Let’s Talk About the Greatest Year in Yuri Anime History

greatest year in yuri anime history

2009: Obama was sworn in as president, The King of Pop died, and yuri anime had its best year ever. Looking at the current slate of airing anime is usually a depressing affair that involves hoping and praying that a show will have something, anything for us to pin our yuri hopes to. More often than not, that results in disappointment and an early look towards what the next season might bring. But once upon a time, there was no need for any of that. Regardless of the season, there was a little something for every type of yuri fan~

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Let’s Talk About The Most Memorable Yuri Moments in Anime History

Spoiler Warning!

There are certain anime scenes that are hard to forget, that simply never fade from your memory, and that you go back to watching every so often. These scenes usually leave you with a nice feeling and make you all excited for more. And these are exactly those anime moments that I’d now like to collect and share with you.

So get ready for the most memorable moments in Yuri Anime history~

kannazuki no miko chikane himeko
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Yuri Anime Review: Sasameki Koto

As part of the yuri class of 2009 alongside Aoi Hana, Kanamemo, Maria†Holic, and Maria-sama ga Miteru among others, Sasameki Koto has a lot of expectations to live up to. For anyone who has ever been involved with one-sided love, SK might just strike a certain chord with you. That being said, the series doesn’t take itself too seriously and has more than enough comedy to keep things from becoming a pity party.
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