YuriReviews Survey – Take 3 – End Results

Yet again, thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out our little survey! We got some great insights and some very nice feedback~

So as it turns out, I’m first of all, really happy that you guys seem to like the new layout. I know that depending on your screen size, it may seem a little stuffed or too small, though, that’s a problem we might not be able to get rid of on WordPress, but we’re working on it. Same goes for maybe adding some more “decoration” to the sides of the blog other than just Ginko sticking her head out. I, in fact, wanted to add more from the beginning, though we have to solve the resolution problem first, and then see how we can improve the background picture~

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YuriReviews Survey – Take 3

Another year another survey it seems, huh?

Well, 2016 was rough for YuriReviews, as we had to move from Blogspot to WordPress and pretty much had to start from almost zero again here. Well, we also got our own domain, which is pretty awesome, but it was definitely a rough way to get here.

So with all the changes to the site, partly to the content, and especially to the whole layout, we’d yet again like to give you the opportunity to tell us what you think of YuriReviews, what you like, what you think we could improve, or even what you’d like us to change. In exchange, Rock and I will get a better idea of how to simply make the blog a better place, and hopefully be able to make some adjustments here and there.

I’d also like to use this opportunity to welcome all the new readers we gained over the past year and give you the chance to just let us know what you think. So as always, we’ll start with some general questions on how you like certain aspects of the blog and end things with some room to leave your own thoughts on matters.

Your help would be greatly appreciated~

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YuriReviews Survey – Take 2 – End Results

After 10 days, we decided to close the poll and collect the feedback and opinions we got. Just like last time, we’d like to thank everyone who took the time to help us out by doing this little survey. It means a lot to us, so thank you. 🙂

This time as well, we got a lot of great feedback, some very helpful suggestions, and in general, a lot of very nice comments from basically all over the world. Some of you left us some really encouraging words, which is why I just want to thank you again. It’s simply the best feeling ever to see that you guys are enjoying what we are doing~

Now, disregarding personal information about your age or location, we were able to spot some common flaws of the blog, as well as make out what the blog is still lacking.

First of all, some changes were already made. For example, whenever you clicked on a post, the header, or basically any other link, a new window/tab would open. We got rid of that completely, so clicking on anything will simply redirect you to where you want to go.

Next, we received a lot of nice suggestions for possible headers for the blog. Unfortunately, most of them are simply not big enough to use. However, we have already found two that are perfect for us. One of which, we already implemented, more will follow:

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YuriReviews Survey – Take Two & Facebook Announcement

yurireviews facebook

Just like we did last year, this year as well we’d like to hear your opinion on some matters, as well as let our readers decide how some things should be changed, improved, or whether they should be kept the way they are.

Since last time, many things have already changed:

For one, we changed the whole layout of YuriReviews. Changes were subtle, but I think we did a good job. Changing headers were implemented, the width of the blog was changed, and the blogroll was improved by adding more useful gadgets.

Furthermore, we tried to improve the whole navigation system of YuriReviews. Therefore Rock changed the “search gadget” and made a very neat post in which all entries are listed in a quite convenient way, making it easier to find specific posts and content. To check it out, just click on “YR Archive” right beneath the header or simply click here.

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Survey Results

First of all, thanks a lot for your help!

I was so surprised to see that so many of you took the time to do this. We even broke the limit of participants over night, which is really great, so again, thanks a lot 🙂

As for the results, even though most of it is probably something that’s only interesting for me, I still think it’s nice to share, so here you have some of the results of the first YuriReviews survey:

yurireviews survey results

I was hoping to get more obvious answers for this, but this is pretty nice as well, since it tells me that you’re basically okay with anything. 😛

As for the question about the topics you want to see covered more, I got some more precise answers.

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YuriReviews Survey

It might not seem that important for a little blog like this one, but I’m always thinking about how to do a better job with YuriReviews and just what things people want to read about the most.

And that is why I decided to make a little survey about this blog, with questions regarding the interests of my readers and how you view YuriReviews.

It’s 9 short questions, both multiple choice and some I’d like you to answer in a few words. If you don’t want to or can’t answer one or more questions, you can leave them out. You’re not required to answer all of them.

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