Yuri Tournament – Best Yuri Kiss in Anime History – Round 3

best yuri kiss in anime history


We’re back with the next round! For this one, we took the time to upload all of the remaining kiss scenes, so you can actually watch all the scenes before voting for them. Super neat, isn’t it? Thanks for suggesting it, guys~

As always, find the tournament bracket by clicking right here.

With that said, enjoy round 3 and let the yuri games continue~

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Anime Review: Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl

kashimashi girl meets girl

Hazumu Osaragi is an admittedly feminine teenage boy who is turned down by his first love, Yasuna Kamiizumi. When reminiscing on the mountain where he met Yasuna, he wishes upon a shooting star that he can have a loving relationship. But this isn’t a shooting star he sees, it’s an alien spaceship that crash lands onto him. He ends up surviving the encounter, but is turned into a girl during the regeneration process. This process cannot be reversed. Hazumu must now adjust to her newfound femininity while balancing a suddenly active love life and all the drama that comes with it.
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