My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Artists [Updated]

I guess we should continue the trend and keep updating all the old lists. Let’s continue with my favorite artists then. Enjoy!

love live nozoeri nozomo eri eli
10. Mushiyaki (Kanbayashi Makoto)

I know there are a lot of great artists around when it comes to Love Live doujinshi. Actually, thinking about it now, the number seems insane.

Anyway, the one name that pops up in my mind almost immediately when I think about those works, and especially while thinking about one of my all-time favorite couples—namely Nozomi x Eri—is Mushiyaki.

Be it the fact that those works are always cute, funny, and visually stunning, or maybe it’s the fact that I think this artist captures the relationship between the characters just perfectly. Well, certainly the occasional NSFW content helps me enjoy this to a certain degree too. 😛

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Don’t Know What to Read Next [Part 9]

0021Title: A Secret Just Between You and Me
Artist: Nekomura
Genre: Romance, School Life, Yuri

Chiaki and Haru share a sweet little secret with each other that they seemingly not yet know how to deal with properly.

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Yup, shortest description ever, I know. 😛 Though, so far, we’ve only got 2 chapters and yet, this is one of my favorites works right now. Nekomura is already my number one author, and this work just proves that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a KanColle doujin, but she can deliver the yuri goodness even with original characters. Please more!

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My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Artists

For some reason, I just won’t run out of new material for Top 10 lists. But this time, I think it’s a really important list.

Well, I tried to postpone it long enough so I’d have enough time to post reviews of each and every artist that I wanted to name in this list. However, I didn’t manage to do so, which is why some of the artist reviews I wanted to write are still not done, but they will follow soon, I promise.

So even though I wasn’t able to do so for all the artists, at least in some cases, clicking on their names will redirect you to my reviews about them.

With that said, enjoy the list~

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Artist Review: Milk Morinaga

Works 8/10:

Milk Morinaga is probably one of the most popular, if not the most popular yuri mangaka of all time. She already released numerous manga, doujinshi and even one-shots for many different yuri magazines. Furthermore, since she is so popular in this genre and since she already published so many yuri works within the last 10 years, some people even call her “The Queen of Yuri”.
Without doubt, her most popular work is “Girl Friends”, her 5 volume-long yuri manga about the sweet love story between Mari and Akko. Besides Girl Friends she has also released a number of other yuri manga, her most recent ones being “The Secret Recipe” and “Gakuen Police”.
In addition to that she has published numerous one-shots, as well as doujinshi about anime such as Sailor Moon, Utena, Pretty Cure and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica.
Her works vary from cute and innocent to stories with horror, rape and gore elements involved. And even though almost all of her manga have yuri as a main or a sub-theme, it’s mostly her more innocent and cute works that are really popular among us yuri fans.
Well, does that come as a surprise? Not for me.
I’m pretty sure many people don’t even know about Milk Morinaga’s “Mare” or “Milk Shell” and that’s probably a good thing.
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Manga Review: Girl Friends

Girl Friends is the first yuri manga I ever read, and in my opinion, still one of the very best. It’s drawn and written by Milk Morinaga, a manga artist whose name you should probably keep in mind if you are a yuri fan.

STORY: 9/10

Mari is a shy, studious girl who has neither a boyfriend nor any friends. One day, Akiko – one of the most fashion-conscious and sociable girls in the class – strikes up a conversation with her out of the blue! As the days go by the two become inseparable, with Akiko often cheerily remarking on how they became best friends so easily. Mari has a lot of fun with Akiko and her group, slowly becoming more outgoing despite still being timid and awkward. But she knows, deep down inside, that she doesn’t want them to stay just friends forever… (Source: Baka-Updates)

The plot, as simple as it sounds, is about two girls falling in love with each other and the hardship they have to go through in order to really make it work out. There is no thrilling action and no exessive drama. This series is probably one of the most realistic yuri love stories out there, and that’s what makes it so enjoyable.

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