing to ask who this stranger is that’s pretending to be you. 😀

        There’s this teacher one, and then there’s the isekai spin-off where Akari is reincarnated as a slime. And that character does kind of look like Sakurako in the picture, but she didn’t look like her in the show.

        If there wasn’t so much Strike Witches stuff to catch up on, I might’ve watched more, but there’s just so much stuff now that it’s hard to do.

        There’s so much Touhou stuff on Steam! I expected a few, but the list just goes on and on. 😀


        • Oh damn 2 spin-offs that is amazing , could you add my name in that comment? No idea why it got bugged 😂

          About Touhou this month releases the game i linked before , it is action but in all news i ask for some minimun yuri haha

          Sakurako manga low Spoiler , as i said , her sister has a girlfriend , the funny thing is , they presented 3 girls and they never said wich one is 😂 , they play it like that , they are keeping their relationship hidden because some reasons , and it really looks like any of the 3 could be her gf 😂 , i find that interesting


          • Done~

            There needs to be more yuri action games. Visual novels are okay, but there should be more games for people who would rather play than read. 😛

            Why stop at just having a girlfriend? How about having a whole harem? That would be fun. 😀


  2. august is jam packed with more news! im absolutely happy that more yuri manga is getting licensed!!! it’s so exciting!!! also yuki yuna season 3 OMG yay!!! i really love the series and cant wait to see what season 3 does! as for flowers, im absolutely ecstatic that we get to play the 3rd game now in english!!! hopefully the 4th game can come soon as well!!! and ofc even though it is just a title announcement, im still super excited for love live superstars!!! wonder what kind of news we will get in september!


    • There’s probably even more manga that I missed somewhere. It’s kinda crazy how many are getting licensed.

      I’ve been expecting one of these months to have not that many news stories, but there’s always some manga getting licensed or some visual novel coming out. In this case, it’s pretty nice being wrong. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • yeah it’s definitely exciting that more yuri mangas are getting licensed and even visual novels too!!! definitely excited to see what next month has in store in yuri news


  3. Do you think i should watch yuuki yuna? I saw a prequel (some of it years ago) and everyone was dying left and right , found it more depressing than anything


    • I haven’t watched much, so I don’t really know. Since you seem to like Madoka Magica, I thought you’d be into dark magical girl anime, but since you found the prequel depressing, I’m not sure. 😀


      • Hmm thanks for telling me , i just don’t like if they die left and right lol , Madoka should revive all those characters


  4. Sooo many juicy manga releases! I need a pay rise!

    That being said, are you aware of the western visual novel developer ebihime? She just released Rituals on The Dark and I’ll let the description speak for itself

    “A lesbian romance story with mild horror elements set in the rainy English seaside town of Scarborough.”

    Need i say more? It’s on sale for less than £5! I’m almost at the end of another vn of hers called Blackberry Honey which features victorian lesbian maids. Let me tell you when I say I wasn’t expecting such spicy scenes in this love story! Anyway, her work is definitely recommended.


  5. Really looking forward to all the new Strike Witches stuff. I was already glad to be getting Road to Berlin but I am equally glad to be getting more of the cute comedy chibi stuff too. So long as we get more lovely witches I’ll be a happy camper!

    Probably the best bit of news was the release of the the third Flowers game! It has been a year since I beat the second game and I cant wait to dig into Automne! 😀 Already bought it and installed! I just hope we don’t end up waiting 2+ years for Hiver to come out 😦

    I was surprised when Namori released yet another Yuru Yuri spin off follwing the teachers during there high school years! Always loved her art and over the top brand of yuri comedy, can’t wait to see what she brings with this new series. Though from raws I have seen it looks a bit more like a drama, though I am not complaining. I would like to see Namori do something more drama filled sometimes.


    • Maybe I’ll get back into Strike Witches someday. I’ve never seen the second season and am kinda struggling to find stuff to watch, so with all of the spin-offs and sequels, that would be a hundred new things to watch. 😀

      I’m currently only 2.3 hours into the first game, so that’s something else I’m behind on. At least you’re tearing through it, but it might be a while for the last one…

      Because of Yuru Yuri, Namori will always be in my good graces, so whatever she decides to do, I’ll probably have at least a passing interest in it~

      Liked by 1 person

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