Yuri News Update: May 2021

yuri news update may 2021

madoka magica turning the tide of walpurgis

No disrespect to the other things on this month’s News Update, but it might as well only be about Madoka★Magica~

Yes, the sequel to Rebellion has FINALLY been confirmed, and even though we don’t know when the new movie will see the light of day, just knowing that it’s officially on its way might be the most exciting yuri news in years. At least it is to me. 😛

The title of the movie is Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Movie 4: Turning the Tide of Walpurgis, and if you weren’t already hyped enough, here’s the first PV to help change that~

I didn’t understand any of that text, but it doesn’t matter. Given how Rebellion turned the whole series on its ear, this was probably going to be the most anticipated anime for a lot of people, so whenever we get a chance to see it, let’s hope the wait will be worth it.

During the series’ 10th anniversary event where the new Madoka news was revealed, there wasn’t any further info on the inevitable second season of Magia Record, but I’m okay with waiting even longer, since the main series comes first. 😛

revue starlight movie

As great as Madoka★Magica is, it isn’t the only news worth mentioning. Coming into 2021, one of the yuri highlights was looking like it was going to be Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Movie, and now we finally know when it’ll premiere. May 21st is when Japanese fans will be able to check it this anime movie sequel. Until then and until it heads West, we have this new trailer to tide us over until then~

You couldn’t ask for a better debut than Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight, and that trailer looks pretty good, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the story unfolds this time. Hopefully it won’t be too long before fans outside of Japan can watch it, but the way things are shaping up, the wait might be worth it.

yuuki yuuna was yuusha de aru season 3 yuyuyu

Don’t look now, but we have a familiar face coming back to us in our time of need. The third season of Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru is slated to premiere in October, and given how disappointing 2021 has been for yuri anime fans so far, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we’ll gladly accept it~

The Great Full Blossom Chapter sees the return of the main cast, with the director of the first season back in the director’s chair this time around. It seems like this series has always been overshadowed by Madoka★Magica, but fans of magical girl anime know that this is one of the better ones out there, and the fall season is definitely looking better as a result of this news.

And now it’s time to tell you about some more yuri visual novels.

symbiotic love yuri visual novel

First up is Symbiotic Love from Kikai Digital and White Dew Games. Here’s the description.

There’s nothing new under the sun. All stories go like this: Encounter. Curiosity. Attraction. Love

Two girls meet in a garden where the spider lilies bloom.
One girl seeks the devil’s gentleness.
The other denies that the devil is capable of love at all.
Will the spider lilies grow in a symbiotic relationship, or will they become like the higanbana, and part ways for good?

Symbiotic Love is a coming-of-age Yuri Visual Novel set in an All Girls’ High School, between two people fated to meet, become acquainted, friends, and eventually, lovers. Yet, what has fate in store for love so perfect, so symbiotic, that they could only live, and perish together?

And here’s some more info.

• An emotional yuri love story
• Full Mandarin voice acting
• Over 10+ beautiful BGMs
• Over 10+ high-resolution CGs
• Choice matters with different endings

The game is currently scheduled to be released this summer, but if you want to try it out before then, there’s a demo available on Steam, so have at it~

perfect gold yuri visual novel

Next up is Perfect Gold from Yangyang Mobile. Here’s the description for this one.

Perfect Gold: The Alchemy of Happiness is a short, coming-of-age yuri visual novel about two former friends who escape detention in order to celebrate the Sunflower Festival. Set in the magical city of Castlecoast, readers get to know Audrey Clary, an alchemy student and heiress who secretly dreams of a different life, and Marion LaRue, a rebellious elemental magic student in search of someone she once loved.

Is there a yuri visual novel that isn’t a “coming of age” story? I kid, I kid… 😀

As you can see in the tweet, you can download the demo for Perfect Gold from Steam and try it out for yourself, but you can also buy the full game for $7.99 (USD) or the Deluxe Edition for $20.37. The Deluxe Edition includes the game, a digital artbook, and the original soundtrack, so VN fans have yet another game to add to their backlog. 😛

kanda alice mo suiri suru

Finally, El Dia has released Kanda Alice mo Suiri Suru, but unlike the other two visual novels on today’s update, this one is for the Nintendo Switch and is only available in Japan. Here’s a trailer and the description for this one.

Alice Kanda was worried about her first year at Miyukinomori Girls’ High School. Her best friend Akira Hodaka stopped attending their archery club for a while due to an incident. She is said to have wrecked the archery club’s championship cup, but Alice didn’t believe her best friend could do such a thing. Despite of Alice’s worries, her best friend decided to leave the archery club…

“There is an amazing fortune-teller in this school!” Alice heard from her classmates. Alice told her best friend about the rumored fortune-teller in the tea ceremony club, located in one of the club buildings in the back of the schoolgrounds.

When Alice and her best friend headed to the tea ceremony club after school, they were greeted by an unbelievably beautiful, black-haired girl—so beautiful that you’d question whether she really exists. Her name: Houju Sawaragi. Houju asks, “What don’t you want taken away from you?”

Their encounter in the twilight restarts a heart that had come to a halt.

One of the main selling points of this VN is the fact that it was written by the writer of Flowers, and that’s kind of a big deal. 😛

Even if the game is only for Japan, overseas yuri fans may still be able to get their hands on it. I’ve never tried or tested to see if the method still works, but you could create a new Nintendo account and set your region to Japan, as seen in this guide from Nintendo Life.

It would be nice to see this eventually get localized, but those gaijin fluent in Japanese will probably enjoy this one.

sailor moon eternal

You thought we wouldn’t include another Sailor Moon story? Oh, how wrong you are! 😀

Both Sailor Moon Eternal movies are coming to Netflix on June 3rd, and it’s worldwide (outside of Japan). Here’s the trailer.

Getting both of these movies is quite a coup for Netflix, and hopefully this could lead to the earlier seasons being released on the service at some point. *fingers crossed*

7 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: May 2021

  1. The new Madoka movie announcement made me smile and scream with happiness, it has been so long since we have seen the Madoka gang and I’m just so happy they are coming back!!! What is interesting to me is the tagline is “Now, let’s continue the story”, I’m genuinely curious how this is gonna continue. Either way I’m so happy and MadoHomu is back!!!

    Revue Starlight movie finally releasing makes me so happy, can’t wait to see these girls back doing their thing!!!

    Yuuna getting a season 3 was definitely something I did not expect since season 2 felt like the story ended but hey I don’t mind seeing another season since I love the cast of Yuuna a lot!!!

    As for the many yuri visual novels, I’m definitely excited for them and will definitely check them out! Especially Symbiotic Love since the art looks so amazing!!! Also I hope Kanda Alice mo Suiri Suru can get a translation later down the line.

    Another slow month but still the announcements especially Madoka were very welcomed and I hope we can get more surprises in the coming months.


    (The movie concept was shown like 5 years ago also)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Meduka Meguca, Yuuki Yuuna and Revue Starlight, my holy trinity of “Beautiful girls beating the shit out of things”.

    I was thoroughly surprised by the sequel to Rebellion but I welcomed it nonetheless. Starlight is my crown jewel of expectation this year, I really hope it delivers (gotta heal from those scars that Otherside Picnic left on me).


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