2021 Summer Anime Season: Final Thoughts

2021 summer anime season final thoughts

It’s that time of the year again, so here are some of our Final Thoughts of the summer anime season that just came to an end~

Blue Reflection Ray

blue reflection ray

I actually dropped Blue Reflection at about the halfway mark, but I wrote about what I thought up until that point. 😛

Prior to this being announced, I had never heard of the Blue Reflection game, so I don’t know how the anime mirrors to the game (if it mirrors it at all). What I do know is that Blue Reflection Ray was another dark magical girl anime where despair is king, and while I thought it started out in a pretty interesting fashion, over time, my interest fell pretty hard. A lot of that has to do with how the story felt stretched out, no doubt because of this being two cours.

Compared to some other non-Madoka dark magical girl anime, I thought the story had some interesting aspects to it, but I was disappointed when it was apparent that the villains were comically evil. I hated Shino, Uta, and Nina, though a part of me liked Mio. It’s pretty much the opposite when it comes to the main cast. Ruka, Momo, and Miyako were winners in my book, though I was less impressed with Hiori.

Thanks to the bad girls, this anime seemed to have a decent amount of yuri, so there’s a very good chance that I’ll finish watching this and review it in the near future. Based on the other dark magical girl anime that I’ve seen, the bar for these types of shows isn’t too high (if we’re not talking about Madoka), and the first cour of Blue Reflection is probably not the least enjoyable one I’ve seen. I’ve stretched this out long enough, so stay tuned for a proper review in the coming weeks… hopefully. 😀

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S

kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon s

Soooo, about Kobayashi-san. L and I had a little misunderstanding where we thought that the other was going to write about it, so no one ended up writing about it. Man, this is the most scuffed Final Thoughts post ever. 😀

But this is the type of show that you don’t even need someone’s opinion on how it was. You just know that it’s going to be really good. And how good was it? Uhh, stay tuned to the answers to this question and more, in our upcoming review of the show! 😀

Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden (TV) 2nd Season – The Eve of Awakening

magia record season 2

Truth be told, I completely forgot what happened during the first season of Magia Record, so I was a little lost for the first couple of episodes of this season. That’s a quarter of the season, since there are only eight episodes this time around. Anyway, it all mostly came back to me, and I’d argue that this season was better than the previous one. For the most part, I thought the story was pretty interesting, though there were some pacing issues that bothered me, and eight episodes just wasn’t enough time to properly sort through all of the various plotlines.

To me, part of the problem is the number of supporting characters, because there were some (such as Tsuruno and Touka) that I simply didn’t care about at all. On the flip side, it was great seeing Madoka and the girls from the main series involved, though I hated how Homura wasn’t presented as the badass she is in the main series’ timelines. My other grips include: the seemingly rushed and anticlimactic finale (I’m looking in your direction, Mami), the complete lack of subtitles in the first half of the last episode, and the complete lack of Alina (she was present, just nowhere near enough)!

Despite all of that, I still enjoyed this season. It’s clearly not in the same league as Madoka★Magica, however, I think it’s the next best thing. Of course, being a magical girl anime, there is some yuri shipping to be had, yet I’d say that it’s decidedly less than the main series. The third and final season of Magia Record is supposed to begin in December, and hopefully the new Madoka movie will soon follow. The unresolved portions of the story this season leave me curious and looking forward to next season, and I hope Shaft can iron out some of the issues that were present in this season.

Total Enjoyment: 7/10

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X

hamefura my next life as a villainess season 2

Back when this second season was announced, I was pretty hyped, because season one was a lot of fun. Well, season two was also a lot of fun… but for yuri fans, there was just very little to get excited about. This season, Mary, Maria, and Sophia all seem to have reduced screentime compared to last season, while Geordo, Keith, and even a new guy are the ones that get to spend some romantic moments with Cat. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

This show doesn’t NEED yuri to be entertaining, but it’s just frustrating how this turned into a full-on het reverse harem, complete with a few kisses. A movie has already been announced, and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t skew even further towards a het-heavy romance story. Aside from the lack of yuri, the story has no resolution. The antagonist just disappears, right after pulling the same stunt a second time (kidnapping someone), so it’s a very anticlimactic way to end things.

