2020 Fall Anime Season: First Impressions

2020 fall anime season

It’s that time of the year again, so enjoy our First Impressions of the 2020 fall anime season that just started~

Adachi to Shimamura
Studio: Tezuka Productions • Genre: Romance, School, Slice of Life, Yuri

adachi to shimamura anime
At last, we finally have another pure yuri anime to watch. I need to mention that I’ve never read the light novels, so this is all coming from someone who’s brand-new to the series. With that out of the way, wasn’t this a good first episode? Things are already really cute, despite Adachi and Shimamura being just friends, though you can sense the romance starting to blossom. I’m actually glad that they aren’t already together, since the lead-up to that is almost always fun to watch. I really enjoyed the narration from Shimamura, since it gave me, an AdaShima noob, valuable insight into her thoughts.

Both Adachi and Shimamura already seem really likable, and the same can be said about the chemistry between Hino and Nagafuji. I’m looking forward to seeing Adachi become a regular member of the group, as well as seeeing more of that little astronaut character. Remembering back two or three years ago when we did have pure yuri anime, I wasn’t a huge fan of those shows that had a lot of melodrama, like Netsuzou TRap or even Citrus. Asagao to Kase-san. was much more my style, and AdaShima feels like it’s going to be a lot closer to that than the other two, so I’m thrilled about that.

This show had more fanservice than I was expecting, even though we’re only talking about legs and thighs. It was nice to see that this anime has good production values, and even though the story is likely just going to be a rather simple and straightforward romance, the first episode was already really effective at setting the mood. To me, episode one was already more enjoyable than the entirety of Flag Time, and I can imagine those thoughts will only be strengthened once the romance really picks up. The wait for yuri anime has been tough, but we might have a really good one on our hands, so tell your friends and tell your neighbors that they really need to be watching this~

Assault Lily: Bouquet
Studio: Shaft • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Magic

assault lily bouquet anime
In the lead-up to its debut, it seems that Assault Lily: Bouquet has really been trying to win over the yuri fans, and the first episode confirmed that yuri fans should definitely be watching this. We all expected the MadoHomu vibes between the two protagonists Riri and Yuyu, but the real yuri star of the episode was Kaede, who went from being Yuyu’s admirer to Riri’s admirer, so she’s become my favorite character so far. We haven’t been introduced to that many characters yet, but it already seems like there’ll be plenty of stock character types involved, so that’s kind of a bummer. I know it was just a small sample size, yet I also don’t expect too much from the story. A prestigious girls academy trains girls to defend humanity from monsters, blah, blah, blah. It’s hardly original, and as a result, my expectations for this series are relatively modest.

That said, I thought this first episode was pretty entertaining. Yeah, the story felt generic, but the action and animation were nice enough, and while I don’t think this anime has a high ceiling, it seems to me that it might not have a very low floor either. A good chunk of the episode was playful in nature, so I’m really glad this isn’t a dark and depressing anime. I’d expect more yuri to come our way in future episodes, and that’s more than enough to keep me interested in this show. So if you’re into magical girls, this anime should be right up your alley, just have realistic expectations going in and don’t expect something as engrossing, original, or mahou-tastic as Madoka★Magica.

Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? Bloom
Studio: Encourage Films • Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

gochuumon wa usagi desu ka bloom
Given how this year has turned out, GochiUsa seems like the perfect anime to watch right about now. Once again, the series sees its production handled by a different studio, but I don’t even think it matters at this point. All that matters is that we get the usual blend of cute girls doing cute things, and if that happens, the series will continue to be as entertaining as ever. Well, all the girls are back, and even though I haven’t watched a GochiUsa anime since the second season all the way back in 2015, the first episode was a great reminder why I’ve enjoyed this series so much.

The ever so charming girls and the relaxed atmosphere just never gets old, and while there may be a lot of cute anime out there, you could make a strong case for GochiUsa being the cutest of them all. In this first episode, there’s a good dose of comedy, and the personalities of each of the girls shine through. I was happy to see that Sharo still has a thing for Rize, but the yuri in this series has never been one of the main focal points, and I don’t expect to see a whole lot of yuri moments between them in Bloom. I’d love to be wrong about that, but the cuteness and wholesomeness is more than enough for me. Since the beginning, GochiUsa has been incredibly consistent entertainment, and so far, it doesn’t look like that’s going to change with this new season.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Studio: Passione • Genre: Dementia, Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller

higurashi no naku koro ni 2020
Years ago, I had the pleasure of watching Higurashi and it’s many sequels and spin-offs, but I have to admit that I was worried about this latest installment. I knew it was bringing back the original cast, yet the original Higurashi was a classic that still stands up pretty well after all these years, and this remake or reboot or whatever it is, seemed kind of unnecessary. Still, I had to pick it up, and even though it’s only one episode, I thought this acquitted itself quite well. The art style will definitely take some getting used to, but you do get flashes of that great mix of horror and suspense wrapped in a comedy/slice of life aesthetic. I only vaguely remember how the story of the original went, but the torture and the murder and the batshit craziness of it all was something that I loved, and it’s safe to assume that Gou will follow suit as well.

