Yuri News Update: September 2021

yuri news update september 2021

As seems to be the case every few months, this is another “Yuri News Update Lite”, meaning there aren’t a lot of news stories to mention, but we still gotta do it anyway. As always, if we forgot something important, feel free to mention it in the comments~

fate kaleid liner prisma illya  movie licht nameless girl

First up, it looks like more Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya is on the way.

During an event celebrating the new movie, which premiered last week, it was announced that the series is getting another sequel, though no further details were mentioned. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that I really hope this is more akin to the first three seasons instead of the Shirou-led prequel movie.

Of course, I haven’t seen the latest movie, so I can’t say if it has the yuri fanservice like the earlier installments, but at least it doesn’t star Shirou. 😛

catch these hands yuri manga

Moving right along, now it’s time for another manga that’s being licensed.

That tweet explains it all, but doesn’t that sound like a great premise for a story? The same can be said about the title of the manga. Yen Press doesn’t get mentioned as often as Seven Seas when it comes to licensing, but they also go great work to bring yuri manga and light novels to the West. Where would we be without those publishing companies?

yuuki yuuna great full blossom arc

Next up, it was announced that the third season of YuYuYu will debut on October 1st, and with it being less than a month away, a new PV was released as well. Here you go~

Between this, Magia Record, Sailor Moon Eternal, and possibly even Madoka★Magica, magical girl fans have it pretty good this year. Due to the odd format of the series, we haven’t been into Yuuki Yuuna since the first season, but now that it’s coming back, maybe we’ll get back into it again. 😛

luminous witches anime

Lastly, an anime that could have some yuri subtext potential has been delayed to 2022. I’m talking about Luminous Witches, which is a spinoff of Strike Witches. Instead of fighting aliens, the girls sing and dance to protect the smiles of those affected by the alien invasion.

Weird concept, but I like that it’s not just the same old stuff. Anyway, 2022 isn’t that far away anymore (thank goodness), so we’ll have to wait and see when this finally premieres. It’s been more than three years since this anime was first announced, so it seems like we’ll be talking about this one just a little more.


3 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: September 2021

  1. Man, that seriously bummed me out seeing that Luminous Witches has been delayed until next year. Bad way to start my four day weekend with such disappointing news. T.T


  2. Yuuki Yuuna season 3 coming out so soon has me so excited! I definitely can’t wait to see Yuuki and the gang again!!!

    Catch these Hands already sounds super interesting and I am happy it is getting licensed! Definitely will pick it up when it comes out!

    Luminous Witches being delayed to next year has me a little bummed out but if it gives time for the team to rest and such then I am all for it, still looking forward to it.

    Another slow month for us yuri fans but again I do hope we can get something in the coming months


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