Let’s Talk About Some Art Styles

Only read this if you’re over 18.

While talking about my Top 10 favorite yuri artists, someone asked me whether I could do another Top 10 list about my favorite artists that is solely based on how much I enjoy their art. I think such a specific list wouldn’t be interesting for that many readers, so I decided to do it a little differently.

In this entry, I will talk about art styles in different manga, doujinshi, and also in visual novels. I will pick up different artists, such as Saburouta, Peko, Ooshima Tomo, Morishima Akiko, Nishi Uko, Takemiya Jin, and probably many more. Let’s simply start by naming a few of the artists that I find have the most appealing art styles. Saburouta, for example, is probably one of the artists who became that popular, partly because her art looks so gorgeous. I don’t agree to most of what Citrus haters say about this manga, but in one point they might be right: If this manga was drawn by another artist that wasn’t Saburouta herself, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal right now.

Of course, it’s obvious that the art is a crucial factor in media like manga and visual novels. In fact, in some cases, the art can even make up for a crappy story. I’m not talking about Citrus right now, but there are some cases in which the art saved the whole manga from drowning in mediocrity.

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My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Artists

For some reason, I just won’t run out of new material for Top 10 lists. But this time, I think it’s a really important list.

Well, I tried to postpone it long enough so I’d have enough time to post reviews of each and every artist that I wanted to name in this list. However, I didn’t manage to do so, which is why some of the artist reviews I wanted to write are still not done, but they will follow soon, I promise.

So even though I wasn’t able to do so for all the artists, at least in some cases, clicking on their names will redirect you to my reviews about them.

With that said, enjoy the list~

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Artist Review: Kasumi (Mura Mura Pocky)

Do not read this if you’re under 18.

Mura Mura Pocky is a doujin artist, mostly know for his/her doujinshi about Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and Smile Pretty Cure.

Associated Names: Mura Mura Pocky (ムラムラPocky)/ KASUMI (カスミ)/ SULALY

Genre: Yuri, Comedy, Romance, Adult, Fantasy, Slice of Life

Works: 8/10
As mentioned above, so far, Mura Mura Pocky has only published doujinshi about two anime series, Smile Pretty Cure and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica. All of these works revolve around one or even more yuri couples and while most of these doujinshi are worksafe, there’s also a few (number growing) of them that are really hardcore adult books, but more about that later.