Let’s Talk About Yuri Visual Novels [List of Yuri Visual Novels]


It’s not the first time we’ve republished this post, but this time, the list has undergone a MASSIVE update. Around 300 more visual novels have been added to the list, giving us nearly 450 visual novels in total~

When it comes to visual novels, my knowledge is pretty limited, since I have just not spent that much time on playing many. Of course, part of the reason why I haven’t done so is the fact that there are simply not that many translated visual novels available that trigger my interest, so my knowledge is almost solely limited to yuri VNs.

In this post, I decided to write about my experiences with yuri visual novels, tell you which ones I liked the most, and also name some yuri titles for you that are either already translated or that are being worked on right now. And finally, I would also like to list just a few of the most interesting looking yuri visual novels that still no translation group has picked up yet.

We plan to regularly update the list, so keep an eye out for more visual novels to be added! If you find a mistake or feel like there are titles that are missing, do let us know.

Please note that by clicking the titles, you’ll get redirected to either the game’s VNDB entry, official website, or in some cases, my own review of the game. Also, the release dates and publishers listed refer to the English translation unless otherwise specified. For some of these VNs, it’d be a stretch to call them yuri visual novels, but they all have some semblance of yuri in them, so you could say that the term still applies.

The visual novels on the list will be broken down into three categories. You can click on which of these you’re looking for and skip ahead to that portion of the list.

First of all, which more or less popular yuri titles have already been fully translated/released?

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News Update: February 2016 – Part II

Find the first part of the February Update right here.

So after just a few more weeks, we’ve gathered enough information to post another news update that is yet again featuring Visual Novel news exclusively.

flowers yuri visual novel

First things first, the biggest news, or more likely the news I’m most excited about is the release of the first demo for the much hyped Visual Novel Flowers -Le volume sur Printemps, as well as an official release date for this little gem.
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Visual Novel Review: Katahane

Don’t read this if you are under the age of 18.
katahane yuri visual novelDeveloper: Tarte

Year: 2006
Genre: Yuri, Journey, Drama, Theater
Story: 7/10
The story takes place in a world with 3 kingdoms, the Red, White, and Blue Kingdom. While the game is divided into two parts, we start out with “Shirohane”:
Since there will be a theater festival taking place in their hometown soon, Wakaba, a young playwright, decides to write her own play and take part in the said festival. As many before her, she chooses to write about the traitor named Ein who killed a ruler of the White Kingdom a long time ago. This story is known all over the 3 kingdoms, making Ein one of the most despised men in the whole nation. Interestingly Wakaba decides to not depict Ein as the despised and much-hated traitor history makes everyone believe he is. She shows him as loyal supporter of the White Kingdom that neither betrayed nor killed their past ruler. Even though Wakaba receives a great deal of criticism for her choice of story, she is still able to find some participants willing to take part in this controversial play. Furthermore she even gets the chance to travel through the 3 kingdoms to find some more suitable actors to help her out.