Sisterly Bliss/Tsui Yuri Release Date Announced

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Very soon the Nation will get to add another Yuri wincest title to their collections as the release date of Sisterly Bliss/Tsui Yuri was announced.

Sisterly Bliss Release Date.jpg

The game is available for pre-order at Mangagamer HERE (NSFW Warning).

Here’s a refresher of what the story is about:

Ichika and Futaba are so close it even surprises their friends and family at times. Ichika, the diligent, stubborn older twin, and Futaba, the childish, sociable younger twin, are an inseparable pair.

But there’s more to their love for each other than first meets the eye.

Growing up, the two did everything together. No matter where they went, the twins were never apart. And even now that they’ve grown up, their personalities diverging and leading them to different hobbies, they’re still as close as can be. For Ichika, the responsible big sister, looking out for childish, spoiled Futaba has become an everyday occurance, both at…

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Netsuzou Trap – NTR Trailer

Short, but to the point. Here’s the first look at the Netsuzou TRap anime~

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Well…here it is, a little preview of the show’s animation quality. I dig it. This show will be DELICIOUS…in so many ways. I can feel my body tingling just thinking about it. Heeheeheeheeheehee.

Here’s a quick reminder of what the story’s about. Let it all sink in…

Both having boyfriends, childhood friends Horatu and Yuma engage in secret trysts to prepare the innocent Yuma for an adult sex life. Can love flower between girls cheating on their boyfriends?

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Love Ribbon Steam Code Giveaway

Try your luck and possibly win a nice yuri Visual Novel. Sounds awesome? Then check it out over at YuriNation~

Info: Since some people seem to misunderstand – I’m not the one hosting this Giveaway. You have to write a comment at YuriNation!

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I figured I would do a little something for all my loyal fans out there (and people who want to try their luck) by hosting a mini-lottery. As peeps can guess from the title I’m giving away one Steam Code for Love Ribbon. Check out my review of the game HERE.

The rules are simple. Post a comment down below. There are two conditions though.

1: Make sure all names are different. I don’t want to mix up “Mr Yuri” with “Mrs Yuri” for example.

2: All entrants must type their comments in this post down below. Comments made on my Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr accounts will not count. It would make it harder for me to keep up with them otherwise.

I’ll put all the entries into a “randomizer” and then contact the winner. Simple as that. This is my first time ever hosting a giveaway…

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Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni Coming to the West

The year keeps getting better and better!

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Valkyrie Drive Bhikkuni Kiss

I thought this day would never come considering how incredibly sensitive the West is to yuri media, especially the in-your face kind like the Valkyrie Drive series. The game is coming to PS Vita. For those saying “I’ll wait for the Steam version”…I wish I were as optimistic as you on that possibly happening. The big question now is how censored will the game be? Hopefully not at all but again the West is sensitive to these things.

Here are some trailers to remind peeps what Bhikkhuni is all about.

Content description:

– When two girls get it on – one girl turns into a super weapon

– Wield your incredible pleasure powered weapons to take on hordes of enemies

– Ultra-fast hack and slash action with a focus on stylish aerial combos

– Power up your weapons by turning on your girlfriends

– Weapons can be leveled up in…

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