Since this first episode wasn’t a trainwreck, I’m now cautiously optimistic that this might do the series justice, while introducing new fans into the fold. I haven’t watched beyond this one episode, but I’ve heard that the story starts to differentiate itself in episode two, so I’m looking forward to seeing if this really is a remake or a reboot. For once, I don’t feel scared off by the fact that this is two-cour anime, and I’m ready for all of the messed up shenanigans that this new season wil hopefully be giving us. And in case anyone not familiar with the series is wondering, no, this isn’t a yuri-ish franchise, so if you’re not interested in grisly deaths, you’d be best taking a hard pass on this one. 😛

Iwa Kakeru!: Sport Climbing Girls
Studio: Blade • Genre: Comedy, Sports, School

iwa kakeru sport climbing girls anime
If I see an anime that seems to star only girls, it’s like a switch goes off in my head urging me to watch the show. That’s what happened with this anime, and part of the reason is because I was hoping for some low-key yuri subtext. Just so you know, there’s no hint of yuri in the first episode (though two of the girls do hold hands while sleeping in the ED). Instead, I was reminded of another unlikely sports anime Harukana Receive, due to them both being a serious sports anime and because of the fanservice in each. The fanservice in this first episode was pretty mild and mostly consisted of action shots of fit girls, so I’m glad this isn’t a rock climbing version of Keijo!!!!!!!! or anything. 😛

I seem to be into these obscure sports anime, and it’s nice to learn a little more about sport climbing in this show. So far, the girls seem strong and entertaining enough to avoid appearing generic, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this. I expect the story to resemble the stories in most sports anime, but as long as this anime can continue making the competition enjoyable, I probably won’t mind very much~


22 thoughts on “2020 Fall Anime Season: First Impressions

  1. C’mon, I don’t think you’re giving Keijo!!!!!!!! the credit it deserves – it’s so obviously a spoof, and for a spoof it is quite good. It checks all of the sports anime boxes and even gets a few digs in across genres with the Wall of Bootylon gag and the like.

    Yes, it was really dumb. But it was funny if one enjoys spoofs.


    • I didn’t actually watch it, so all I have to go on are PVs and the comments of the ecchi lovers. They don’t make it seem like a “legitimate” sports anime, but I don’t know. It was an easy target. 😀


  2. Agree with you, AdaShima definitely has that Kase-san feel to it. But I was concerned with the first EP, as the girls are depicted as delinquents who never go to school and even talk about shop-lifting like its something normal to do. Hopefully they do not develop those elements going forward, and concentrate instead on the kawaii relationship, and perhaps develop a comedy arc to it all. But I am in on this one. Have to check out the others.


      • Well in the second EP, they turned the cute level up several degrees, and Shimamura even got Adachi to start attending classes. This could be the winner of the year!
        Another one that we are tracking is “Wandering Witch: Journey of Elaina” sort of a combination Kino’s Journey and Kiki’s Delivery Service. Talk about pacing, in the first EP Elaina starts at 14 and at the end of the EP she is 18, and the second EP covers a year, but the anime is rather cute, and a young witch falls in love with Elaina and steals her witch badge to keep Elaina with her. Could turn out to be a nice entry.


  3. Just watched the third episode of Assault Lily and yikes the pacing is terrible. It went from two episodes that felt natural and were exploring the characters to an episode in which felt like it took the plot from the rest of the show and compressed it into the latter half of one episodes. They resolved the major mystery/character arc thing in like 10 minutes and it felt really forced and I have no idea where they go from here.

    On the other hand, the 2 main characters did defeat a monster by scissoring so that’s definitely a plus.


  4. Finally we reach a season with actual yuri in it! Will check out Adachi to Shimamura and Assault Lilly for sure as those are super promising. Also Strike Witches Road to Berlin has started airing! time for more witch plot! 😛


  5. With EP 3, “Adachi to Shimamura”, just hit the cuteness ball out of the park! So so cute, you would really have to call this Kawaii (かわいい ;”lovely”, “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable”), and that is adorable++ without putting down any spoilers. The Rock is right about AdaShima, this is going to be the hit Yuri work of the season, and its also very funny! Space alien takes center stage and it will mess with your hearts and minds in such a surprising way, Yes, they are throwing curve balls here and yes, that is a Baseball analogy.


  6. ASSAULT LILY IS INSANE , it is Yuri also , legit Yuri , going to stop at e3 and wait for at least a few more episodes.
    I prefer Madoka Magica but this one is amazing too.
    I forgot about Adachi , will see it soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Adachi to Shimamura is just so sweet and fluffy and I really love it, and both Adachi and Shimamura are just so likeable and precious!!! Definitely one of my favorites of this season since it is just so calming yet super fluffy and cute to watch! Assault Lily atm is alright, nothing too spectacular about it but it does have its cute moments. Gocchummon season 3 is more of what I expected just cute and fluffy slice of life that I always enjoyed. Iwa Kakeru is also alright, I do have a soft spot for sports animes and this one is atm alright. Now Higurashi holy mama!!!! This has blown me away in so many ways to think that it isn’t a reboot but an actual sequel disguised as a reboot, a requel if you will and it blew my mind, I honestly don’t know what to expect from it as a huge fan who knows almost everything about Higurashi, this is in a whole new ball park and I’m so excited to see what happens as the season goes on!!!


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