In conclusion, I liked the show, but I didn’t like it as much as the first season. The romance aspects were turned up a few notches, though the beneficiaries were all of the male suitors. The non-romance portions of the story felt dragged out and didn’t even get a proper conclusion. At this point, I’m not even sure I’ll watch the movie. A few months ago, I was pretty sure I’d end up reviewing this show, but now, I don’t even feel like rehashing all these gripes and giving it a 2 or 3 yuri rating. So be it. 😛

Total Enjoyment: 6.5/10


14 thoughts on “2021 Summer Anime Season: Final Thoughts

  1. Definitely was a slow season as usual, but I did enjoy a lot of the shows especially Kobayashi!

    Blue Reflection in the end wasn’t so bad but I did enjoy it especially liked its characters.

    Magia Record season 2 was nice and the ending makes me excited to see what is gonna happen next, December can’t come any sooner can it.

    Hamefura season 2 was a ton of fun especially seeing Bakarina and her antics with the group, her harem just kept growing and growing which made me smile and laugh, she is just able to court any guy or girl can she while being super oblivious to the fact lol, though I do wish Bakarina got more time to with the girls of her harem but hey I still had a lot of fun with it!

    There were other animes I watched this season but yep as usual super slow season, but still had some shows I enjoyed. Hopefully the upcoming seasons will have something more for us yuri fans

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    • Compared to the fall season, this summer season was pretty good. Looking ahead, I already miss it… 😀

      For Blue Reflection I was liking Ruka, Miyako, and Momo. I hated how they massacred my girl, Momo…

      Whenever I get disappointed having to wait for more Magia Record, I remind myself how much worse the show would’ve been if they rushed the episodes. It helps.

      I was looking at what the fall season has to offer, and I don’t think it looks very promising for yuri fans. Besides YuYuYu, there could always be a surprise show that’s under the radar, but I’m not seeing much that I think I’ll like. Hope I’m wrong though. 😛

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      • Oh yes YuYuYu season 3 is definitely my highlight for this fall season, the first episode! Also if I may suggest, try out Jahy-sama. It is an anime from last season but is continuing into this season, it is mostly yuri subtext but it is honestly a ton of fun so give it a try.

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  2. Yet another let down season, aside from Kobayashi-san that is. I had heard a little about Blue Reflection and had high hopes for it but it sounds like it’s just another dud. My continued hope is that Himegami no Miko gets an anime adaptation at some point.

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  3. My, my such doom and gloom about the Summer Season. But I rather think that it had its moments.
    Take “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”, S2. Tohru comes right out and asks Kobayashi to mate with
    her! Of course, attempting to imagine how a Dragon and a Human would go about mating could fry
    a few brain cells, so best not to follow that train. But Kanna has another lover in Chloe, and if
    there is a S3, and Chloe visits Japan, watch the fireworks of the Kanna-Riko-Chloe triangle!!!
    We end in a Dragon Forest of Cherry Trees in full bloom, and Tohru in a wedding dress dresses
    Kobayashi in a beautiful wedding dress so that the union can be completed. Kobayashi runs away
    with all the dragons in hot pursuit, but she is happy and laughing! (First time Miss Kobayashi
    in a dress?)

    We then drop into the Cherry Blossom tree in EP 1 of “Kageki Shoujo!!”, “Beneath the Cherry Tree,
    in a rain of petals” I found you! where Ai Narata first meets her room mate Sarasa Watanabe, and the love
    affair begins. Much later Ai is trying to find Juliet’s emotions as to why did she fall in love,
    with Romeo at first sight. But she cannot find the feeling until she thinks of Sarasa, and suddenly
    her heart is filled with love, and real tears stream down her face! Ai feels love for the first
    time just like Juliet. During the Sports Festival, the older stars of Kouka return to help
    and this is some collection of beautiful women, tall, lean, moving with exquisite grace, short bobbed
    hair, no makeup. One does not have to say anything in text. The images alone just drip subtext
    about what we are seeing in these woman. The reviewer at ANN, has termed this “coded” subtext.
    Unfortunately Kageki ends suddenly at EP13 and nothing has been announced.

