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Soooo, hey there. It’s been almost a year since our most recent post, and I think it’s past due for us to give a little update. Not an update in terms of yuri news, just a status update on where the blog stands in 2022. It would’ve been better to write all of this before taking a break, but I didn’t even know that it would be so long. 😀

So why haven’t we posted anything in a year? It’s really not a complicated or concerning answer. Simply put, I lost the desire to consistently post new content, and I wanted to devote the time and effort I put into writing blog posts into other things. By “other things”, I mostly mean spending more time playing games. 😀

For quite a while prior to our hiatus, I wasn’t getting much enjoyment from watching some anime and writing posts about them, but I kept doing it anyway, mostly because I felt a responsibility to our readers, L, and the blog itself. It had been a couple of years since L had consistently written new posts, and during much of that time, I felt like doing the same thing and taking a break. I’d tell her about it, and being the amazing friend that she is, she’d always remind me that I didn’t have to do it, but being the incredibly stubborn person I am, I’d still do it anyway.

I don’t need to remind you guys that we’ve had stretches of time where it’s kind of depressing to be a yuri anime fan, because there just aren’t enough shows to get excited about. Looking back on some of the stuff I’ve posted in recent years, you’ll find many reviews of shows that have very little yuri content, and it’s not much fun watching mediocre anime and trying to write about the tiny amount of subtext in each. It starts feeling less like a hobby and more like a chore.

So where do we go from here? Who knows. I’ve enjoyed the past year (other than that time I caught COVID a few months ago), and I don’t feel a pressing desire to get back to writing stuff. Actually, in the past year, I’ve watched very little anime, and I haven’t even been keeping up-to-date on yuri news, or even anime-related news altogether. L definitely watches more than I do, and every time she tells me about a new show she’s watching, I always ask if she’s planning to write about it… and the answer is always no. I think she’s even more stubborn than I am. 😀

At the moment, I personally don’t have any plans to get back to a regular schedule (weekly posts), but something I’m definitely hoping to do is update the List of Yuri Anime Kisses list and The Kisses List. Those were always pet projects of mine that I probably shouldn’t have ever started (due to how much effort they would take), but I’m proud of how they turned out, and some helpful people contributed a lot of kisses that should be added to those lists. That said, I was always intending to keep adding more kisses to those, yet I haven’t done it in over a year, so there’s no guarantee that that’ll happen…

*looks over the post*

Man, I haven’t lost the ability to ramble on and on about something. I’ve still got it! Anyway, we’ll see what the future holds, but no matter what, YR will always be around. Thanks to you folks for your support, and stay safe~


17 thoughts on “YuriReviews Update

  1. Ah that’s a shame! Did you consider looking for others who might want to pick up on the review part of the new animes? Other then that good that you don’t keep writing when you don’t want to! Thanks for your hard work so far 🙂


    • Over the years, there was never really that many guest reviews, so I doubt that’s feasible. Not counting mine before I started doing it regularly, there’s been only 18 guest reviews in 9½ years, and since we’re not very active anymore, those offers don’t happen nowadays. 😀

      Thanks for your kind words~


  2. Honestly that is probably for the best. There really isn’t enough yuri out there to have frequent yuri anime reviews. In addition to that, it seems like a lot of the shows you were posting about recently weren’t really yuri anime. Subtext really isn’t that interesting.


    • Yeah. Watching something not knowing exactly what to expect and only finding really minor stuff is always frustrating. It kind of felt like a waste of time to me, and the people who read those reviews probably feel the same way about wasting their time reading it. 😀


  3. Nicely said Jamesy~
    It is a shame though nonetheless…
    However, I do have a feeling that there will be shows in the future that we just can’t not review 😀 Patiently waiting for Arcane 2 and well Arknights (maybe there will be some) 😛

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  4. Hey you two, glad to hear you are doing well!
    Been missing YR this last year, and all the crazy chatter that occurred here.
    Hope to hear from you sometime in the future and take care! 😀


    • Shade! Long time to see! It’s always nice to see familiar faces~

      Hope you’re doing well as well. Ever since I posted this, I’ve started to get the itch to post other stuff, so we’ll see what becomes of that. YR’s 10th birthday is coming up, so that’s some extra motivation to come up with something. 😛


  5. Wow it’s been a while since I’ve been to the site! So glad to see you both doing well, Lena and Rock! Sucks that the site won’t be updated as often but that’s life. Had a lot of fun on here though, you guys did a great job for the yuri community! Things have been dry in terms of yuri anime but at least it looks like we might be getting a yuri Gundam series! 😀 I’ll be looking forward to more updates on the kisses lists, those lists are great for finding more yuri content!


