A Quick Update

Disclaimer: This is a more personal kind of update, so if you’re only here for the yuri, you can skip this post.

Well, despite the little disclaimer up here, I still wanna share with you some small update on the blog as well.

As you know, our big List of Yuri Anime Kisses post keeps getting bigger. We keep improving the list everywhere we can and have added all your suggestions and even more. Every once in a while, if you’re on the hunt for more yuri kisses, you should check how the list grew~

Next up, just a heads up. One of our regular visitors that doesn’t want to be named here has offered some yuri-related items that they would, so to say, donate, to YuriReviews for a small giveaway. We’re still in the planning of how it will all play out, but just know that we’ll have another one ready in a bit.

blubbIn other news, I’d like to put up an apology to everyone who has contacted me lately and is still waiting for a reply or had to wait a long time for one.

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Let’s Get to Know Each Other Better – The YuriReviews Guestbook

let's get to know each other better yurireviews

So sorry about the picture, I just found it funny for some reason 😀

This will be more of an interactive kind of post, and we’d much appreciate if you’d take the time to participate as well. As the title would suggest, this is going to be a post in which we want to get to know you, our readers, a little better.

So far, we’ve mostly just covered who we are and more information about us, but this time, we’d like to focus on you guys.

YuriReviews has developed into a blog where a lot of interaction happens. Mostly between the readers and Jamesy and I, but also among you guys, individually. It’s a really awesome thing to see conversations going on and on and people having a good time talking to each other about the genre we all came to love, but also many more things. There are so many regulars that we’ve come to know and love, and there are also so many new faces showing up every now and then. So we thought, why not create something like a little guest book?

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Yet Another Round of Yuri Quizzes

yuri quizzes

It has been a while since we’ve made some new yuri quizzes, so here are several more that you can use to test your yuri knowledge.

Some of our past quizzes have been pretty tough in terms of the time alotted, so we’ve adjusted the times in those to hopefully make all of the quizzes a tad bit more forgiving. Also, in case you’re new or didn’t catch our older quizzes, you can find them all right here.

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Our Wishes for 2018

After having talked about the highlights as well as all the things that were already announced that we can look forward to in 2018, why not talk about our wishes for this year as well?

So far, we can definitely not complain about the amount of things we already know will hit us this year. However, as greedy as it might sound, there’s always more things the community might want, so today, let’s focus on all the things that might or might not follow or happen as 2018 drags along.

citrus yuri animeFirst up, as the Citrus anime is basically right around the corner, especially after the disappointment of last year’s anime adaptation of Netsuzou TRap, what we need right now is a yuri anime that does its job right. One that might finally attract more viewers, actually sells a decent amount of copies, and simply gains enough attention, in a positive way, if I might add.

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Yuri Bingo – The Yuri Drinking Game

yuri bingo layout KopieThere are admittedly quite a few of these games around, but what would YuriReviews be without its own, right?

So we decided to put together some tropes we think happen quite a lot in yuri anime, as well as in yuri manga and make a yuri bingo game.

You can now either play this game as a game of bingo, or let’s make things a little more interesting and add “an alcoholic twist” to it~

Hence, you can play this game as a drinking game.

The rules are simple:

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Poll – Interactive Post Topics

yuri anime manga visual novel blogWe received so many awesome and interesting ideas for possible topics and such positive feedback to the whole idea of doing interactive “Let’s talk about” posts, so thanks a lot for giving the feedback needed~

Before we start, we want to let you guys decide what you wanna talk about first. I know, the list is quite huge, but all topics just seem super interesting, so we just added them all:

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How About Doing Some Interactive Discussion Posts?

yuri anime manga visual novel blog

I always enjoy seeing you guys interact with us or with each other in the comments, and thus, the idea was born that we’d like to make more interactive posts.

There are different ways to go about this, but we came to the conclusion that it might be fun to just try it like this…

Possibly monthly, we’d like to make a “Let’s Talk About” or rather, “Let’s Discuss” post, in which we talk about a topic you guys have decided on, so you can then take part in it all and add your own thoughts in the comments. We can then possibly have a bigger and more interactive kind of discussion about the topic and thus make it all a little more fun and interesting.

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