2018 Reader’s Choice Awards

2018 reader's choice yuri awards

Not too long ago, we gave you OUR choices for the best anime, manga, and visual novels of 2018, but this time, it’s YOUR turn to choose the winners.

Because some of the categories from our list are incredibly hard to narrow down to only a handful of nominees, we’ve left some of those categories out. Also, forgive us if the nominees skew towards anime. 😛


There are other shows like Tachibanakan Triangle that could have been nominated, but let’s be real, everyone knows it’s a three horse race.

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Anime Review: Slow Start

slow start anime

2018 has been the yuri gift that keeps on giving, and in this week’s review, we’re taking a closer look at one of the shows that seemed to have gotten lost in the Citrus hype, Slow Start. If you like cute girls doing cute, gay things, you might like this anime~

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