My Top 10 Yuri Anime

Lena’s already listed her Top 10 Yuri Anime, so I figured it’s about time I follow suit and do the same. I just recently crowned my choice for Best Yuri Anime of the 2010s, but plenty of yuri anime were released in the decades prior, so expect to see yuri anime both new and old. Much like L’s list has done multiple times, I think I’ll update this list at some point in the future, but for now, let’s just go ahead and get started~


flip flappers anime
Year: 2006
Length: 13 Episodes
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Magic, Sci-Fi
Studio: Studio 3Hz

Flip Flappers is an anime that’s really hard to describe, yet throughout the surreal adventures of Cocona and Papika, you can’t help but get the sense that you’re watching something special. A lot of yuri anime play it safe, but this is definitely not one of them, and even though there are plenty of hints throughout the series, it isn’t until late in the series that you really realize how gay Cocona and Papika are.

This entire anime is so much more imaginative and different than most anime out there, so even though the story might leave you a little (or very) confused (as it did me), the grand adventure and unpredictability of it all leaves you glued to your screen. Flip Flappers may not be a very popular choice for favorite yuri anime, yet this is a wholly unique trip down the rabbit hole that will probably stick with you for a while after watching. “Yuri anime” and “avant garde” don’t go together at all, but if any anime fits the bill, this might be one of the best examples.

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Let’s Talk About the Greatest Year in Yuri Anime History

greatest year in yuri anime history

2009: Obama was sworn in as president, The King of Pop died, and yuri anime had its best year ever. Looking at the current slate of airing anime is usually a depressing affair that involves hoping and praying that a show will have something, anything for us to pin our yuri hopes to. More often than not, that results in disappointment and an early look towards what the next season might bring. But once upon a time, there was no need for any of that. Regardless of the season, there was a little something for every type of yuri fan~

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Let’s Talk About The Most Memorable Yuri Moments in Anime History

Spoiler Warning!

There are certain anime scenes that are hard to forget, that simply never fade from your memory, and that you go back to watching every so often. These scenes usually leave you with a nice feeling and make you all excited for more. And these are exactly those anime moments that I’d now like to collect and share with you.

So get ready for the most memorable moments in Yuri Anime history~

kannazuki no miko chikane himeko
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Yuri Anime Review: Aoi Hana

aoi hana yuri anime

Lena has previously reviewed the manga, so this is a stand-alone review of the anime.

After a 10-year hiatus, Fumi Manjoume and family have relocated back to their old hometown. Among the things that Fumi is returning to is the friendship she shared as a child with her best friend, Akira. When Fumi moved away, she and Akira promised to stay in contact with each other. That was a promise that wasn’t kept. A decade later, their parents, who were also old friends, reconnected and Fumi and Akira were reunited. Although they attend different schools, they regularly meet up at the train station in the morning, before going their separate ways. Fumi is involved in a relationship of sorts with her cousin, who unbeknownst to Fumi, is married. After her cousin moves, Fumi is left heartbroken and perhaps even a little jaded. As the new school year starts, Fumi and Akira will make new friends, meet new people, and perhaps the flame of love will ignite yet again. Throughout all of this, the one constant will be the unconditional friendship and support shared between Fumi and Akira.
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Manga Review: Aoi Hana

Author: Takako Shimura
Year: 2004 – 2013
Length: 8 volumes
Genre: Romance, Drama, Slice of Life, School Life, Yuri
Plot: 7/10
In short you could say Aoi Hana is the story of the reunion of two childhood friends, Fumi and Akira and how the two of them manage to go through all the problems high school girls encounter during their school life; Having one-sided feelings, getting together with someone, breaking up, and since this is a yuri we’ll also witness how Fumi manages to come out to her friends. 
I almost make it sound as if this manga is only focusing on Fumi and Akira, which it is not. Despite the struggles our two main characters have to go through, there is a lot more going on in their circle of friends, especially when it comes to having one-sided feelings for someone.
I would even say, the two main themes in this manga are on the one hand, how some characters handle their sexuality and how their friends and family react to that and on the other hand how some characters handle their one-sided feelings. I think aside from Fumi and Akira, the characters that intrigued me the most are definitely Yasuko and Kyouko, who both struggled so much in order to be with the person they love, yet they had to realize that their love alone woulnd’t be enough to make miracles happen. However it’s partly because of the fact that those two characters really interested me, that the ending of Aoi Hana disappointed me so much, but more about that later.

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