Yuri News Update: October 2020

yuri news update october 2020

The yuri drought is coming to an end, and judging by the stories in this month’s Yuri News Update, the near future actually looks pretty good for yuri-ish anime fans. As always, if we missed any important news stories, let us know in the comments.

adachi to shimamura yuri anime

It’s almost here! The anime adaptation of Adachi to Shimamura begins airing this week, and we recently got these two PVs that are focused on each of our two protagonists. Take a look~

It’s going to be awesome to finally have another pure yuri anime to watch, and it’s even better that this one looks really promising. It’s probably unrealistic to expect this to be on the level of something like Bloom Into You, but it has to be better than Flag Time, right?

otherside picnic anime

Due to how crazy this year has been, it’s easy to forget that it’s been seven months since we got word that Otherside Picnic was getting an anime adaptation. Now it’s been announced that the show will premiere in January, and considering Adachi to Shimamura is starting this month, winter will mark two seasons in a row with a yuri anime. Take a look at the PV and get hyped.

I didn’t have a great idea of what to expect from this anime, but after watching the PV, this show is now really high on my most anticipated list. I love that this doesn’t seem like what we’ve come to expect from yuri anime, so I’m hopeful that this will end up being pretty good~

uma musume season 2 anime

Moving on, I mentioned in last week’s Final Thoughts post that Uma Musume was getting a second season in 2021, so take a look at this PV that was released.

The PV and visual make it seem like Toukai Teiou will be the protagonist this time around, and while I don’t know if that’s true or not, I’m not against the idea. It appears that her and Mejiro McQueen will be close, so hopefully this will have at least as much subtext as the first season. Season one didn’t have a lot, but you could still ship some of the horse girls together. In season one, I was partial to Gold Ship x Mejiro McQueen, so I’m gonna need some more of that. Sorry, Teiou…

wixoss diva(a)live

Just like another franchise in the post, there are a lot of WIXOSS sequels and spin-offs, and yet another one will start airing in January. WIXOSS Diva(A)Live seems to be changing up the WIXOSS formula a little bit, and here’s how Anime News Network describes the story.

The anime’s story moves the “Wixoss” card game to the online virtual space of “Wixossland” as it continues to grow more popular. The game allows players to become the LRIG avatars themselves. The most popular format in the game is “Diva Battle,” which allows three players to team up to compete against other units for the most “Selector” fans. Some units are idol-themed, while others are DJ- and band-themed.

This looks like a big departure from past installments, and I can’t help but feel like it might be a good thing. How many times can they go back to the well of traditional card battles before people get tired of seeing it? I know I had already grown sick of seeing the same ol’ thing from this series, so I’m looking forward to seeing what new tricks the creators have up their sleeves. We can see… a couple of them… in the visual, and for some reason, I get the feeling that this new season is gonna bring in some new fans. 😛

machikado mazoku anime season 2

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote on here about how entertaining the Machikado Mazoku anime was. Flash-forward a year later, and here I am writing about the second season that’s been confirmed for 2021. Here’s the announcement PV.

Actually, this news broke at the end of August, but since the first season had practically no yuri content, I didn’t see the need to include it in a previous Yuri News Update. And then recently, a reader mentioned how the manga seemed to have some strong yuri subtext, so Machikado Mazoku is back in our good graces.

I can’t say for sure if the second season will indeed be better than the first in terms of yuri, but at the very least, next season will likely be pretty entertaining. 2021 keeps looking better and better~

highway blossoms next exit yuri visual novel

Changing gears, after what seems like an eternity, the Highway Blossoms DLC is finally available for owners of the base game. Take a look at the launch trailer for Highway Blossoms: Next Exit.

If you were wondering what the DLC entails, here are the features listed by Studio Élan. Along with these features is another update to the base game, so things keep getting better and better for fans of the series.

• Brand-new story and scenario with multiple viewpoints. Some sections follow Amber and Marina, while some sections follow Tess. Additionally, there are certain parts where you can choose to read from Amber or Marina’s point of view.

• New character expressions and outfits, as well as gorgeous new CG’s and item cut-ins

• Full voice acting featuring all the original cast

• Several new musical tracks from a variety of composers

• Cassi

You can pick up Highway Blossoms: Next Exit on Steam or itch.io.

otherside picnic anime

With the fall anime season beginning, it marks the first time in a while that we have multiple shows to genuinely get excited about. For some people (not me), it doesn’t get more entertaining than Love Live!, and if you thought that COVID would prevent fans from getting a new installment this year, you’d be mistaken. Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club has begun airing, and if you’re not already watching it, here’s a little peek at what this season has to offer.

