Yuri News Update: June 2021

yuri news update june 2021

After a little break, we’re back with another roundup of yuri news stories, so sit back and enjoy yet another Yuri News Update. As always, if we missed anything important, feel free to mention it in the comments~

love live nijigasaki high school idol club anime

This yuri drought we’ve been going through lately has been pretty rough, but one thing we can always count on is more Love Live! anime. The latest example is the upcoming second season of Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club, which will arrive sometime in 2022.

Personally, I’ve neglected the series for the last few years, but for every iteration, you know there’s always some pairings to ship, and that’ll probably never change. Let’s hope this is the first of many yuri-ish anime that’ll arrive next year~

love live superstar anime

But you won’t have to wait until next year for another Love Live! fix. Love Live! Superstar!! premieres next month, so here’s a trailer to help get you hyped.

This isn’t the “battle of the LL! bands idol groups” that I’ve been hoping for (a µ vs. Aqours rap battle to the death! :D), but this undoubtedly looks like your standard Love Live! anime. People should know what to expect from these anime, and like clockwork, the series always seems to deliver the idol entertainment that fans crave.

shoujo kageki revue starlight movie

Next up, we’re only a couple of days away from the Japanese theatrical premiere of the Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Movie, and since the first four minutes of the film have been uploaded to YouTube, let’s take a look~

Without subtitles, I don’t know what’s going on, but dman if that doesn’t look nice. For a music anime, Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight had some really high production values, and they’re once again on full display in that movie clip. I hope we won’t have to wait too long for an English subtitled version, because this franchise is definitely worth getting excited about~

my next life as a villainess season 2

Moving right along, we’re just a month away from the start of the second season of My Next Life as a Villainess, and here’s the show’s newest PV.

It’s hard to gather much from such a short video, but if it’s anywhere near as entertaining as the first season, this’ll probably end up as one of my favorite anime of the year. Kat already had a few romantic interests in season one (both male and female), but I’m just hoping that these new characters don’t break up the chemistry that the original cast has built up. And that’s especially true for Kat x Mary~

princess principal crown handler 1

And now it’s time to mention some works that are being licensed. First up is Sentai Filmworks licensing the six Princess Principal: Crown Handler anime movie sequels, with the first film set to start streaming this spring (which is nearly over). Even though I haven’t been keeping up with how the first movie (which premiered in Japan back in February) has been received, I’m still expecting this to be pretty entertaining, and it’s great that we won’t have to wait an eternity to watch these movies. Thanks, Sentai!

the girl i want is so handsome yuri manga

Continuing the licensing trend is everyone’s favorite, Seven Seas. As you’d expect from them, they had multiple announcements to make.

The Girl I Want is So Handsome! – The Complete Manga Collection is on its way to North American shores this December, in both print and digital versions. Here’s the synopsis.

When Hinami bumps into an older girl named Shiki, she falls head over heels. Shiki is sexy, easygoing, and has an amazing undercut. In order to get closer to Shiki, Hinami starts lurking around the basketball club. But though Hinami’s crush is obvious to everyone else, it goes right over Shiki’s head. When Hinami tries to confess her feelings to Shiki, Shiki thinks Hinami wants to become the club manager! Can Hinami get Shiki to understand her true feelings?

This sounds pretty fun, and exactly like the type of romcom anime that I’d gladly watch. But let’s keep the momentum going and move on to the next license.

semelparous yuri manga

Seven Seas is also licensing Jun Ogino’s semelparous yuri manga, and like The Girl I Want Is So Handsome, the first volume of this one will also arrive in December. Here’s another synopsis.

Within a walled city that separates our world from the kaiju trying to destroy it, humanity fights for survival in this intense new yuri series. Ever since they were young girls, best friends Yorino and Haruka have been training to become Bastioners–soldiers who battle in a walled area that protects humanity from the kaiju trying to break through. But when Haruka is killed during a routine exercise, Yorino must fight even harder to make sure she never loses someone close to her again.

It doesn’t sound very original, but these cheesy yuri action works do have a weird charm to them, don’t they? And on to the next license.

double your pleasure twin yuri anthology

Lastly, Double Your Pleasure – A Twin Yuri Anthology is making the jump overseas, courtesy of Seven Seas. Unlike the previous two manga licenses, this one will be released in October, and in case you couldn’t already tell, this one is definitely NSFW. Here’s the synopsis.

