Anime Review: Manaria Friends

manaria friends anime

Just when we were starting to think that Manaria Friends was canceled, out of the shadows it reemerges, and have no fear, because it’s so very gay… 😉

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Short Anime Review Roundup: Pan de Peace!, Strange Love, and Yuri Seijin Naoko-san

short anime review roundup

It’s once again that time to check out some anime that are too short to warrant a review of their own, so we’ve bundled them together in order to make our opinions known. Spoiler: This time around, our opinions of these shows are pretty negative… 😛

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Anime Review: Scorching Ping Pong Girls

scorching ping pong girls

Recently, we’ve seen beach volleyball, badminton, and horse(girl) racing get the anime treatment, but what other somewhat obscure sports anime is out there for us to review? Table tennis seems like it fits the bill, and luckily, there’s enough yuri subtext in this one to make it worth our time~

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Anime Review: Murder Princess

murder princess

Bee Train (RIP) probably holds a special place in many a yuri fan’s heart, and the reason for that was their propensity for catering to yuri fans with some of their action anime, and wouldn’t ya know it, Murder Princess is another one that gets the same treatment. Well, this ends up being a nice gesture on their behalf, but in many ways, this anime isn’t quite up to the level of the gamed girls with guns trilogy…

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Anime Review: Centaur no Nayami

centaur no nayami

We’ve seen anime focused on things like dragons and serpents in recent years, but how about other fantastic demi-creatures like centaurs or mermaids? If you’ve ever wondered what the world would look like if humans evolved into these and other forms, this is the anime for you. Spoiler: It’s actually not that different from the present, in good ways and bad…

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