Yuri News Update – September 2017

It’s that time of the month again, news time! We have a mixed bag of all sorts of news for you, some a little older, some pretty new. Let’s start~

headerNe No Kami – The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto Part 2 was just released and is now available for purchase on Denpasoft and Steam. There’s also an uncensored patch available (only for the Steam version). You can get it here.

For those interested, here’s Part 1 as well. Get it on Steam or Denpasoft.

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Let’s Talk About The Most Popular Yuri Manga Right Now

Spoiler Warning!

Let’s just use this opportunity to talk about the most popular yuri manga and manhwa that are out right now.

Since this is a “Let’s Talk About…” post, please feel free to take part in this little discussion by, for example, writing your own thoughts on some or all of the listed works, or by listing some more.

citrus manga

Let’s start with what I think might still be the biggest and most popular Yuri Manga out there, Citrus.

Yeah, well, I surely won’t miss out on any opportunity to talk more about this Manga, will I? 😛

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Don’t Know What To Read Next? [Part 6]

Title: She, Her Camera, and Her Seasons
Artist: Tsukiko
Genre: Love Triangle, Drama, School Life, Yuri
Description: Akari is a rather poor high school girl who has to work hard after school to help out her family. In her circle of friends she doesn’t really feel like she fits in, as the usual topics of conversation bore her rather than make her want to take part in it. One day, she finds an opportunity to talk to the mysterious Yuki, a member of the photography club, who then pulls her along and shows her a whole other world.

Read Online

I just recently found this gem among the many awesome yuri manga that are running right now. I guess I’m not a fan of love triangles, especially not if a guy is involved in all of this, though Kano Came managed to pull me in deeply. I can’t help but love the girls’ relationship and root from in front of my laptop screen. So far, this has seriously been an awesome read, and I demand more!

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