Anime Review: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!

fate/kaleid liner prisma illya

With the review of the first season of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya in the can, it’s time to move on to the second season. Is it another step in the right direction for the series, or is it a step back? Let’s get to the bottom of it~

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Yuri Giveaway – Win Yuri Visual Novel Ne No Kami – The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto

Ne no Kami giveawayGreat news, everyone! We’ve been given the opportunity to give away two copies of the recently released yuri visual novel Ne no Kami – The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto – both with the 18+ patch, to be exact. 😉

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to take part in the yuri quiz down below and leave your email address. By the way, the score you’ll get in the end will not determine the winner, so taking part and having fun are the only requirements. As always, we’ll chose a winner randomly, so no need to study up or anything.

If you want a chance to win the game, then just enter your email address in the last step, so we can send you the game code if you win.

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Love Ribbon Steam Code Giveaway

Try your luck and possibly win a nice yuri Visual Novel. Sounds awesome? Then check it out over at YuriNation~

Info: Since some people seem to misunderstand – I’m not the one hosting this Giveaway. You have to write a comment at YuriNation!

The Yuri Nation


I figured I would do a little something for all my loyal fans out there (and people who want to try their luck) by hosting a mini-lottery. As peeps can guess from the title I’m giving away one Steam Code for Love Ribbon. Check out my review of the game HERE.

The rules are simple. Post a comment down below. There are two conditions though.

1: Make sure all names are different. I don’t want to mix up “Mr Yuri” with “Mrs Yuri” for example.

2: All entrants must type their comments in this post down below. Comments made on my Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr accounts will not count. It would make it harder for me to keep up with them otherwise.

I’ll put all the entries into a “randomizer” and then contact the winner. Simple as that. This is my first time ever hosting a giveaway…

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YuriReviews Survey – Take 3 – End Results

Yet again, thanks to everyone who took the time to fill out our little survey! We got some great insights and some very nice feedback~

So as it turns out, I’m first of all, really happy that you guys seem to like the new layout. I know that depending on your screen size, it may seem a little stuffed or too small, though, that’s a problem we might not be able to get rid of on WordPress, but we’re working on it. Same goes for maybe adding some more “decoration” to the sides of the blog other than just Ginko sticking her head out. I, in fact, wanted to add more from the beginning, though we have to solve the resolution problem first, and then see how we can improve the background picture~

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Let’s Talk About Overwatch

We all knew that one day, I would definitely find a reason to dedicate a whole blog post to my new favorite game, and guess what? Today’s the day.

I’ve now been playing the game for over half a year, loving it throughout all this time, though, let me assure you, I won’t waste your time just telling you how much I love it. Instead, why not focus on the yuri aspect with this post?

When it comes to that, I’ve come to compare Overwatch a lot with Love Live!. To make it a little more clear what I’m talking about, let me just say the following: Fandoms of both titles tend to ship the characters a lot – with each other. Of course, there are many other games, as well as shows, where this applies, but these two go way further when it comes to shipping than many others go. It’s not just a few popular pairings, no, you could almost say that pretty much every character get shipped with numerous others, depending on what people enjoy most. You can easily google what I personally would call a weird pairing, like let’s say D.Va x Symmetra, and still get quite a number of fitting results. Same goes for Love Live!, which is exactly why the two feel so similar when it comes to this aspect. Kantai Collection might be another game with a similar, let’s say “shipping system”, though right there, we got many more than 100 different characters, and despite the fact that there are quite a few crack pairings, most of the characters have a set ship girl that they usually get paired up with.

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Anime Review: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya

fate/kaleid liner prisma illya

With four seasons as well as an upcoming movie, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya is a series that has been long overdue in making its way to YuriReviews. Now that it finally has, was the wait worth it, or does this first installment disappoint? Let’s do this~

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Yuri News Update – January 2017

This will mostly be a short update on some blog-related things, though, there is actually one thing that we definitely should mention before getting there.

FLOWERS-Visual-NovelAs mentioned on Twitter by JAST USA, the next volume of FLOWERS, namely -Le volume sur ete- will be released sometime in 2017. They didn’t specify when, though the mere mention that we’ll get another one in 2017 is already good enough. Find the tweet I’m referring to right here.

In other news, and let’s try to keep it short here, we’ve updated a few posts.

First off, we added quite a few more characters to our list of Yuri Anime Legends. It’s quite big already, but we’ll be sure to keep it up to date to honor all the amazing yuri characters that we think this list should contain. Feel free to check out the additions right here. Continue reading