It’s been a while since I watched a Love Live! anime, and with a plethora of good shows this season, I’m not planning to watch this one either. But that’s okay, because in addition to Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, there’s another Love Live! headed our way in 2021, Love Live! Superstar!!!, and the idol group featured in that show already has a name…

love live superstar liella

Just from the design of the characters in this anime, I have to say that Nijigasaki High School Idol Club definitely looks more appealing to me than this. Am I the only one that feels that way? We don’t yet know when Superstar!! will begin airing, but I’d be willing to bet a fiver of L’s money on spring 2021. 😛

princess principal crown handler anime

Finally, one of the anime victims of COVID-19 was the first of six Princess Principal anime movie sequels titled Princess Principal: Crown Handler, and after a period of uncertainty, it’s been announced that the first movie will finally debut in Japan in February.

It’s been almost two-and-a-half years since these anime movie sequels were announced, so the wait has been hard for fans of the series. At least this gives those people who haven’t yet seen the TV anime enough time to rectify that mistake. We gave the show a Total Enjoyment score of 8, so needless to say, this first movie can’t some soon enough.


16 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: October 2020

  1. Not only have the Princess Principal movies been delayed for so long, it isn’t eve 3Hz making them anymore. Some other company that assisted in the original show is now in charge and they lost the original writer and some of the staff from Bee Train that had been working on it. And of course with the tragedy of Ayaka’s health, I’m extremely scared that it just won’t turn out that well. The ending of the anime was already kind of lackluster compared to the majority of the show’s excellent pacing and character development, but it wasn’t bad by any means. I rewatched it recently and a lot of the decisions regarding framing and music and stuff were honestly brilliant. 3Hz showed how capable they were with Flip Flappers too, and I’m not confident that Actas can do it themselves.

    It was such a brilliant show, really bringing with it that old feeling of the girls-with-guns genre that it would be a shame for it to end up bad.


    • The only thing that concerns me is the change in scriptwriter. Feels like a downgrade there, but I wonder how the format change will affect the story. Planning out a story for an hour or an hour-and-a-half-long movie is a lot different than an season-long anime, and it probably helps that he’s working with established characters and doesn’t have to spend as much time fleshing them out. Overall, I’m still optimistic, and I thought the trailer looked pretty good. Even if it’s not quite as good as the TV anime, I still don’t think it’ll end up being bad or anything.


  2. MMazoku , i said it before but an diot character was very annoying (for me), even the author seem to have annoyed the fans since it literally said no “x” next chapter lol.If it was yuri less those i would have been more exited about s2.
    Wixos , stopped watching and looks like generic ecchi trash 😂
    School Zone remember i said i didnt like much? Well it got a lot better , maybe that one will get an anime too
    (Basically i thought an annoying emo x hoe were the focus of volume 2 but wasnt)
    Thanks for the info 🙂


    • As long as season two has more Shamiko, I think I can tolerate any annoying characters. 😀

      WIXOSS is one of those anime that I watch, but only it had some yuri early on. The last couple of seasons were kind of disappointing in terms of yuri, so if this one is as well, it might be the last one that I watch.

      I think someone on here compared School Zone to Wasteful Days of High School Girl, and if that’s the case, then an anime will be pretty nice~

      And no problem.


  3. I am absolutely super excited for Adachi to Shimamura, it has been 2 years since Yagate Kimi ni Naru so it is nice to finally have another pure 1 cour yuri anime grace us again (still holding out for Yagate season 2, please yuri goddess make it happen!!!). Also for me I am super happy about Nijigaku’s anime, the first ep was really nice and already gave us some cute subtext moments, can’t wait for more!!! Also finally hearing more news aboutu Otherside Picnic makes me so happy!!! I really hope it is good!!! Finally yay Highway Blossoms dlc!!! Definitely need to snag that and play it when I get the chance!!! October definitely has given us some sweet sweet news, here’s to hoping the remainder of 2020 can also do that


    • I don’t know about you, but with no pure yuri anime, it was hard for me to even get motivated to watch anime. I knew almost all of the shows I’d watch weren’t going to be that good, and L watched even less than I did. But at least the next couple of seasons look pretty good, so maybe things will continue to get better and better~

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah this season seems very promising even if it feels a little slow, I enjoyed the first ep of Adachi to Shimamura already so I definitely am happy about this season, so hopefully we will get more yuri in the upcoming seasons!


  4. Oh god. I do NOT need a more fanservice’y, idol themed incarnation of WIXOSS. =.= Can’t they just let it die in peace? I say this as someone who was a huge fan during the first couple of seasons :/


  5. Im already leaving it written here , Kumaku starts with what the manga would be quite a few chapters ahead , idk why tf they did that , also they removed a joke (important i think) that she was annoyed to use the bear spells , also the enemy fight was better in the manga because the only time it opened the mouth was when the other thing was “vulnerable” so she had to do a hyper jump and then it went for it and it ate a bear in the mouth , etc etc
    I have not watched the whole episode properly but i guess ill have to wait until there are like 3 eps or 4 , if it is more kid friendly then it is garbage , she is not afraid of killing the shit out of her enemies
    SPOILER she even was about to kill an annoying dude , he ended in coma i guess lol SPOILER


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