Yuri Awards: Best of the Decade

yuri awards best of the decade


Because it’s the end of the decade, we thought we had to have it go out in style by creating a star-studded award ceremony celebrating yuri’s best and brightest. If I wasn’t allergic to manga and visual novels (:P), this post would be even bigger, but as it is, there are over 30 awards up for grabs, so take a seat as we do our best Oprah impersonation and just hand out the honors.

Oh, and because it’s a super special occasion, there are also a few non-yuri awards handed out, but enough talking! Let’s get started~

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Anime Spring Season 2014: Final Thoughts

akuma no riddle

Since I already wrote a full review of this anime, I don’t have much to say here, other than the fact that this was my favorite show of the season, and I loved it.

I know, I know, the story has some huuuuuge plot holes, and it somehow ended up not making perfect sense, but I didn’t expect that to happen in the first place. I got what I wanted, you could say, even though the yuri level could have been higher.

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Short Anime Review: Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Year: 2014
Length: 12 Short Episodes
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, Yuri

Story: 6.5/10 & Characters: 8/10
It’s a short anime, so there is not that much going on. It’s just Inugami and her friends doing random (yuri) things and being cute and funny while doing so.

What’s supposed to make this show interesting is the fact that most characters resemble specific animals. So you’ll find characters that are supposed to resemble cats, dogs, mice, monkeys, and cows.

In my opinion, they should have left out all the side characters and focused on Inugami and Nekoyama, our two protagonists. Instead. Aki is, of course, a very important key character as well. Without her, most of the really hilarious moments would have been missing. However, who knows what Inugami would have done to Nekoyama if Aki hadn’t been around…. I’ll leave you to decide whether this is a good or a bad thing.

I for one, absolutely loved her sarcastic comments and her horrified facial expressions whenever Inugami decided to do something “stupid” again~

My favorite character, though, is definitely Inugami herself. She’s totally random and fun, and she also loves cute girls and cats. That’s a pretty good combination I think~

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Anime Spring Season 2014: First Impressions

First up is Akuma no Riddle, my most anticipated show this season. If you wanna read my full first impression of this show, click here.

In short, I’m very happy with Akuma no Riddle so far. Great characters, great music, great atmosphere, and most importantly, great yuri. Well, it’s not like there is that much yuri going on during the first 3 episodes, but the anime shows a lot more than the manga does, which is why I have high hopes that we will see more than subtext only.

If Akuma no Riddle stays as awesome as it is right now, I’m pretty sure it will be my favorite show of this season~

Next, we have Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san. The episodes are, unfortunately, very short, but they are packed with cuteness, comedy, and most of all, yuri. It surprised me just how much they could fit in these 3 short minutes, and I have to say, it’s quite a lot.

So, despite the fact that the episodes are really short, I love it so far. And don’t you all agree that yuri characters + animal ears = the best thing ever?

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Yuri Anime 2014 [Completed]

Since my Yuri Anime List of 2013 kind of sucks, I decided to make a better one for 2014. Right now, I can of course only list the few shows with yuri or at least yuri subtext that are either airing right now or that are announced to air sometime this year. So this list will be updated whenever I see a new yuri show or hear about one from other people.

Still, since it’s just impossible for me to watch each and every anime that is airing, I’d also appreciate if you’d just tell me whenever you feel like something in my list is missing. Finally, I’d like to tell you that I’ll add a “Yuri Rating” to each and every show I’ll list. This will be my personal impression of how much yuri the show has to offer, so if I still haven’t watched the show that is listed, I’ll add this rating a little later. If you suggest a show, it is always appreciated if you could give the yuri rating a score from 1-10.

With that said, let’s move on to the list, and even if it’s just the beginning of 2014, it’s already quite huge~

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Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san Will Get a Short Anime Adaptation This Spring

2014 turns out to be such a great year for us yuri fans. Sakura Trick is already airing, in spring Akuma no Riddle will follow and now we’ll even get more? Wow, that’s just great!

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is a  4-coma comedy manga by Kuzushiro. 
So far, I think not that many chapters have been translated, so some of you might not even know this manga at all.

So here’s a short synopsis: 

About best friends Yachiyo Inugami and Suzu Nekoyama. Inugami likes cats and has a dog-like personality. Nekoyama likes dogs and has a cat-like personality. (mangaupdates.com)

Shinpei Nagai
Character Design: Takehiro Miura
Sound Director: Masakatsu Oomuro
Dream Creation
Sound Production:
Dax Production

Yachiyo Inugami: Sumire Uesaka
Suzu Nekoyama:
Nao Touyama
Aki Hiiragi:
Yuka Ootsubo
Kine Nezumi: Sayaka Horino
Yukiji Ujiwaka: Aoi Fujimono
Hibari Torikai:
Erii Yamazaki
Sora Sarutobi:
Shoko Nagahiro

Official Website: http://www.dreamcreation.co.jp/inuneko/(not up yet)
(Source: MAL)