Yuri Tournament – Who’s The Best Yuri Character? – Finale

This is the very last round of our big Yuri Tournament, and I’m very proud to see these two up against each other now.

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My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Characters

After I already made a Top 10 list of my favorite yuri pairings, it’s now time to list my favorite yuri characters as well. This time, I will only list characters that we can be sure are into girls, or at least one specific girl. So stuff like Touhou characters will not be mentioned. With that said, as always, enjoy~

10. Akane Ryuuzouji (Walkure Romance)
akane walkure romanze

Best yuri girl of 2013? Yup, that’s right. In my eyes, Akane definitely deserves this title. Well, we should probably not talk about how things will eventually turn out for her in the original game that Walkure Romance is based on. So let’s keep this book closed and just see her as the great lesbian she appears to be in the anime.

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What You Should Be Looking Forward to in April

2014 has already proven itself as one of the greatest years for us yuri fans. It all started with Sakura Trick in January, and since then, quite a few new yuri anime as well as visual novels have been announced, and stuff like Sakura Trick and Citrus have been licensed by American companies.

The year couldn’t be any better for yuri fans, and the following month will yet again prove just how yurirific 2014 will really be.

What we should all be looking forward to are numerous things:

akuma no riddle

First of all, despite the sad news of Sakura Trick slowly coming to an end, the next yuri show, namely Akuma no Riddle, will hopefully fill that gap by presenting an interesting story and hopefully enough yuri for us to enjoy. The first episode will air on April 3rd. For more information, check the official website.

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My Personal Highlights of 2013

Since it’s the end of the year already, I thought it would be a good idea to just list my personal highlights of 2013 and kind of draw a final conclusion to see how “successful” this year has been for us yuri fans.

So first of all, let’s start with anime.
I think everyone will agree with me when I say that 2013 has been the year of Shingeki no Kyojin.
I have to be honest and tell you that I’m usually neither up to date with seasonal anime releases, nor do I pay attention to what shows are the most popular.
However, there was one anime this year that I could not miss simply because of its huge fandom, and I’m really happy I actually did take the time to see why everyone was going crazy about it.
Shingeki no Kyojin was without a doubt the most anticipated as well as successful anime of 2013 and I have to agree, it’s a fantastic show with a freaking awesome story. It is also one of the only (non-yuri) manga I’ve read in a long time and it’s even one of my favorites right now, which is so rare since I usually only read yuri stuff.
by レナ
Well, other than the manga and anime, especially the yuri pairing YumiKuri (Ymir x Christa) has gained a lot of popularity this year. There are already tons of doujinshi, fanfics and even short animated clips of them out. And since I’m up to date with the manga, I can safely assume that the fandom won’t just stop here, but rather grow even bigger.
But since I don’t want to spoil you guys, let’s just end it here and come to another highlight that happened at the end of the year, not too long ago.
The news of the 3rd Madoka Magica movie had been around for a while and in October the movie was finally released in Japan, while some other countries had to wait until December to finally watch it.

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Movie Review: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Movie 3: Rebellion

Spoiler Warning!

I was seriously considering waiting for this movie to appear somewhere in better quality, but in the end, my impatience got the better of me, so I actually watched the crappy camrip.
If my impatience to finally watch this, doesn’t make it clear enough already, let me just tell you this; I loved the anime as well as the first 2 movies, which were recaps of the anime anyway. And knowing that there is a sequel to this already amazing anime, I just couldn’t wait any longer.
Most of you have probably not seen the movie yet, so I’ll warn you before you continue to my actual review. There will be some spoilers and those might ruin your watching experience. So if you only want to know whether this movie is watchable and how I rated the single categories, skip to “Final Enjoyment” at the end of this review, where I will list all my ratings. 
So, first things first, when I heard the news that there will be a sequel to the Madoka anime, I was torn between eternal excitement as well as wariness. The anime was, as I would say, an almostperfect show, on which many fans will agree with me. And of course if something’s that popular, why not make even more money out of it? 
Nothing’s really wrong with that so far, but in many cases, what is being released after the actual story, often doesn’t even come close to the brilliance of the original work and sometimes, it can even destroy the whole series. I mean just remember what Kaishaku did with Himeko and Chikane…
But anyways, I can proudly say that this movie doesn’t only scratch the awesomeness of the anime, no, it is equally great and it truly deserves to be its sequel. 

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A few more edits


This time, I only got a few short-strips for you, and I’m also not quite sure if some of them haven’t already been done by someone else… . It’s kind of hard to keep track of it, especially when it comes to short-strips.

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy these few edits~

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Some short Doujinshi by Vivit Gray

And another round of edits~

This time you’ll find some Touhou (Mokou x Keine) short strips and a short Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica doujin.  All of them are done by the same artist, Vivit Gray.

If you’re interested, find my review of this artist here and enjoy the works~

Pairing: Mokou x Keine (Touhou)
Artist: シノアサ
Length: 3 different short strips, 6 pages in total

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