Yuri Awards

Spoiler warning!

I have already made my own “Yuri Anime Legends List” that displays all the yuri or yuriish characters from anime and Visual Novels, who I find somewhat remarkable, be it in a good or a bad way. So this time I want to do something similar, but instead of just listing characters, I want to hand out specific awards, for either yuri shows, couples or single characters.
Before I start, please note that I have certainly not watched each and every yuri anime there is, which is why I don’t know all the yuri characters out there. So if you come to disagree with one of my picks and think another character deserves the award more, keep in mind that I might simply not know the said character.
Oh and one more thing. Since there are still not that many pure Yuri anime, I’ll also consider choosing shows or characters from anime that only have subtext. 
Best Yuri Anime
In my opinion Strawberry Panic surpasses them all, even Kannazuki no Miko. It’s an anime with a cast that is 90% made up of yuri characters and it almost solely focuses on the girls’ relationships and their problems. That’s like exactly what I want to see! Still it’s not the perfect yuri anime, which is why I hope that I can someday hand out this award to another anime instead.

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Anime Review: Kämpfer

kampfer anime coverSpoiler warning

Kämpfer (けんぷファ), which literally means “Fighter” is a 12 episode long anime produced by Nomand, that aired between October 2 and December 17 2009.
Genre: Action, Comedy, Harem, High School Setting, Ecchi, Gender Bender
Story: 4/10
After having a weird dream, Natsuru Senou, a totally average guy, wakes up in his bed, wearing a strange blue bracelet he’s never seen before. As if this wouldn’t be weird enough, a stuffed animal that he just recently got as a present, starts talking to him, telling him that he was chosen to be a “Kämpfer” (German word for fighter). On top of that he is told that whenever he needs to fight an enemy he transforms into a girl, gaining magical powers and inhuman strength. 
Sounds weird huh? But trust me it gets even weirder!

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