Manga Review: Pure Water Adolescence

Author: Kazuma Kowo

Year: 2006
Length: 1 Volume with 8 interlinked short stories
Scanlation Group: Lililicious 

Genre: Drama, School Setting, Age Gap, student-teacher romance, Yuri
Characters: 8/10
Ritsuko Matsumoto: She’s a woman in her mid-twenties (?) working as a school nurse in a coed school. After breaking up with her fiancé, she develops feelings for her several years younger medical assistant that also happens to be a girl. And even though she knows that a love like this will not be accepted by neither the law nor society, she nonetheless risks losing her reputation but still tries to keep their relationship a secret.
Nanao Okumura: Nanao is a member of the health committee and likes to spend her free time in the nurses’ office with Matsumoto rather than with her friends. Thanks to her sometimes grim looking face, her classmates see her as a pretty cool and maybe even aloof person, but in reality Matsumoto is the only person that knows just how cute Nanao can be.
I absolutely loved Nanao. She’s one of the few characters in manga that I can’t really put into a specific category. For example, she’s definitely not a complete tsundere but she sometimes acts like one; She often isolates herself from her classmates, yet she’s not a total loner; She’s a very strong character but she has her flaws and she’s not afraid to show them.
What I’m trying to show you here is that Nanaos character doesn’t fit into any of these labels. You can’t really foresee how she’ll react in a certain situation and that’s kind of rare with all the tsundere, airhead and whatnot characters around.

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