    • Chimeko! With some familiar faces returning, it almost feels like a class reunion. 😀

      Yeah, eight years of steady content is a pretty good run, especially since blogging kind of seems old-fashioned compared to when the blog first started. I’ve never been into Gundam, but some yuri is probably the only way to get me a little interested in it. I’m dreading opening up that kisses spreadsheet I made and seeing all those that I still need to add. Wish me luck. 😀

      Anyway, hope you’re doing okay, and we hope to see you around in some future posts~


      • Thanks for that! XD And I thought it was a great series! I loved seeing the dynamic between Chikane and Himeko flipped around. Himeko being the “scheming manipulator” was fun to see since in pretty much every other incarnation of the two, it’s her that is the one being toyed with, struggling to keep up with what is going on around her, is so unsure of herself and such. Plus Himeko being a Chikane-crazed moe blob is just about the best thing ever! My only major complaint is that even being one volume longer than the original Kannazuki, it’s still not even close to enough. I just want more! Luckily there is a final epilogue book that was released so we can look forward to that being translated! 😀


  6. There’s some fairly exciting yuri anime in the pipeline to either continue or start airing so that’s pretty cool, either way it’s cool to see a post on here again even if it’s just an update on the state of the site itself


    • I’ll have to look up all of the news that I missed out on. Hopefully there’s a lot of good news awaiting me~

      There’s an old post that was almost done but we never published. It’s not a review or anything like that, but maybe that’ll finally see the light of day soon, just to get something out there once again… 😛


  7. It is glad to hear from you guys again! I really missed the blog so much, but I am glad to hear you two are doing alright and well!

    There has been some yuri related news on the horizon, especially with the rumor of I’m in Love with the Villainess/Watashi no Oshi wa Akuyaku Reijō potentially getting an anime, if so that is gonna be very great news!


  8. This year has had some Yuri bangers, so I hope you’ve been keeping up. Birdie Wing has gotta be the standout to me. Not only is it gay girls doing golf, but it’s completely fucking insane with the golf mafia, special attacks, mechas, tournament arcs, insane intrigue, insane gayness, and most importantly of all, it’s set in the fucking MADLAX CINEMATIC UNIVERSE. That’s right baby, BeeTrain is back (or at least MADLAX is). They start out in Nafreece and it even looks a bit like Nafreece in MADLAX. Maybe they’ll end up in Gazth Sonika at some point.

    Lycoris Recoil is the big one of this year. It blew up so much that it beat out Demon Slayer and Spy x Family for BD sales. It was unbelievably popular. Sadly the ending kinda flopped on the yuri content, but the light novel is apparently much more gay, and hopefully the inevitable season 2 will deliver.

    And right now we have the new Gundam which has been at least as gay as every gundam before, except this time it’s with cute girls instead of beefy boys. The other one is Bocchi the Rock which might be the best music anime since K-On. It’s also very gay.

    And finally, we had the Kannazuki no Miko follow up we deserved. Himegami no Miko was fucking awesome, and I’m glad Kaishaku realized that people only ever liked them because of Chimeko. So now that they’re completely irrelevant, they come and pander to the one audience that hasn’t forgotten, and I’ll fucking take it. It was an amazing read.

    Anyways, I hope to see the occasional update around here, even if you aren’t doing full on reviews. Maybe just at the end of each season give a quick rundown of what you watched? No rating necessarily–just listing it with some thoughts. I’ve been following this blog for so long, I’ve really missed just reading your guys’ thoughts on anime.


  9. Adding to the other comments, there’s some upcoming yuri anime like “Yuri is My Job” (in Spring 2023), “The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess”/”The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady” (in early January), “Hoshikuzu Telepath” (sometime in 2023) and “I’m In Love with the Villainess” (sometime in 2023). Otherwise, Birdie Wing is set to have its second season in April 2023, and Lycoris Recoil was a BIG hit, as Spooths points out, even though it only has yuri subtext, with the same, arguably for Birdie Wing, although its pretty strong there. And Okazu and Yuri Anime News are always good resources for yuri anime news and stuff. I think Spooths has a good idea about even just doing occasional updates, just a listing of shows, maybe like what they do on Yuri Anime News with their anime previews for each season (they only have about one line of text for each show, note when it was released, where it is being streamed, how many episodes, and availability). Just a thought.


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