My Top 10 Yuri Works That Should Be Made Into Anime [Updated]

And it continues! This time, let’s update my list of Top 10 Yuri Manga That Should Be Made Into Anime.

There are quite a few changes I had to make from the list I posted years ago. Luckily, I even had to remove some contenders from the list, since they already got an anime adaptation. How nice~

With that said, let’s get right to it. If you want to, leave your Top 10 in the comments below.

love death yuri manga kuzushiro
10. LOVE/DEATH by Kuzushiro

Similar to Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, which is by the same artist, I think LOVE/DEATH would make an even better short anime than the former.

Well, it wouldn’t be some random comedy mixed with yuri. This time, it would be a mix between yuri, action, and comedy; I think that’s a pretty nice combination.

Also, I really love this manga because it’s something totally different from what we usually see, and that alone already makes it awesome~

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My Top 10 Yuri Manga That Should Be Made Into Anime

I’ve already made a similar post to this, talking about what kind of yuri manga I’d want to see animated and which manga combinations I think would make the perfect yuri anime. But since this post is already pretty old, I decided to update it, which is why I’ll now present to you my Top 10 Yuri Manga that should be made into Anime.

As always, this is only my opinion, so feel free to tell me what you think is missing in this list~

And before people point it out, not all of my picks are Manga, there are some games added as well.

10. A better Touhou anime

As great as the few Touhou anime projects are, they are still not what I really want to see.

You have the choice between fanmade projects that are either not voiced or that come with art and animation that is simply not as satisfying as we’d want it to be. Furthermore, the few episodes we’ve already gotten don’t really come with a plot that can be used for a whole anime, and that’s something I really don’t understand, given the numerous characters and their individual background stories. Honestly, I think the possibilities for a Touhou anime are simply endless.

Especially since we’ve now also gotten a Kantai Collection anime, I demand to see something similar for this game as well!

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Manga Review: QUALIA the Purple

qualia the purple yuri manga
Yukari (left), Gaku (right)

Author: Hisamitsu Ueo and Shirou Tsunashima
Year: 2011
Length: 3 Volumes with 18 Chapters
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Mystery, Yuri Subtext

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WARNING!!! Do NOT read this, if you haven’t finished reading this manga. There are major spoilers that will ruin the story for you. If you only want to find out how I liked it, scroll all the way down. I’ve listed my ratings at the very end, so you don’t have to spoil yourself.

Story: 10/10 and Characters: 9.5/10

Through a random encounter Hatou Gaku meets her eventual best friend Marii Yukari. They become friends quickly, and Gaku soon notices that there is something odd about her friend. Through her purple eyes, Yukari perceives all humans as robots, and she is thus not able to read their emotions or even distinguish them from one another very well. Yet, there is one thing that she can understand better than any other person. She is able to see the inner workings of all living things and is thus able to repair anything and find their special abilities. Of course, most people wouldn’t believe someone to have such an odd ability, but Gaku soon finds herself in a situation in which she is forced to experience Yukari’s abilities firsthand.

Something similar to my description right here is what you’ll mostly find when looking for this specific manga. Though, this is not even a fraction of what this masterpiece is actually all about, but let’s start from the very beginning.

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