Visual Novel Review: Kindred Spirits on the Roof

kindred spirits on the roof

The Spoilers in this review are all written in white, so whenever you come across some red text saying “Mark text to see spoilers“, just do as the text says and mark the white area below to make the text visible.

Title: Kindred Spirits on the Roof [Okujou no Yurirei-san]
Developer: Liar Soft
Translation: MangaGamer
Genre: Yuri, Romance, Adult, School Life, Ghosts, Comedy
Length: 10-30 hours
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Story: 9/10 and Characters: 10/10
One day, during lunch, Yuna Toomi, a rather antisocial and quiet girl, encounters two female ghosts on the roof. After getting over her initial shock, she finds out that these two are a couple and have been haunting the school for decades now, trying to find a way to leave this world without having any regrets. After a little persuasion, the two ghosts, or rather the kindred spirits, as they force Yuna to call them, succeed in getting Yuna to help them in their quest to built a “Yuritopia” in their school, meaning that they need her to assist young girls in love with other girls.
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[Guest Review by Bigbossbalrog] Visual Novel – Atlach-Nacha

Warning 18 + content

Title: Atlach-Nacha

Year: 1997

English Translation: Not Yet Available

Length: Only one route, but a huge amount of options and ways to approach the story, leading to very dramatically different playthroughs (An average playthrough usually takes about 20-30 hours)

Genre: Horror, Romance, Yuri (Has het as well, though that can be skipped Hatsune-style. The main relationship is pure Yuri.)

System: PC

Gameplay: Very deep choice system. For example, you can choose to avert eating someone or even having sex with them. The game is actually pretty non-linear, so you can choose to do stuff in no certain order.

Developer: Alice Soft

Rating: 18 + (Full-on vivid detailed rape scenes, besides the “regular” eroge content. It’s also extremely violent. For example, one scene depicts Hatsune slaughtering a group of rapists and devouring them. Unlike those horrible rape simulator things, Atlatch-Nacha handles it’s darkness a hundred percent serious.

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For the sake of creating a blog that is easier to navigate through, I came up with an idea. Since WordPress’ search function is not always that precise, I need to make it easier to find specific posts. You can either use the categories to search for what you’re looking for or just use the search function in the menu bar. Now, to get you to your desired blog post a little easier, I’m gonna list all of my posts in this list right here. I’ll divide everything into categories and simply list all the posts alphabetically~

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[Guest Review]: Sengoku no Kuroyuri ~Futanari-hime to Reizoku no Shoujo~

Since the translation of the first Sengoku no Kuroyuri visual novel was finally picked up again, it is now time for the first review of this title, done by Ibara Miko.

Read on if you want to find out what this game is all about, but be aware of the fact that this review might spoil the story for you.
With that said, enjoy the review~
Genre: Yuri, Futanari, Eroge
Platform: PC (doujin work)
Length: About 8 hours
Year: 2011
Developer: Kotoba Asobi

General Info: The 1st installment of the Sengoku no Kuroyuri series is brought to us by a doujin group called Kotoba Asobi. It takes place in the Sengoku period in Japan and shows us one of the darker yuri stories.

Story: 9/10
This is the darkest yuri game I’ve ever come across, and it’s exactly this kind of yuri darkness that makes me play this game (mostly the second one) over and over again.
The story is about the yuri sadist princess, Saku, struggling to achieve her personal goals in the Sengoku period. 
Those are:

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[Guest Review] Visual Novel – Akai Ito

It’s time for yet another guest review~
This time, get ready for probably the longest review we’ve ever seen on YuriReviews.
Big thanks to Bigbossbalrog, the author of this post!

Title: Akai Ito (Redstrings in English)
Year: 2004
English Translation: Yes, but text only
Length: 5 routes (Besides the fifth route, which is a good deal shorter. Each route took me around 15 hours to complete.) In total, around 65 hours.

Genre: Horror, Romance, Mystery, Yuri
Platform: PS2, PS3 (was ported to the PS3, and can be bought on the Japanese PSN), PC (Success released a demo for the PC, which only covers the first two nights)

Developer: Success
Rating: 15+

Note: While Akai Ito is officially considered by Success to be an “all-ages” yuri visual novel (it’s rated 15+ by the Cero rating system), that only applies to it having no eroge content. It’s a relatively bloody, dark, and depressing game

Akai Ito’s plot starts several months after the tragic death of the protagonist’s mother. The protagonist in question’s name is Hatou Kei, a perfectly normal high school student. She’s informed by her lawyer that her father, who died in an horrible accident years ago, actually owns property, and that the property now belongs to her, due to her mother’s death. During summer vacation, she boards a train and heads to her father’s birth place of Hemizuka, a small town in the countryside, to see if her father has left behind anything for her. In the twilight, Kei dreams about a mysterious tree and a young woman seemingly consumed in sadness. In the land of Hemizuka, guided by the pale light of the moon, Kei discovers an ancient conspiracy wrapped in her own blood through meetings with a raven-haired demon hunter, the best friend of her late mother, a young girl who’s always accompanied by a white fox, a pair of vampires who appear to be children, and even the sad-looking girl from her dreams. One phrase from Kei’s dream keeps her from falling into darkness, “Someone important to me has vanished.”.

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Visual Novel Review: Sono Hanabira: Lily Platinum

Do not read this if you’re under 18.

Story: 7/10 & Characters: 10/10
The 10th installment in the Sono Hanabira series yet again features my two favorite characters, Shizuku and Eris. This time, since they are already in a relationship, this game focuses on their everyday life as well as some special occurrences, such as their first date, their club activities, and also some situations in which Shizuku shows her jealous side.

Since this is an eroge, you can yet again expect a lot of sex scenes. In fact, expect a sex scene every 10 or 15 minutes, because that’s basically what will happen, but more about that later.

First things first. Since this couple is my absolute favorite SonoHana couple and also one of my Top 10 favorite yuri couples in general, I was expecting a lot from this game. Luckily, it didn’t disappoint. It’s actually quite the opposite.

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Visual Novel Review: Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Amakute Hoshikute Torokeru Chuu

Don’t read this if you’re under 18.

Developer: Fuguriya

Artist: Peko

Length: Around 5 hours

Year: 2009

Genre: Adult, Yuri, School Setting, Age Gap, Loli 

Story 7/10 and Characters 6/10:

Suminoe Takako is a new-fledged and still inexperienced teacher, working at the elementary department of St. Michael’s. You could say she’s not really the best teacher since she neither knows how to really get a class full of young girls under control, nor is she a very assertive person. One of her students, Houraisen Runa does a way better job at capturing the attention of her classmates and making them do whatever she wants them to. She certainly knows how to get what she wants and ever since she arrived at St. Michaels‘, the one thing she desires the most is her own teacher Takako, who is not all that happy about her overly demanding student.

Takako (left), Runa (right)

Unlike most SonoHana games, this one doesn’t only show how two girls meet and eventually fall in love with each other, it goes a little deeper you could say and it has a little more in store for you when it comes to an actual plot as well.

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