Anime Review: Fight! Iczer-One

fight! iczer-one

We recently went back to the 1980s to check out Project A-Ko, but thanks to a recommendation left on the YR Facebook page, another old anime with yuri undertones has been brought to our attention, Fight! Iczer-One. Never heard of it? Me neither, but who cares? Let’s review it anyway!

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Anime Review: Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS

lostorage conflated wixoss

After reviewing all of the previous installments in the series, I think we have to also check out Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS, which takes almost all of the characters in the series and forces them into even more battles. That sounds pretty cool, but this new season can’t possibly live up to that cool idea, can it? My answer? No, it doesn’t…

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Anime Movie Review: Project A-Ko

project a-ko

Thanks to the internet, old anime doesn’t have to fall by the wayside and be lost to the ravages of time. The anime we’re taking a look at today is one such title, Project A-Ko. Never heard of it? That’s not too surprising, since it was released in 1986. 😛

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Anime Review – Queen’s Blade: Beautiful Warriors

queen's blade beautiful warriors

This is now our third review in the Queen’s Blade series, and we’re getting close to being caught up.

A Queen’s Blade OVA brings visions of all sorts of debauchery, but don’t forget that the series is already very debauched, so does it want to push the envelope even farther? Short answer, surprisingly, no. 😛

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Anime Review – Queen’s Blade: Inheritor of the Throne

queen's blade inheritor of the throne

Picking up right where we left off last week, it’s time for more topless fighting action in the second season of Queen’s Blade! The first season wasn’t as bad as I would have guessed, though, does the second season fare just as well? Short answer, pretty much.

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Anime Review – Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin

queen's blade

A series that’s been on our radar for quite a while is Queen’s Blade, and that only intensified after the series contributed a few kisses to our List of Yuri Anime Kisses post.

Well, we finally got around to watching the first season, and we’re left with mixed feelings about it all…

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