Yuri News Update: August 2021

yuri news update august 2021

This month’s News Update doesn’t have a ton of stories, but I guess they all can’t be loaded with yuri goodness. Anyway, if we missed anything important, let us know down in the comments~

the executioner and her way of life

Even though this season isn’t as bad as others for yuri anime, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year. Due to simply not knowing that it included yuri, we missed the news earlier this year that The Executioner and Her Way of Life was getting an anime adaptation, but now that it’s back in the news, it’s the perfect time to mention it.

J.C.Staff is the studio behind the adaptation, and if you’re like me and have never heard of the manga before, here’s a synopsis.

The Lost Ones are wanderers who come here from a distant world known as “Japan.” No one knows how or why they leave their homes. The only thing that is certain is that they bring disaster and calamity. The duty of exterminating them without remorse falls to Menou, a young Executioner. When she meets Akari, it seems like just another job…until she discovers it’s impossible to kill this girl! And when Menou begins to search for a way to defeat this immortality, Akari is more than happy to tag along! So begins a journey that will change Menou forever… In addition to being an intriguing addition to the ever popular isekai genre of light novels, Virgin Road is an intriguing release due to the fact that it includes elements not commonly seen in light novels released in English—a female protagonist and a yuri storyline.

This adaptation is some of the best anime news that we’ve had in a while, though considering how little there’s been to get excited about when it comes to yuri-ish anime, that’s probably not the highest praise one can give. Still, it’s nice to have something to look forward to, because Kobayashi-san won’t keep airing forever, so bring on 2022~

beast knights ratana satis yuri manga

Guess who’s back. Back again. Ratana Satis is back. Tell a friend.

Yes, now that Soul Drifters (which we almost didn’t cover at all :D) is finished, the next project for Ratana Satis has been revealed. Not a lot is known about Beast Knights, but with characters like these…

ratana satis beast knights yuri manga characters

I think it’s safe to say that this story will probably be a hit as well. Ratana Satis has really mastered the art of creating crazy sexy characters, and perhaps best of all, they’re all adult women. Very nice. Very nice indeed~

princess principal crown handler movie 2

I haven’t seen the first Princess Principal: Crown Handler movie yet, but the second movie already has a Japanese theatrical release date. Next month is when moviegoers will be able to go see it, and here’s the trailer to hold over anyone else who’s waiting for all six of these movies to release.

Since the first Crown Handler movie is streaming on HIDIVE, maybe I’ll watch it soon, and since the TV anime had some yuri, maybe that first movie will be worth reviewing as well? Stay tuned for that. 😛

madoka magica movie 4 walpurgisnacht rising

Since we’re now into August, we’re one month closer to the premiere of the next Madoka★Magica movie, Walpurgisnacht: Rising. The movie still doesn’t have a release date yet, but at least the previously released teaser now has English subtitles.

There wasn’t any new information in there, yet I still welcome any new Madoka content. It seems like the movie will release in Japan at the end of the year, at the earliest, but since we’ve already waited almost eight years since Rebellion, I think we can wait a little bit longer. 😛

symbiotic love yuri visual novel

We mentioned on here that Symbiotic Love, a new yuri visual novel, was scheduled to be released during the summer, and that time has arrived. You can currently pick up the second title in the Linghua Yuri series, and if all goes well, expect to see Eternal Love follow. Anyway, here’s a trailer for Symbiotic Love.

Symbiotic Love is available on Steam, and even though the game doesn’t have many reviews so far, they’re all positive. Consider this just another quality yuri visual novel for fans to flock to~

10 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: August 2021

  1. Madoka★Magica movie, Walpurgisnacht: Rising
    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *explodes of excitement*

    The Executioner and Her Way of Life read a few chapters , eh dont like it much. Princess Principal: Crown Handler , nice!
    Symbiotic Love i had this wishlisted , thanks for reminding me , i have a loot of Yuri games wishlisted , will play them later and check.
    Also Q_Q you did not reply to my post about Her Majesty’s Swarm before.
    Here is the sequel to what i said before : SPOILER WARNING https://s5.mkklcdnv6tempv3.com/mangakakalot/e2/eo923934/chapter_17/8.jpg
    https://s5.mkklcdnv6tempv3.com/mangakakalot/e2/eo923934/chapter_17/9.jpg https://s5.mkklcdnv6tempv3.com/mangakakalot/e2/eo923934/chapter_17/10.jpg MY WISH WAS GRANTED!

    Thanks for the news!


  2. I’m reading the manga for “The Executioner and Her Way of Life.” I couldn’t find the visual novel anywhere, so I’m reading the manga.

    It’s very good.

    I can’t wait to see the anime. No spoilers, but I can’t wait to see what you think.


  3. When I heard of the news for The Executioner and Her Way of Life/Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road, I was surprised but happy, hopefully it is good!

    Symbolic Love finally arriving makes me absolutely happy!!! I definitely need to get it as soon as possible and play it a ton!!!

    Madoka Walpurgis no Kaiten still has me so excited even though it may be a far way from coming out, I am just so excited!!! Really wondering how it is gonna continue off of Rebellion, maybe just maybe we will see Madoka and Homura finally be together!!!

    Slow news as always but it is better than nothing and hopefully more news is to come later on down the year


    • In recent years, it’s not too often that we get something to look forward to watching, so it’s going to feel like a long wait to get to see it.

      I wonder how much longer Madoka can go on. Not counting the spinoffs, we’d probably only get theatrical releases, so I wonder if this next one could be the last. I’d hate to see it end, but at the same time, the franchise’s story is so good that you don’t want to see the quality dip and it keep coming back just to print more money. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      • I wouldn’t be too surprised is the next movie could be the end, a part of me would be sad cause I love this franchise but like you said Rock, I wouldn’t want to see the quality drop. But one thing is for sure, at least we can still see them in spin offs and such!


  4. Im watching Blue Reflection Ray and i swear , one of the two Protagonists has extremely similar Madoka voice , and her Wife– i mean friend she just met has similar Homura voice.


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