My Top 10 Yuri Manga [Updated]

It’s almost been a year since I made my first Top 10 list of this kind. If you wanna read it, click here. During that time, some manga came to an end, others started out, and still others surprised me by turning out really well. In short, a lot of things changed, and instead of just changing my previous list, I think it’s more convenient to just make a new one.

Many of the already listed manga will appear in this list again, but a whole bunch of new titles will finally appear too. 2013 has fortunately been a year full of great yuri manga, and while I think this will continue in 2014, we can probably already say that 2014 is also the year of great yuri anime, but that’s another story.

For now, let’s start the list.

flower and the star yuri manga
Title: The Flower and the Star
Author: Suzukin Kario
Genre: Comedy, Drama, School Setting, Yuri
Description: Hanai is a junior higher and the best at table tennis. She’s never lost, and she’s won many tournaments, but after some freshman she’s never heard of beats her like it was nothing, she starts losing every game after that and she can’t get rid of that feeling of defeat. Now it’s her first day of high school and she’s decided to quit table tennis and live an ordinary high school life, but on the first day, she runs into the very girl that first defeated her. It turns out that she’s also quit table tennis, but this girl always has a cold expression on her face and Hanai can’t help but feel that this girl is always looking down on her and trying to mess up her perfect high school life. One day the girl falls asleep in class, and Hanai reaches over to wake her up. As she does so, the girl, still half asleep, looks up at her with a smile and almost kisses her. The girl later tells Hanai that she was having a dream about her, but Hanai coldly brushes it off thinking she’s just messing with her and walks away – as the girl behind her looks down while blushing….Source

Chapters: 11 Chapters + Special
Year: 2010
Scanlation Group: Yuri Project

I never thought a manga about table tennis could be this good, but then again, table tennis is not the main them of the story, the relationship between Hanai und Haru is. To be honest, I’d rather see Haru with her childhood friend Chika, and that’s probably the main reason why this one didn’t score higher.

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My Personal Highlights of 2013

Since it’s the end of the year already, I thought it would be a good idea to just list my personal highlights of 2013 and kind of draw a final conclusion to see how “successful” this year has been for us yuri fans.

So first of all, let’s start with anime.
I think everyone will agree with me when I say that 2013 has been the year of Shingeki no Kyojin.
I have to be honest and tell you that I’m usually neither up to date with seasonal anime releases, nor do I pay attention to what shows are the most popular.
However, there was one anime this year that I could not miss simply because of its huge fandom, and I’m really happy I actually did take the time to see why everyone was going crazy about it.
Shingeki no Kyojin was without a doubt the most anticipated as well as successful anime of 2013 and I have to agree, it’s a fantastic show with a freaking awesome story. It is also one of the only (non-yuri) manga I’ve read in a long time and it’s even one of my favorites right now, which is so rare since I usually only read yuri stuff.
by レナ
Well, other than the manga and anime, especially the yuri pairing YumiKuri (Ymir x Christa) has gained a lot of popularity this year. There are already tons of doujinshi, fanfics and even short animated clips of them out. And since I’m up to date with the manga, I can safely assume that the fandom won’t just stop here, but rather grow even bigger.
But since I don’t want to spoil you guys, let’s just end it here and come to another highlight that happened at the end of the year, not too long ago.
The news of the 3rd Madoka Magica movie had been around for a while and in October the movie was finally released in Japan, while some other countries had to wait until December to finally watch it.

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Manga Review: The Flower and the Star

Hanai (left), Haru (right)
Author: Suzukin Kario
Length: 2 Volumes
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, School Setting, Table Tennis, Yuri
Scanlation Group: Lililicious, Yuri Project
Story 7/10 and Characters 8/10:
This manga is unique for the fact that it all revolves around a sport that I have probably never seen much in anime and manga before. However, the actual story that “The Flower and the Star” tells is not all that unique if you ask me. So on the one hand we have Hanai, who’s only talent has always been her table tennis skills and who’s seemingly been praised by her parents only when playing well. On the other hand we have Haru, a girl that’s maybe a little too socially clueless and thus always ends up causing misunderstandings for others. These two are pretty different from one another, but they have one thing in common and that is playing table tennis.
Hanai has always been practicing very hard and has always eagerly tried to win matches to make her parents proud. Up until she had to face Haru in a match, she mostly won all the matches and even bigger tournaments. However as soon as she loses against Haru, she suddenly can’t win a single match anymore and since these feeling of defeat keep haunting her, she soon after completely quits table tennis, blaming Haru for all of her bad luck.

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Don’t know what to read next? [Part 2]

It’s been a while since I last posted my list of manga recommendations for you and if you haven’t read it and want to see the titles I listed there, click here.

Lately great manga keep popping up out of nowhere and other manga, that I thought were dropped, are worked on again, so there’s a lot of great yuri manga being translated right now, which is absolutely awesome.
Just like last time, I would like to name some nice ones for you and give you some information about them, to make the decision of “What to read next” a little easier for you. Enjoy!
Title: Fragments of Love
Author: Jin Takemiya
Genre: Slice of Life, School Life, Yuri
Description: This manga is a collection of inter-linked stories that mostly feature selected moments in the life of Mika, a young lesbian woman, who claims to only aim for older women. Throughout this manga, we see how Mika manages to go through good times, as well as bad times and how she mostly deals with it, all in a surprisingly mature way.
Scanlation Group: Lililicious
For some reason it took me really long until I finally started reading this manga and I can honestly say, that I regret hesitating for so long. I have rarely seen such a great protagonist in yuri manga and I absolutely enjoy how “Fragments of Love” guides us through some of the most important moments of Mika’s life.

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