Let’s Talk About Arcane

Spoiler Warning!

You know how every year usually tends to have that one big thing that gets you excited beyond belief and borderline obsessed? In 2019, it was Fire Emblem: Three Houses for me, and in 2020, that would have been Genshin Impact. In 2021, however, there is no doubt in my mind that Arcane filled that role with flying colors.

Before we go into this review, please note that this is all from the perspective of someone that has never played League of Legends before and that only got their short history lesson of all the needed lore from watching a handful of Youtube videos. You’ve been warned.

arcane netflix lol league of legends

So going into this without knowing anything about LoL (League of Legends) is possible, if only a little confusing at times. The show does take the needed steps and presents this universe, or more precisely, the location where the story takes place, well enough, even for people with absolutely no prior knowledge of this game or its characters.

In short, the story focuses on the growing imbalances between the rich, utopia-like city of Piltover and the oppressed and almost filthy underground city of Zaun. We follow characters from both parts, witness how magic can both enhance but also endanger lives, follow the path of how psychopath Jinx is born, and also see the rise and fall of an evil mastermind. All of this and so much more in the span of 9 episodes, each one of which around 45 minutes long.

arcane netflix lol league of legends

Each and every character, even or should I say especially the ones on the evil side of things, get the time they deserve to shine and develop enough that even if they do unspeakably evil deeds, you will probably find it difficult to hate them, and I’m not just talking about Jinx here.

In general, characters that I thought would be there for the whole run died within 3 episodes, while others that I didn’t even make out to be important at all, turned out to be the most important to the story by the end of it. There’s simply a lot of unexpected twists and turns, and the fact that you never know what will happen keeps you entertained and invested at all times.

arcane netflix vi
Plus, have you seen her? Like, I have the biggest crush on her. She really was the star of the show for me.

The attention to detail is also simply amazing, especially so with the animation. I think I have never seen anything of that quality in my life. It’s gorgeous and stunningly beautiful at all times. You could basically pause the show at any time and whatever image it shows then could be used as a high-quality wallpaper for your desktop. The art style as well is just amazing and fits so well with the theme of the show. Basically, I could go on and on about how this show is just candy to the eye, but we also can’t forget that it’s a pleasure for other senses too.

The music, as expected from Riot, was also just outstanding. Apart from the main or opening song by Imagine Dragons, basically all other featured songs were amazing. And don’t even get me started on the voice acting. I usually prefer any dubbed language over English, as especially the Japanese ones are mostly simply better. With this one, however, the English dub was perfect – for all characters, but especially for Silco, Vi, and Jinx. Gotta love Hailee Steinfeld~ (the voice of Vi)

Coming to the most important part now, let’s talk about the gay in this show. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting any so what a pleasant surprise it was to find that the show actually had to offer quite some to us. Yeah, we could argue that we didn’t get a kiss or a confession, but was that even needed? We got outright flirting between Vi and Cupca Caitlyn, not so subtle hints at their sexuality, and quite literally the softest moments between the two toughest women. Even better, these two come from two different worlds, that being Zaun and Piltover, and yet, despite their differences and mistrust at first, they came to so obviously care about each other in the end. What an absolute treat that was. Can’t wait for all the fanfiction to quench my thirst for all the things the show unfortunately didn’t show. 😛

To be completely honest, I would have probably rated Arcane a 12/10, because it is just that good. Each and every episode just keeps getting better and better and not even the fact that I had no prior knowledge about LoL (other than knowing some K/DA songs) could stop me from falling head over heels in love with the whole setting, the lore, the characters, and the pure quality of this show.

However, the one thing that makes me go with a 10/10 instead is the simple fact that Vi and Caitlyn didn’t kiss yet. I’m saying yet because I’m pretty damn sure it will happen in season 2. Trust me, if they won’t give us at least one kiss by then, I will go out onto the streets and start a riot.

Story: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Animation: 12/10
Sound: 10/10
Gayness: 8/10
Overall Enjoyment: 10/10

17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Arcane

  1. New Lena post! Happy day! 😀 I could never get into these MOBA style, always online competitive games. Never touched League of Legends or anything like it. Seeing the trailer for this series though, it did seem interesting with good action and animation. Add in a bit of yuri content and now I might check this out!

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  2. Yay glad to see you post again Lena! I used to be a LoL fan but not really anymore so I couldn’t get myself to just watch Arcane. I have heard so many good things about it and it does look really good but idk if I will still check it out, but I am glad you really enjoyed it Lena! And who knows maybe season 2 will give the yuri moments lol we just have to wait and see.

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    • Nice to be back again 🙂
      I can only encourage you to watch this, even if you’re not into LoL anymore.
      It’s just so good, but well, I’m known for my excessive fangirling, so yeah… 😀

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      • Excessive fangirling is totally fine, I tend to do that to when it comes to something I absolutely love! But yeah I might end up checking it out at some point.

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  3. I also walked into this not knowing LoL, and didn’t expect much. But really quickly found myself completely engrossed in the thing.
    And then to find out there’s a yuri angle? Cherry on top o’ the cake!
    For me it was a blend of (am sure I am not the first to say this) Alita BA and Batman (<- especially the "villains").

    And wow, Vi and Cait were just so dang good together!

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    • I think I’ve never heard of that specific mix before, but it does make sense for sure.
      For me, I always thought it felt like a darker and more mature version of Legend of Korra, in quite a lot of parts actually. Plus yuri… also no kiss, just handholding, but I know we’ll get that in this one eventually 😛

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  5. Good thing there’s a 2nd season as I need my animated “Muscle Money” craving fulfilled. Yes KorraSami got to go the extra mile in comic book form but Arcane has the chance of doing it animated. Me need more.

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    • Really good for me, its a slow burn for sure, but no way all those face touches, shower pining and “what about us” isn’t gay as hell. Total roommate behaviour yup. Definitely will kiss in S2.

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  6. Okay I finally caved and checked Arcane out (very late to the party) and yeah I understand why everyone loves it, it really is good.

    I set aside my dislike for LoL (used to play it a lot but really don’t care for it anymore) and ended up enjoying the show a lot tbh, great story, pacing and characters! The action was also great as well, just everything is so well done for this show!

    And then ofc we have Vi and Caitlyn, absolute shining beacons!!! I loved their relationship so much, the build up and everything between them was just ahhhh so good!!! Please let them be together in the second season damnit, and especially let them kiss!!!

    Definitely looking forward to when season 2 hits for sure!

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    • Aww man I’m sorry it’s been so quiet 😦
      We’re both doing well, thank you for asking!
      I’m also (of course) still consuming gay media like there’s no tomorrow 😛
      It’s just that life and everything that comes with it keeps me from continuing with the site…


  7. i keep coming back to check on you guys to see if there were any updates. im glad to know youre both okay. Thank you for giving us so many wonderful years of Yuri! We miss you and hope that you will one day be able to continue the site if you wish<3

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