Yuri News Update: March 2020

This may be the biggest Yuri News Update in our history, so I’ll stop yapping and begin. 😛

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Yuri Artist Review: Mira (Peachpulsar)

Do not read this if you’re under 18.

Genre: Adult, Comedy

Also know as: Nightpulsara and peachpulsar

Mira’s Official Website
Mira’s Pixiv
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Works: 7/10
When it comes to this artist, you can be certain of two things: First, there will be sex, yuri sex to be exact. And second, the setting of the whole thing might be a little… let’s call it different. Well, the second point does not always apply, but stories about prehistoric yuri harems, for example, are not exactly what I see as a common thing.

Do I consider that as good or a bad thing? Well, in this case, it’s definitely a good thing. I mean, how often do we read about high school girls falling in love with each other? So reading about a love story that takes place in the 19thcentury about a mistress and her maid is kind of nice, for a change.

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