Anime Review: Hanayamata

Story: 6.5/10 and Characters: 7/10
14-year old Naru Seiya is pretty unhappy with herself and with her current life in general. She’s totally average in pretty much anything, and she wishes for something exciting to finally happen to her. Of course, this wish is quickly granted when she meets her new classmate, Hana, who shows her the beautiful and colorful world of a traditional Japanese dance, called Yosakoi.

For this anime season, namely the summer season, Hanayamata was seemingly the closest to yuri we could get, so just like many other yuri fans, I was pretty hyped about this one.

Now, as you can see, it took me quite a while to write this review, which in this case simply means that it took me extremely long to finally finish this anime. And why did it take me so long? That’s because I had to force myself through the last few episodes. Though, please don’t get me wrong. Hanayamata started out as a really promising-looking show. The yuri undertones were literally everywhere, the characters were mostly really enjoyable, and all their dancing was surprisingly not as annoying as I thought it would be.

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Anime Summer Season 2014: Final Thoughts

Another season, another great set of anime. Here’s the ones I’ve watched~

Akame ga Kill: 8.5/10
akame ga kill

This was probably one of my favorite shows this season, and I don’t even know why. The story is nothing special. It actually just feels like a stringing together of one random fight after another. They kill monsters, they kill enemies, and sometimes they kill each other. It’s really not that interesting, but then again, there’s something about this show that just gets me addicted.

I’m quite happy this has some more episodes in store for us. Now please let us see some more of Akame!

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Summer Anime Season 2014: First Impressions

This time, I finally managed to get myself to not start every other show that looks good, and simply give those a chance that really sparked my interest. So this will be a far shorter list than last time. Anyway, enjoy~


Find my full First Impression of this anime by clicking here.

Other than that, I can only say that this show started out way better than expected. It’s honestly my favorite show right now, even though there are quite a few that come close to surpassing it.

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First Impression: Hanayamata

First things first. Is it a yuri anime or will it just have some subtext? Maybe it won’t have any yuri at all?

Even though I haven’t read all of the available manga chapters, I think even the ones who are up-to-date with it can’t really answer that question.

After watching the first episode, I can only say the following: The yuri vibes are already quite strong.

Thanks to Naru’s constant blushing, it’s almost like I can and want to ship her with pretty much all characters that have already been introduced. Right now, I can even see a Naru harem forming, but this is, of course, only wishful thinking on my part. I don’t actually think that the story is heading that way, but it would certainly be a nice route, wouldn’t it?

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More Yuri for 2014: Hanayamata to get Anime Adaptation

I’m yet again super late with this announcement, and I’m really grateful to Mai88 who pointed this out to me today.

Most of you probably don’t know Hanayamata yet, which is no surprise. Only the first chapter of the manga has been translated so far, and even though it is said to have some yuri, we still can’t be sure how much it will eventually be. I have seen this one on the Yuri Project Wiki and it also got the Yuri tag on numerous websites online, so I think it’s safe to assume that there will be at least some yuri going on, and hopefully more the just subtext.

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Yuri Anime 2014 [Completed]

Since my Yuri Anime List of 2013 kind of sucks, I decided to make a better one for 2014. Right now, I can of course only list the few shows with yuri or at least yuri subtext that are either airing right now or that are announced to air sometime this year. So this list will be updated whenever I see a new yuri show or hear about one from other people.

Still, since it’s just impossible for me to watch each and every anime that is airing, I’d also appreciate if you’d just tell me whenever you feel like something in my list is missing. Finally, I’d like to tell you that I’ll add a “Yuri Rating” to each and every show I’ll list. This will be my personal impression of how much yuri the show has to offer, so if I still haven’t watched the show that is listed, I’ll add this rating a little later. If you suggest a show, it is always appreciated if you could give the yuri rating a score from 1-10.

With that said, let’s move on to the list, and even if it’s just the beginning of 2014, it’s already quite huge~

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