Yuri News Update – June 2017

Let’s start off with some great news first that will hopefully lessen the pain of what is going to follow…

So, just a few days ago, we got another trailer for Netsuzou TRap, and it looks freaking promising, even though we have to admit that the animation is not… let’s call it “high quality”. Nevertheless, take a look at the yuri goodness right here:

With the trailer, however, also came the information that each episode will only last for about 10 minutes. Let’s not try to hide it, this simply sucks, but we gotta look on the bright side; It’s still much better than having even shorter episodes, so I’ll stop my complaining and simply start hyping myself up again. Join me, guys!

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Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Round 1

yuri anime most deserving of an anime adaptation

The first round is finally here! You guys decided on the participants, so as already said last week, we ended up with 128 manga to choose from.

Despite the fact that we might end up with, let’s say unfair rounds here and there, and possibly even “mini-finals” in the middle of the tournament, we still decided to randomly put the participants together. As always, the votes happen as a 1 vs 1 each round, cutting the participants down by half each week.

You can find the tournament bracket right here.

With that said, let the tournament begin and have fun voting~

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Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – The Participants

yuri anime most deserving of an anime adaptation

Thanks to all of your suggestions, we managed to make a list of 128 participants for this tournament, leaving us with a total of 8 rounds.


As decided by you guys, we’ll add Non-Japanese works as well. I’m personally quite excited to see how they’ll manage to compete against the Japanese ones~

Furthermore, as already mentioned last round, each round will last a week. The first round of polls will start next Sunday, and each end late Saturday, so we’ll always have enough time to prepare the next round for you guys.

This time, the preparation for Round 1 will take quite a long time, so the tournament will start in a week, rather than today already. So this post will only feature the final roster of the tournament.

Please do not make any more suggestions, as we can not add any other manga to the list.

With that said, please check out the list of all participants and prepare your body and soul for the tournament that will follow~

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Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Round 0

yuri anime most deserving of an anime adaptation

We’re excited to announce our next tournament that is going to focus on the yuri manga most deserving of an anime adaptation.

What an interesting pick, we’re quite hyped to see how this one will play out~ As for the rules: We’ll start with a preliminary round or “Round 0” in which we will list all the participating yuri manga we came up with and give you the chance to add some more. After that, each round will last for one week, while the participating manga will go against each other in a random order 1vs1.

If you wanna make suggestions  for possible additions, please note the following:

In this tournament, we are not going to feature any doujinshi, even if they are a multi-chapter series. Manga that involve sex as the main theme will also not be featured, since we would end up with a hentai adaptation rather than an anime one. However, we are are not sure if we should also include non-Japanese works, such as What does the Fox Say? or Fluttering Feelings for example, since they would surely not end up getting a Japanese anime adaptation, but rather a live-action drama or something similar in the country they were made in. So in this case, please take the poll below to decide if we should include those or not.

Furthermore, please don’t list anything that has yet to pass the 5-chapter mark, since we simply can’t add all manga out there to this tournament, so the newer ones that have simply not gotten past that mark can not be added here.

If you make any suggestion, please only name those manga that focus on yuri and none that only have it as a side-story or the like. Since we already have quite a number of participants, please only name those manga that you think are already popular enough to make it past at least the first round, so please don’t just name any yuri manga that comes to mind, and only stick to the more popular ones for the sake of not having a tournament with too many participating manga.

In the end, we should end up with either 96 or 128 manga and from there, the tournament will officially begin by sunday next week. In case you’re not interested in this tournament, feel free to still look around and maybe discover a new manga that you haven’t read before~

With that said, we’d appreciate your support so we’ll end up with the perfect line up~

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Yuri Anime / Manga / Visual Novel Awards 2016

2016 yuri anime manga visual novel awards

2016 had a lot to offer. Maybe not too many yuri anime, but definitely a lot of other yuri media, such as a ton of yuri visual novels and some really awesome new yuri manga.

So in old YuriReviews fashion, we would like to hand out some awards for who and what we think deserves these awards most this year:

Lena’s Best Yuri Anime: Shuumatsu no Izetta
shuumatsu no izetta

Well, other than the Valkyrie Drive Specials we can’t really say 2016 offered any other pure yuri show, so I guess we have to work with what we got and make the best of it, right? So, since I didn’t want to go with “only” some specials from a show that aired last year, I decided to go with the show that came closest to what I think is really yuri, which is Izetta: The Last Witch. Despite the fact that she show doesn’t label itself as yuri, nor do the two main characters ever really declare their love, I still feel like it’s pretty obvious that they actually do love each other—romantically, that is. And if they are not yet in a relationship with each other, then I’m freaking sure they will be at some point, since their chemistry was simply over the top amazing, just like the show itself~

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Don’t Know What to Read Next? [Part 8]

pulse yuri mangaTitle: Pulse
Artist: Ratana Satis
Genre: Yuri, Age Gap, NSFW, Drama

Mel, a renowned heart surgeon, lives a carefree life with sex being a tool for joy rather than a show of affection. Then she meets someone that turns her view of love and life upside down. This story is about two people that meet with minimal expectations but soon become enthralled in a relationship that changes everything about themselves.

Read Online

I just started reading this one recently, and oh my god, do I love it. I guess I started loving age gap stories, and I am a sucker for full-color works, though, what I love most about this is the couple itself; Tough seductress, Mel and cutie with a tragic past, Lynn. It’s just the best! Seeing them interact, with Lynn just barging into Mel’s personal bubble with everything she does and Mel failing to do anything about it, but still trying to keep her cool… it’s fantastic! Go read it!

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