    And a third piece worth mentioning is “The Aquatope on White Sand” which is subtitled as
    “The Two Girls Met in the Ruins of Damaged Dream” where we leave Cherry trees and leap into
    the ocean. The story places it’s central focus on the relationship between two girls,
    Kukuru Misakino and Fūka Miyazawa and their growing relationship with each other. And the emotions
    are intense, filled with conflict, and sturm and drang which accompany any serious attempt to touch
    two hearts together. Aquatope still has 11 more episodes to run and will complete this December 2021.
    I have yet to be able to predict where this story is going, but it sure looks like at a minimum,
    the two girls end fully in love with each other. What that will actually mean in the end, is anyone’s guess.
    But we have already seen multiple love-hugs. And the animation and music are beautiful, emotional, and deeply feeling!

    So Fall of 2021, does have its lovely moments!

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  4. Blue Reflection second cour is much more intense than the first cour, if you intend to continue it I am sure you won’t disappointed as the villains are more explored as the series goes on. I think I am going to rewatch the first cour because I too kinda not very interested in the beginning, but due to the fact that the character design is kinda samey that I often mistake one character for the other and the conflict is rather unclear, but the second cour makes me appreciate the anime more. Still need to finish the first game though, probably it will be my goal this month just before the release of the second game.

    As for summer, I think aside from Kobayashi other anime that surprised me is Kageki Shoujo and Aquatope. Kageki Shoujo is generally not yuri but it has yuri (like an actual yuri plot) that I wish can be developed further in the future. I am rooting Narata to snatch Sarasa away. As for Aquatope, we don’t know if it will end as bait or not, but good lord Fuuka and Kukuru is an adorable couple. Also really great down to earth story despite having fantastical element.

    Aside from that, Precure has one of the best episode in the entire franchise in summer, a lot of development for the two main Cure (Manatsu x Laura). And for a non-yuri anime, Yamato finally appear in One Piece. I’ve long given up on One Piece manga and anime, but ho boy does Yamato brings me back.

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    • Narata has genuinely fallen in love with Sarasa, but Sarasa cannot read the room to save her life! Her idea of saying good bye to her boyfriend is to shake hands, which Narata sees and even comments to the audience. The possibility that Sarasa could eventually fall in love with Narata and reciprocate is real, especially after seeing the relationships between the senior Kouka members. Unfortunately we may never see any more in the anime form as no second season has been announced. (Oh no, not second seasonitis again!)
      I don’t think that Aquatope is baiting. They have made it very clear several times that the relationship between Kukuru Misakino and Fūka Miyazawa is a sister-sister one, much like many of the relationships in Marimite. But this does not prevent the relationship from being emotionally intense, and even grow and glow. A Sormance can be every bit as intense and close as a Romance. And there are still 11 episodes to play so anything is possible especially when a Kijimuna still has Fūka’s strawn hat and he takes an interest in their relationship. He came to get Fūka when Kukuru locked herself in Gama-Gama prior to the storm.


  5. Sorry i disappeared , I am trying to find a place to go and study , I could not watch Blue Reflection yet and I am saving Magia Record s2 also.
    From the few episodes i saw about BR it looked very good , it does not mirror the game , it is another thing , which is nice.
    About Magia Record i only saw first episode of s2 and it was truly amazing. Glad to know it will continue on December , even better because i really hope I will move to another place and can be alone by next month.


  6. Wish we could have another season of Mouretsu Pirates or at least with some vibes.
    I love action and military yuri and lately nothing comes up or i miss some :I
    Still enjoying this season with Kobayashi and Madoka .


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