Yuri Tournament: Yuri Manga Most Deserving of an Anime Adaptation – Round 0

yuri anime most deserving of an anime adaptation

We’re excited to announce our next tournament that is going to focus on the yuri manga most deserving of an anime adaptation.

What an interesting pick, we’re quite hyped to see how this one will play out~ As for the rules: We’ll start with a preliminary round or “Round 0” in which we will list all the participating yuri manga we came up with and give you the chance to add some more. After that, each round will last for one week, while the participating manga will go against each other in a random order 1vs1.

If you wanna make suggestions  for possible additions, please note the following:

In this tournament, we are not going to feature any doujinshi, even if they are a multi-chapter series. Manga that involve sex as the main theme will also not be featured, since we would end up with a hentai adaptation rather than an anime one. However, we are are not sure if we should also include non-Japanese works, such as What does the Fox Say? or Fluttering Feelings for example, since they would surely not end up getting a Japanese anime adaptation, but rather a live-action drama or something similar in the country they were made in. So in this case, please take the poll below to decide if we should include those or not.

Furthermore, please don’t list anything that has yet to pass the 5-chapter mark, since we simply can’t add all manga out there to this tournament, so the newer ones that have simply not gotten past that mark can not be added here.

If you make any suggestion, please only name those manga that focus on yuri and none that only have it as a side-story or the like. Since we already have quite a number of participants, please only name those manga that you think are already popular enough to make it past at least the first round, so please don’t just name any yuri manga that comes to mind, and only stick to the more popular ones for the sake of not having a tournament with too many participating manga.

In the end, we should end up with either 96 or 128 manga and from there, the tournament will officially begin by sunday next week. In case you’re not interested in this tournament, feel free to still look around and maybe discover a new manga that you haven’t read before~

With that said, we’d appreciate your support so we’ll end up with the perfect line up~

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And the next Yuri Tournament will be… ?

yuri tournament


After crowning the Best Yuri Character, the Best Yuri Pairing, and the Best Yuri Kiss in Anime History, it’s time for another tournament!

This time, we’d like you to decide the topic of the tournament, which is why we tried to come up with some on our own, as well as collected some possible topics you guys came up with. You can vote for your favorites down below.

After you guys have decided what kind of tournament we will do next, it’s time to collect the participants. This time as well, we’ll be relying on your input, so before the tournament starts, let’s all do some brainstorming together in Round 0 to make sure we won’t forget about anything.

But first, let’s vote!


And yes, I know, we could have gone with the Greatest Yuri Manga, too, but I think that tournament might as well last forever, so let’s not go with this one for now.

If you have any more suggestions for Yuri Tournaments, feel free to list them in the comments, and we’ll save them for next time~

Let’s Talk About Yuri Visual Novels [List of Yuri Visual Novels]

When it comes to visual novels, my knowledge is pretty limited, since I have just not spent that much time on playing many. Of course, part of the reason why I haven’t done so is the fact that there are simply not that many translated visual novels available that trigger my interest, so my knowledge is almost solely limited to yuri VNs.

In this post, I decided to write about my experiences with yuri visual novels, tell you which ones I liked the most, and also name some yuri titles for you that are either already translated or that are being worked on right now. And finally, I would also like to list just a few of the most interesting looking yuri visual nvels that still no translation group has picked up yet.

Please note that by clicking the titles, you’ll get redirected to either the game’s VNDB entry, official website, or in some cases, my own review of the game. Also, the release dates and publishers listed refer to the English translation.

*** UPDATE ***

We’ve added more than 60 more visual novels to the list, as well as listed the publisher, developer, length (according to VNDb), and release date for every entry~

First of all, which more or less popular yuri titles have already been fully translated?

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Anime Review: Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

kobayashi-san chi no maid dragonYear: 2017
Episodes: 13
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

The story follows Kobayashi’s daily life as an office worker, master of a cute maid, and in one way or another, also mother of dragons. That’s probably the simplest way to describe the story in one sentence, though that is, of course, not even nearly all there is to it, as her cute maid is in fact a dragon herself who came from another world to find shelter. She finds just that by living with Kobayashi, working as her devoted maid, and occasionally attracting more dragons to come her way.

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Yuri News Update: March 2017

Another month, another yuri news update. Things pile up fast even in the new year, which is absolutely awesome!

So first off, let’s just get this one biiiig piece of news out of the way: The Netsuzou TRap anime will air in the upcoming summer season this year, how awesome is that?!

If you don’t know about the cast already, check this post, where we got this awesome information from.

Also, here’s a promo pic, for those who haven’t already seen it~

netsuzou trap anime

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My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Pairings [Updated]

Can you believe it? It’s been 2 years since I last updated this list?! Surely, a lot has changed in these 2 years, so it’s about time to add some new pairings to the list and update my thoughts on the ones that have been in there for years already~

shuumatsu no izetta yuri10. Finé x Izetta (Shuumatsu no Izetta)

Finé is already one of my favorite anime characters of 2016, while Izetta probably made it to my top 3 cutest anime characters of all-time. So even without pairing them up with each other, I’m absolutely in love with both of them. However, if you now ship them with each other, what emerges from this simple equation of Finé + Izetta, is simply heavenly.

Those two compliment each other wonderfully, with strong and badass Finé handling her beloved and oh so loyal Izetta with the utmost care.

Their scenes together are some of the most enjoyable moments in anime history, and it makes me wonder just why in the world there hasn’t been more fan art and doujinshi about them. It’s something that I really can’t understand, as to me, they seem like the perfect match~

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Yuri News Update: February 2017

It’s not even been 2 full months into the new year and there are already so many more yuri Visual Novels popping up from basically nowhere.

nenokamiThough, before we get to the new or future releases, let’s first talk about Ne no Kami. In this case, there has not only been a huge translation update for Part 1 that has just been released, but right here, you’ll also find some art previews for Part 2. So how about you get even more excited for the second part that will be released pretty soon?

In other big news, we’ve been given the opportunity to interview Ne no Kami‘s writer and developer Fenrir Vier. Right now, we’re collecting possible questions and we need your help. So if you’re interested in anything regarding Fenrir, Ne no Kami or any other of their works, feel free to leave your question in the comment section~

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