Anime Review: Tamako Market

tamako market anime coverTamako Market is an anime series produced by Kyoto Animation that aired between January and March of 2013. It has a total of 12 episodes and has already been licensed by Sentai Filmworks.

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, School Life, Cooking

Plot: 7/10

The story revolves around Tamako Kitashirakawa, a normal high school girl that’s working in her family’s mochi shop. She enjoys her everyday school life with her friends, the work in the mochi shop, and in general, her life as a member of the town’s shopping district.

One day, an unexpected guest arrives, Dera Mochimazzwi, a talking bird, a royal one on top of that. Dera arrives from a faraway place to announce his plan of searching for the perfect bride for his prince. Finding a liking to the Kitashirakawa family, and most of all to their mochi, Dera ends up staying a little longer, becoming a freeloader in their home.

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Yuri Anime 2013 [Completed]

I’m a little disappointed with the recent amount of yuri in anime. I mean, it has never been much to begin with, but it also doesn’t seem to rise in quantity at all. Series with the main focus on a girl-girl relationship also won’t appear very often, so in 2013 thus far, I can mostly present you some anime with some subtle yuri undertones.

The series with probably the most “yuri potential” would be Vividred Operation, providing us with scenes like this.

vividred operation
Aoi (left) and Akane (right)

In Oshima, the happy, carefree 14-year-old Akane Isshiki lived a poor but well-loved life together with her reliable little sister, Momo, who does all the housework, and her grandfather, Kenjirou, a genius inventor who only created useless devices. When the weather is clear, they can see the artificial island, Blue Island, across the sea. In the center of that island rises the revolutionary Manifestation Engine, a discovery that solved the world’s energy problems, and leads to some major problems. (Source: Anime News Network)

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