Light Novel Review: Strawberry Panic!

Author: Sakurako Kimino
Year: 2006
Length: 3 volumes
Licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment
Genre: Romance, Yuri, School Life
So for now, this is my first and probably only review of a Light Novel and that’s actually no surprise, considering the fact that Strawberry Panic is also the only translated yuri Light Novel that I know (other than the Sono Hanaibra ones).
I don’t really know how to organize this review or what kind of aspects beside the story and the author’s writing style I should really mention, so bear with me with this one.
This light novel has been around for quite some time already, but I first came across this only some weeks ago, when someone on Twitter recommended me to read this novel. So now I got it, well so far only the first out of the 3 volumes but anyway, let’s start the review.

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