Manga Review: Fujiyuu Sekai by Kodama Naoko [Monaco Meister]

fujiyuu sekai yuri mangaTitle: Fujiyuu Sekai [A World without Freedom]
Author: Kodama Naoko
Year: 2012
Length: 1 Volume
Genre: Drama, Yuri, Ecchi
Read Online: Not Available in English yet

Since this hasn’t been released in English yet, you might be interested in only viewing my final ratings, without getting spoiled. So scroll down all the way to only find the important numbers.

Ever since Leo had rescued Meiko from some of her classmates who would bully her for basically being cuter then them, Meiko started developing feelings of love for her hero, though she is afraid of not being special enough to score a similar place in Leo’s heart.When Meiko falls victim to rape one day, she starts using the situation and especially Leo’s feelings of guilt, since she wasn’t there to rescue her, to tie her closely to herself to the point of making Leo her slave.

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Manga Review: Netsuzou Trap by Kodama Naoko [1st Volume]

I thought the day would never come when a manga would receive the same – or at least almost the same – kind of reactions as Citrus. Just by that, we already know that this is going to be one of the more popular, or let’s say, talked about manga of the year.

Story: 8.5/10 and Characters: 5/10
The story is very simple, yet it leaves a lot of room for possible drama: Yuma is in her high school years, enjoying her time with her best friend Hotaru, as well as Takeda, her love interest and later boyfriend. Things start our slowly with him, and knowing that this is her first time being in such a relationship, there are many things that she is uncertain about. And that’s exactly where Hotaru, her best friend since childhood, comes in and tries to “help” her, which unfortunately makes things even harder for Yuma.

Putting it like that, the story actually appears to be quite tame, innocent even. Yet this manga does not just very much earn it’s ecchi tag, it’s also classified as something called NTR. Before stumbling upon this very manga, I didn’t know about this genre, so let me just explain it in a few words. NTR, or Netorare, is a term often used in adult stories in which the love interest of the male protagonist gets taken away, or more likely seduced by another character, evoking feelings of jealousy within the reader.

Many people don’t like this genre for good reasons, but I believe that this kind of setting might bring forth some very interesting events, and since I’m a fan of excessive drama, I immediately liked this piece. Well, I do believe that—even if the author put NTR in the title—the manga still can’t really be categorized as Netorare, but we’ll get to that later.

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