Manga Review: Notes from the Garden of Lilies

Author: Suga Atsushi
Length: 2 volumes
Genre: Comedy, School Life, Drama, School Idol, Yuri
Scanlation Group: Yuri Project
Story 8/10 and Characters 9/10:
Misono Fujiwara, or how people call her “The Saint” is like the idol of the whole school and the daughter of an esteemed household. Thanks to her status she’s usually the centre of attention and respected by all the other students. However even though she always helps out wherever she can and is always surrounded by people, she’s quite lonely. The people around her are not the ones who she considers to be her friends since all they seem to see in her is just her social status. Still there is one person that treats her differently, like an equal, even like a nuisance and that is Yuri Kurashiki. 
While being a total outcast for both her outward appearance as well as her rough personality, Yuri is usually avoided by her classmates and thus always ends up being alone. However even though it does bother her quite a bit, she at least seems like she doesn’t really care. 
One day after school, Misono finds out about Yuri’s story book, in which Shinobu, Yuri’s childhood friend, writes down all the ideas for the manga Yuri draws. Totally embarrassed that someone found out about it, she hides the fact that she actually didn’t write what’s written in there, since giving away that information could get her into even more trouble in the first place.

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