Each of these eight short erotic manga features a pair of twins. Sometimes they’re identical, sometimes they’re fraternal. Sometimes they play with others, sometimes they only have eyes for each other. Every story puts a different twist on the concept, with lush art in a variety of styles to explore one of erotica’s forbidden fantasies.

I’m surprised that twin yuri anthologies aren’t more prevalent, but if that’s your thing, at least you lewedmasters have this to look forward to. 😛


26 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: June 2021

  1. Another slow month but the license announcements got me pretty excited, Ogino Jun-sensei’s semelparous is the surprising one for me. I’ve read it and I’m enjoying it but I never thought it would have gotten licensed since the last work Ogino Jun-sensei did Ganma which I also enjoyed never got licensed so it was a surprise.

    As for anime stuff, I am of course looking forward to the next Love Live being a huge Love Live fan. Also Shoujo Kageki movie I’m looking forward to as well but that one will need to wait before I can actually get to watch it. Villainess season 2 is gonna be fun as well so I can’t wait for that!

    I really do hope that we can get more yuri news soon so we can all be excited about it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That was my thought too. Don’t get me wrong I’m SUPER happy that semelparous got licensed, it has to mean the manga is doing well to get noticed like that and I love the series myself but I really wish Gamma would get more recognition and got licensed first. It’s a great series too and has a surprising amount of yuri content front and center! As I have said before if you haven’t read Gamma PLEASE go read it! You won’t be disappointed! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I watched a little of Blue Reflection and it looks very good! I will continue today.
    Semelparous!!! I mentioned this to you several times , it starts a little generic but it is Yuri with very good Action and then the story starts getting a lot better!The art quality is insane too!!If it keeps going like this it better get an anime.

    Bonus: As i said it could have been compared a little to Attack on Titan with the walls things at the start but , lets compare the ending of AoT garbage makes no sense.Semelparous on the first real life and death fight , things get REAL.And i will not spoil but i approve.


  3. Always happy to see the new yuri manga/light novel licenses but I was over the moon about semelparous getting picked up! I’m REALLY enjoying the series so far and I have always been a fan of Ogino Jun’s work since I read Gamma(PLEASE READ THAT ONE). The only thing about this license that bothers me though is that it was done by Seven Seas. With the recent news they have been censoring certain content in several manga and light novels, including important character development in a yuri light novel series, I worry for what might be done to semelparous when they release it. I mean the recent chapters have started to become very, VERY spicy so there is a chance Seven Seas might become censor happy with it. I want to support this release but I’m going to have to wait and see what happens first as I don’t want to support censorship.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad to know you also enjoy Ogino Jun’s works too chimekolover! Also really I didn’t know Seven Seas have been censor happy as of recent, what kind of censoring happened with their other licensed projects???

      Liked by 1 person

      • Enter your comment here…I can’t find the link that I saw showing a lot of the edits they made to various manga but it was blatant altering of the art to make the outfits of several female characters less revealing. For the I Fell In Love With The Villainess light novel as I said they removed whole paragraphs of text that was important character development. Not sure why they did that one. That’s why I am cautious about them having there hands on semelparous. Who knows what they might do.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Really, well that is disappointing to hear and super weird especially in the case of I Fell in Love With the Villainess light novel, like why would you chose to remove important character development moments??? Well hopefully the censoring isn’t too bad for semelparous because I am really excited about it and really do want to support it! Please Seven Seas don’t go crazy on the censoring!

          Liked by 1 person

          • For me I require no censorship at all if they want my money for it. I hate when content in any media is altered/removed for any reason. Might hold off buying the first volume until other people do and they point out any issues to warn the rest of us.

            Liked by 1 person

            • That is completely fair, honestly censoring really does suck even if it is the slightest of things. Please Seven Seas don’t go censor happy please!

              Liked by 1 person

    • Oh man. I can’t imagine what horrible curse would happen to you if you happened to hit the jackpot with one of those slot machines. Kyubey would show up at your window, and you’d have to sell your soul in order to get the money. 😀


  4. As i said before , please watch Shadows House , the chances of it having Yuri are like 99% , at least a side character must be lesbian.


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