Anime Review – Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor

ikkitousen xtreme xecutor

Is it over yet? It’s not that I hate Ikkitousen or anything, it’s just that I’ve grown desensitized to half-naked schoolgirls who fight each other. Life has no meaning anymore… 😀

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Yuri News Update: September 2019

The yuri hype train never stops, and this month’s installment sees a little bit of everything, so come aboard and enjoy the sights~

flag time yuri anime

The November premiere of Flag Time keeps getting closer and closer, and now that we’re just a couple of months away, we finally have a proper trailer to gaze at. Check it out~

Looks pretty promising, huh? The teaser we saw back in June gave us a tiny glimpse of what to expect, so even though this is going to be no more than an hour long, it should still easily be one of the yuri anime highlights of 2019. With how mediocre this year has been for yuri anime fans, this can’t come soon enough, so just give it to us already! 😀

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Don’t Know What to Watch Next?

In case you didn’t know, we’ve had A LOT of yuri manga recommendations over the years, but when it comes to yuri anime recommendations, not so much. Well, it’s about time we change that~

But us anime fans know that we just don’t have it as good as the manga fans do, so instead of a multi-part series, we thought it might be better to simply break down our recommendations by genre/subgenre in one giant post. I’m guessing the average YR reader will already know about pretty much all of these shows, so I guess you can say that this post is skewed more towards newer yuri fans that have finally seen the light and discovered that yuri is the purest form of love. 😛

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Yuri News Update: August 2019

It feels like we had a Yuri News Update just yesterday, but here we are again with another installment. Let’s get started~

soul drifters yuri manga ratana satis

Right off the bat, let’s start with something to REALLY get excited about. We’ve gotten to know Ratana Satis as the yuri genius behind Pulse, Lily Love, and Lily Love 2 ~Frosty Jewel~, but in case you’ve been wanting even more yuri goodness from her, she’s about to once again deliver the goods.

Soul Drifters is the title of her next work, and here’s a little preview courtesy of the kind folks over at Three Musqueerteers.

Looking good, huh? It seems like this is going to be something in the sci-fi genre, and even though we don’t yet know when to look out for this, yuri fans everywhere should already get excited. Very excited~

Thanks to shade for the heads up.

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