Yuri News Update: November 2020

For the first time in a while, this month’s Yuri News Update doesn’t have a ton of news stories, but some news is better than no news. 😛

As always, if we missed any important news (and we hope we did, since more is always better), feel free to mention it in the comments~

curse of kudan yuri visual novel

Just in time for Halloween, another spooky yuri visual novel made its way to the West. The Curse of Kudan from SukeraSparo might’ve taken its sweet time, but since this is a remastered version of the Japanese release, there are some upgrades such as 1080p resolution and a jump function to return to any point in the game from the backlog screen. Here’s the synopsis of the story~

There’s a rumor going around about the urban legend known as “Kudan.”

They say that it takes the form of a woman in mourning dress, her face covered by a black veil, her right severed at the wrist…

They say that those who lay eyes on her are doomed to have misfortune befall them within seven days…

Feelings start to bud between student Sakuya Kudan and culinary teacher Touko Shima after coincidence brings them into one another’s orbit. However, their peaceful everyday life is abruptly shattered when Touko sees Kudan, the harbinger of calamity. The hours tick down as Sakuya rushes find a way to combat the curse, and her search brings her to the academy’s Occult Research Club and its president, Koto Ashinaki. Now she must face off against the unknown in order to protect the people she loves…

And if that wasn’t enough for you, here’s the opening song, Two Lights from Yuki Yumeno.

Despite me not really being into visual novels, I do enjoy seeing a wide variety of releases, and I think a horror-mystery fits the bill quite nicely. You can pick up The Curse of Kudan at Denpasoft, JAST USA, MangaGamer, or Sekai Project.

gunjou yuri manga

Now here’s something we don’t talk about very often, the live-action adaptation of a yuri manga. Gunjou is the yuri manga in question, with Netflix being the ones that are bringing it to the small screen in the form of a movie. Titled Kanojo, the movie will be available for streaming worldwide in the spring, so mark your calendars. Once again, here’s the synopsis.

“I want you to kill him…”

Her husband abuses her on a daily basis. Unable to stand it any longer, she asks her lesbian friend to kill her husband for her. And unable to say no to the woman she loves, the lesbian kills him…

Only 22 years old when the series began, Ching Nakamura offers up a work carved from flesh, blood, and bone.

If you couldn’t tell by that synopsis, this manga gets really dark, and even though that might turn some people off, it’s still awesome to see Netflix getting involved with yuri. The Gunjou manga consisted of three volumes or thirty-six chapters, so it remains to be seen how well that’ll fit into a movie that’ll likely be an hour-and-a-half to two hours long. Still, this news kind of makes you wonder what other yuri works could turn into interesting live-action series/movies. 😛

yuri game jam 2020

In case you didn’t know, Yuri Game Jam 2020 is going on right now over at itch.io. Until December 2nd, all types of yuri games are welcome, so be on the lookout for more games to be submitted before things wrap up next month. At the time of this writing, there are only three yuri games that have been submitted, but hopefully that number will continue to increase.

If you’re wanting to take part or are simply interested in the games, you can find them right here.


8 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: November 2020

  1. Im not sure how I feel about that adaptation @_@ And sadly, I am not a coder so I don’t have anything to contribute to a game jam, unless actual jam counts

    I did start work on my NaNoWriMo project, which has yuri content (or, lesbian content if my being a westerner makes it not count as yuri), and I did publish chapter 9 of my primary YagaKimi fanfic though


    • Just from the sound of it, I don’t think I’ll be watching it. I always hate watching stuff like abuse or other terrible things like that. :/

      Nice! Making some progress there. How many chapters or words do you think you’ll finish with?


  2. Slow month for news but it is nice to see some kind of news, what is interesting is definitely the adaptation for Gunjou, I wonder how Netflix is gonna do with it, I will definitely check it out when it comes to light. Also oh yes Curse of Kudan! Definitely need to pick this up when I get the chance. Hopefully next month we can get some more yuri news since this month was a little slow


    • L’s been playing Curse of Kudan a bit, and if we’re lucky, maybe she’ll review it~

      Would be nice to get a ton of news next month that makes us even more hyped for next year than we already are. *crosses fingers*


  3. Oh.Shitflix adaptation.Here.We.Go.
    Thanks for the news 😂
    If i can get a fast answer to this it would be nice , in gonna try Nier Automata because im incredibly bored and i was told 2b is “surely” a lesbian , is this right?


    • Not exactly fast, and maybe not entirely accurate, but I have no idea. 😀

      I haven’t played the game, and the only things I’ve seen are het SFM stuff, so I don’t even know. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. 😛


  4. Thanks for the reply , dont worry , it is very overrated as i thought , from what i heard from a friend that played a lot of it , she told me 2b is not a lesbian , in fact not even “neutral” , she seems to care about a boy a lot.There are from what i have been told lesbian side characters but idgaf about side characters lol
    What is sfm btw? i googled it and found surface feet per minute :v
    (btw i basically got bored after first few fights since controls and combat are shit)
    I had problems with my PC , no idea if i wrote it , i lost data and hdd died , phone too recently so i need to download all again and continue Blue Reflection later.I have found on a list a game that it is called Virgo Versus the Zodiac and seems to be yuri according to it , if i get it and it is ill let people know :d


    • I didn’t think that 2B was a lesbian, but never having played the game, I couldn’t be sure. Nice to get confirmation.

      SFM stands for Source Filmmaker. It’s basically tools to make videos using 3D character models. I think most (or at least a lot) of SFM stuff happens to be porn. Here’s an example from League of Legends. 😛

      Awww man. Having computer problems is like a nightmare. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost all of the stuff I have on my hard drives… 😀


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