Manga Review: Love Flag Girls!!

Lucia (left), Eliana (right)

Author: Itsumi Takahashi
Length: 1 Volume with 8 Chapters
Year: 2010
Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Adult, Yuri
Scanlation Group: Lililicious
Story 7/10 and Characters 8/10:
In the beginning we have the cute princess Lucia, who is willing to do everything in order to console her mother, queen Beatrice, who has been crying for the loss of her beloved treasure for way too long now. It is said, that this treasure, a crucifix, is probably more valuable than their whole kingdom and it was apparently stolen by the infamous pirate queen Maria. Fortunately her pirate ship is laying at the harbor of queen Beatrice’s kingdom right now, so Lucia decides to go on a little adventure to get the crucifix back. 
But things turn out a little different than expected. So not only does the queen of this group of pirates seem not to be around, Lucia is also quickly dragged into becoming a crew member by Maria’s daughter Eliana, who is quite eager to “get to know” Lucia a little better.
From the beginning of this manga it is quite obvious that this isn’t a story you should take very seriously. So despite the fact that this is a manga about pirates, love and well at least a little bit of fighting, it is all displayed in such a cute, funny and ridiculous way, that you will find yourself laughing even during some life-or-death situations.

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