My Top 10 Yuri Manga That Should Be Made Into Anime

I’ve already made a similar post to this, talking about what kind of yuri manga I’d want to see animated and which manga combinations I think would make the perfect yuri anime. But since this post is already pretty old, I decided to update it, which is why I’ll now present to you my Top 10 Yuri Manga that should be made into Anime.

As always, this is only my opinion, so feel free to tell me what you think is missing in this list~

And before people point it out, not all of my picks are Manga, there are some games added as well.

10. A better Touhou anime

As great as the few Touhou anime projects are, they are still not what I really want to see.

You have the choice between fanmade projects that are either not voiced or that come with art and animation that is simply not as satisfying as we’d want it to be. Furthermore, the few episodes we’ve already gotten don’t really come with a plot that can be used for a whole anime, and that’s something I really don’t understand, given the numerous characters and their individual background stories. Honestly, I think the possibilities for a Touhou anime are simply endless.

Especially since we’ve now also gotten a Kantai Collection anime, I demand to see something similar for this game as well!

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Manga Review: The Feelings We All Must Endure by Amano Shuninta

Title: The Feelings We All Must Endure
Author: Amano Shuninta
Chapter: 3 Volumes, 13 Chapters
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Yuri, Drama, Romance

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Characters: 8.5/10 and Story: 8.5/10
The story is set around a group of friends who attend university together. They all have to deal with their own problems, be it with friends, with university or most of all, with love.

Ruki, the protagonist of the manga, is in her first year of university. She doesn’t know many people, and she is not yet used to everything that is going on in this new environment.

However, thanks to a group assignment, she is forced to work with some other girls on a project together, and this is where she meets some of her later friends.

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Don’t Know What to Read Next?

Well then let me help you out.
There are quite a few ongoing yuri manga around right now, so it might be hard to find just the right one to start reading next. So let me present to you some promising new yuri manga that I think no yuri fan should miss.

citrus yuri manga
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Title: Citrus

Author: Saburouta
Genre: Drama, School Life, Yuri, Angst
Description: After her mother’s remarriage Yuzu is forced to transfer into a new school. To her horror the rules are quite strict there and she quickly gets into a fight with the student council president Mei, for breaking several school rules at once. And as if the day hadn’t already been horrible enough, she finds out that Mei is going to be her new step sister.
Scanlation Group: Yuri-Project
This manga is getting pretty popular lately but that doesn’t come as a surprise. The story is interesting, the art is probably the best I’ve seen in long while and on top of that, this manga comes with a lot of yuri fanservice even though it is a yuri title to begin with.