News Update – More Yuri-ish Anime On The Way

As always, I’m really behind on most of the important updates there are for us yuri fans, and that’s exactly why I decided to collect all the yuri-related news from the past few weeks and months and post them all together in one post. Hopefully I didn’t forget about anything. If I did, feel free to let me know in the comments.

First of all, let’s list all the new yuri or yuri-ish shows that were announced. On a side note, clicking on the shows’ title will redirect you to the websites where I got the info from.

As most of you hopefully know, this weekend, the Comic Market 86 is taking place in Tokyo. Tons of doujinshi, CDs, games. and whatnot will be released during the 3 days this event is taking place. But other than fanmade goods, there was also some quite important news released, so here are the most recent updates:

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Yuri Awards

Spoiler warning!

I have already made my own “Yuri Anime Legends List” that displays all the yuri or yuriish characters from anime and Visual Novels, who I find somewhat remarkable, be it in a good or a bad way. So this time I want to do something similar, but instead of just listing characters, I want to hand out specific awards, for either yuri shows, couples or single characters.
Before I start, please note that I have certainly not watched each and every yuri anime there is, which is why I don’t know all the yuri characters out there. So if you come to disagree with one of my picks and think another character deserves the award more, keep in mind that I might simply not know the said character.
Oh and one more thing. Since there are still not that many pure Yuri anime, I’ll also consider choosing shows or characters from anime that only have subtext. 
Best Yuri Anime
In my opinion Strawberry Panic surpasses them all, even Kannazuki no Miko. It’s an anime with a cast that is 90% made up of yuri characters and it almost solely focuses on the girls’ relationships and their problems. That’s like exactly what I want to see! Still it’s not the perfect yuri anime, which is why I hope that I can someday hand out this award to another anime instead.

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Anime Review: Strike Witches

Spoiler warning!

Author: Humikane Shimada

Genre: Ecchi, Action, Magic, Military, Comedy
Story 5/10 and Characters 9/10:
The story takes place during the Second World War, while the nations are not fighting against each other, but join forces to fight against an unknown enemy from outta space, called the Neuroi.
The enemy is strong, unpredictable and has already destroyed and occupied numerous countries and cities all around the world, which is why humanity needs a strong weapon to defend themselves. This secret weapon is called the Strike Witches. They are young girls capable of using different types of magic, who joined forces with the military in order to defend earth. To do so, they use special engines called “Striker Units”, which enable them to fly and fight in the skies, where most Neuroi appear in. 
Yoshika Miyafuji, the daughter of the great Ichiro Miyafuji who invented the Striker Units and thus saved thousands of lives, is just a normal school girl with healing powers that has been passed along in her family for ages now. She is said to have great magical potential, but since she hates war, she only agrees to come to the front line in order to get some information about her father, who is currently missing (or dead but I sure as hell don’t believe that). However on the way to the front line in Britannia, Yoshika experiences the ferocity of this war first hand and thus realizes that she can use her powers to help out too.
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