[Guest Review] Nights of Azure – by NotATsun

nights of azureNights of Azure is an action RPG with hack n’ slash and creature collecting elements. I can tell you that it was absolutely a wonderful surprise for a yuri game! It follows the journey of two girls, Arnice and Lilysse. As the protagonist, you take on the role of Arnice, a Holy Knight (and yet half-demon) who works for the Curia and is destined to protect the Saint from harm. Lilysse is the Saint—who is tragically destined to sacrifice herself in order to seal away the Night Lord who rules the land. The storyline is actually quite in-depth, without spoiling the story itself, I can at least say that it follows Arnice and her decisions to either save the world or her love, Lilysse. The game has a total of 8 chapters and 5 different endings that depend on your choices throughout the game and your affection levels with Lilysse.

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Guest Review – Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni at a Glance (PS VITA)

Since I still don’t own a PS Vita, and since I only played the game for like half an hour, I found just the right person to help us out and give us all a little overview of what to expect from this game. So enjoy this little guest post by fellow gamer-girl “NotATsun“. (Or as I like to call her “QuiteATsun” :P)

valkyrie drive bhikkuni characters


Let’s take another look at Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni. First of all, the game is actually A LOT more in-depth than just bouncing boobs everywhere (even if that is already super awesome). Well, from the mere look of this game, you might not expect it to be that way at all. Continue reading

Short Manga Review: Game by Takemiya Jin

Spoiler Warning!
Author: Takemiya Jin
Year: 2013
Length: 3 Chapters
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Yuri
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The story starts with a foreign transfer student, Rebecca, being introduced into Moriko’s class.

Their first meeting happens right in the middle of Rebecca’s first introduction, when their eyes meet and she seemingly mistakes Moriko for one of her acquaintances. However, as it turns out, Moriko doesn’t look like anyone Rebecca has met before. It’s rather a character from a yuri game that she resembles.

This short description is already one of the most promising sounding descriptions I’ve read in a while. A story like this sounds really easy, like nothing new, yet the possibilities where this could go are endless. Also, knowing that someone like Takemiya Jin is the author of this already makes my expectations go through the roof.

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Yuri Artist Review: Takemiya Jin

Genre: Slice of Life, School Life, Yuri, Drama, Comedy

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Works: 8/10
First of all, I have a confession to make. A long time ago, I would not touch any of Takemoya Jin’s works. I skipped through them, only noticing the things that I don’t like, which is why I never really took a closer look. All I saw was the art, and to be honest, even today, after falling in love with this artist over and over again, I’m still not a fan of this specific art style. Still, even though the art isn’t to my liking, I will never forgive myself for not taking a closer look back then.

First, since we’ll discuss the art later anyway, let’s just put this aside and focus on her stories for now. Hands down, Takemiya Jin is one of the greatest yuri artists there is right now. Of course, this is just my opinion, but I’m sure many of you will agree with me.

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Don’t Know What to Read Next? [Part 4]

As always, all of the manga listed here are still ongoing, or at least not fully translated yet. Enjoy~

Title: Stretch
Artist: Higashiyama Shou
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life
Description: Komatsu Keiko and Saeki Ran are roommates. The kouhai, Ran, is studying to become a doctor and introduces Keiko to stretching. This is their everyday life and how they implement stretching within their lives.
Scanlation Group: Boon Scanlations
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Well, I’m still not sure what to think of this manga. Sure, it’s done by the same author as Prism, but that doesn’t make this one an immediate hit as well. In fact, I still can’t really see where this is going. Is there going to be some yuri? Is there going to be an actual story? I don’t know, but I sure hope so.

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