Anime Review: Akanesasu Shoujo

akanesasu shoujo

Another under-the-radar anime from this past fall season was Akanesasu Shoujo, but it turns out that some missed opportunities end up holding this anime back from what it could have been…

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Anime Review: Release the Spyce

release the spyce

Yup. It’s another anime review from this past fall season. Obviously, there were a lot of yuri-ish shows during the season, but I have to say that Release the Spyce wasn’t at or near the top of the list for me. Not even close.

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Anime Review: Ninja Nonsense

ninja nonsense

I first learned of this anime while browsing the various yuri clubs on MyAnimeList, and the combination of yuri and ninjas immediately caught my attention. That combination sounded too good to be true, so I wondered what the catch was. Turns out it’s a yellow ball-like fellow that steals the show…

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