Guide On How to Properly Do a Guest Review (or other post) on YuriReviews


This post is only meant to be read by those who plan on doing a guest review on this blog. If that is not what you’re intending to do, you can click away.

During the two years that YuriReviews has been around, we’ve had a lot of guest reviews. Since we always get the same questions, I decided to make guide on how to properly do a guest review for YuriReviews.

Step 1
Since this is an English blog, we’re only taking requests from people who can speak the language. You don’t have to be a native speaker, but your English needs to be good enough for people to enjoy reading what you have to say. Rock The Vogt and I usually check your review for spelling or grammar mistakes and correct them. So if you’re not okay with us potentially making some changes, you need to tell us in advance. However, if your post has too many mistakes, we can’t have it posted on the blog. So please take this into consideration before contributing anything to us.

Step 2
Check whether what you want to write about has already been done before. For this, simply use the “Search function” on the top menu bar. If what you want to write about hasn’t been done before,  still take the time to ask us whether a post about your desired topic is actually needed on the blog. For reviews of any kind, this is usually not a problem at all. Reviews are always welcome.
Also, and I’m sorry for pointing out the obvious, your post needs to have something to do with yuri….

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Guide on How to Buy Japanese Goods Online

Some of you probably know that I’ve already made a „How-to Guide“ about this, but since I’ve bought quite a lot of Japanese Manga, Doujinshi and Magazines lately, I thought why not update what I’ve written before and give you a more detailed and useful guide.

This guide will mostly focus on how to buy Manga, Doujinshi, Magazines and Visual Novels, but it will also be useful to those of you who want to buy Anime, Figures, Japanese Food etc.

Question: Where can I buy Japanese goods online?

There are tons of online shops, where you can basically buy anything your otaku heart desires but there are quite a few problems that you might encounter.
First of all, most Japanese online shops don’t offer international shipping and if they do, the shipping costs are usually beyond expensive. Furthermore, if you can’t speak/understand Japanese it’s really hard to not only find what you are looking for but also to actually make a purchase there. So in the following I will answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this topic and hopefully, this will be useful to some of you.

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Guide on How to Play Untranslated Visual Novels in English

I guess this is not really a guide, since I didn’t come up with this myself, but for all the people that don’t know about this yet, let me just lead you to the right places to find what you are looking for.
So I assume that I’m not the only person that can’t speak/understand Japanese but is highly interested in some Visual Novels that are unfortunately, still untranslated.
As a yuri fan you can consider yourself lucky enough since we get a full series of pure yuri sexiness, that is Sono Hanabira, translated into English. Fortunately these are not the only yuri titles out there, but most of them are still untranslated and I’m pretty sure many of them will never get a translation at all. So if you either don’t want to wait for a translation or if you simply want to read a visual novel that so far didn’t get a translation, rest assured, there is a solution to your problem. What you need are only a few programs and of course the visual novel that you want to play.

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