Yuri News Update: June 2020

It’s the first Wednesday in June, which means it’s time for yet another Yuri News Update. If I missed a news story worth mentioning, feel free to mention it down below in the comments. 😛

adachi to shimamura animee

Let’s get things started with some good news. The hopes and dreams of yuri anime in 2020 have rested on the shoulders of Adachi to Shimamura for some time, so it’s especially rewarding to learn that it’s finally set to premiere in October. It’s also rewarding to see another PV, as shown below.

For reasons we’ll talk about more later on, it was worrying that this show didn’t have a set date yet, but it turns out it’s only four short months away. Even though I personally haven’t read the light novels or manga, the PV makes this look very promising, and I’m so looking forward to getting to watch an actual yuri anime again~

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Yuri News Update: June 2019

Since it’s been a while since our last Yuri News Update, there’s a lot to cover this time around. Let’s get started~

flag time fragtime yuri anime

First up, some much-needed good great news in this yuri anime drought we’re suffering from.

Looks like we have another anime adaptation to look forward to, come November. That’s when Flag Time will grace us with its presence in Japanese theaters, a few years after the manga finished its run. The OVA comes courtesy of Tear Studio, and it reunites the director, animation director, and composer of Asagao to Kase-san., so needless to say, it appears this OVA is in good hands.

I think we can all agree that we NEED some more yuri anime this year, so even though November seems far off, this is still very welcome news. This seems like a bit of an odd choice to adapt into an anime—considering what other great stuff is out there—but at least the story is interesting, so my hopes remain pretty high that this will turn out to be one of the yuri anime highlights of the year~

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Let’s Talk About The Summer Anime Season – Get on the Hype Train

2016 summer yuri anime


Since I more or less dropped almost all shows that I had planned on watching—or started watching—this season (feel free to openly judge me for that), I had high hopes for the upcoming summer season, and I’m actually pretty sure this one won’t disappoint.

So disregarding the fact that we will also do our seasonal “First Impressions” post once the new season has started, this one will cover the yuri-ish shows that we might want to get hyped about, even before getting a first taste of the shows listed.

I’ll only name full yuri shows or those that might have some yuri content involved, and for those, I will add a category called “Potential Yuri”, which I will then grade as either High, Medium, or Yuri Goggles Material. Please note that this will only cover my personal expectations, so it might as well turn out very differently once the season has finally started.

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Anime Summer Season 2015: Final Thoughts

We’re back with our final thoughts on the summer anime season~

Non Non Biyori Repeat & Working!!! • 7/10

Sorry for adding both of them at the same time. But I just feel like what I have to say for these two shows is pretty much the same.

Even though they didn’t lose their special touch, it still feels like the prior seasons were better. Well, Working! is still a greatly entertaining comedy, and Non Non Biyori is still as relaxing as it was last season, but something is missing.

To say it in meme language:

So sorry for that stupid meme. I promise I will never add one again. 😛

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Summer 2015 Anime Season: First Impressions

We might be a little late, but as always, here are our thoughts on some of the shows of the most recent anime season~

Non Non Biyori Repeat
Genre: Comedy, School, Slice of Life

I’ve been waiting for this show to continue for a long time, and it’s finally here again. Time to lay back and relax while watching one of the most charming and also soothing shows I’ve probably ever watched. Just as the first season, the second season features our favorite group of friends going about their everyday life in Asahigaoka, doing nothing thrilling nor exciting, yet for some reason, some of the most entertaining and intriguing things you could imagine. This show truly entrances me in the weirdest ways, and I like it~

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Anime Review: Non Non Biyori

Author: Atto
Year: 2013
Length: 12 episodes
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, School Life

Non Non Biyori is a show about some kids living in the countryside, doing whatever you can do living there. You could say there is no real plot, it’s just some kids having fun.

To be honest, with a description like this, I didn’t think that this might really be interesting in any way, but I was so, so wrong. Non Non Biyori really only shows the daily lives and the not-so-exciting adventures of 4 kids living in the countryside, far away from any big city, but it’s so good at that!

The choice of characters is really fitting for a show like this. We have the two siblings, Natsumi and Komari, who often fight with each other, there is the city girl Hotaru who just moved there, and there is Renge, my personal favorite, and the youngest of the 4 girls, who I simply love for her priceless facial expression~

Also, there’s Natsumi and Komari’s older brother, Suguru, who will probably not leave any kind of impression on you, and there are also some other characters involved, such as their teacher, other friends, and also family members. But the main group is only made up of the 4 girls I listed above.

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