Yuri News Update: November 2018

Since there was so much happening last month, we didn’t get around to posting a Yuri News Update, so that means this will be a pretty lengthy installment. You ready? Okay, let’s go~

watashi ni tenshi ga maiorita!

First up, more info has come out regarding Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!, including when it’s set to begin airing. Mark your calendars for January, and in case you don’t know too much about it, here’s a short synopsis to get you up to speed.

One day, fifth grader Hinata Hoshino brings her friend Hana Shirosaki to her house, and Hinata’s sister Miyako, a college student, falls in love with with Hana at first sight. Miyako manages to get along with Hana somehow, but her clumsy behavior and shyness, makes Hana wary. Even so, Hana gradually opens up to Miyako, who wants to become closer to her.

After Happy Sugar Life, that synopsis is scaring me a little bit, but I imagine it’ll be kind of like Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru!, so there’s probably no need to worry. And it helps that several staff members working on this also worked on New Game!, so it has a good chance of being pretty entertaining.

watashi ni tenshi ga maiorita
(from left to right) Miyako, Hana, Hinata, and Noa

Someone mentioned in the comments of another post about how there seems to be a trend in anime right now of girls/women falling in love with children, and it makes me pretty uncomfortable that this is actually a thing, even if it’s not always depicted in a serious manner. Anyway, here’s the first PV.

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Anime Review: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

Spoiler Warning!

Author: Kazuma Kamachi
Year: 2013
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Action, Comedy, Superpowers
Story 8/10:
The second season of the Railgun series is divided into 2 arcs. The first one focuses on the “Radio Noise Sisters”, clones of Misaka which are created in high number to fight against the strongest Level 5 esper, Accelerator and make him shift to Level 6. 
The second arc revolves around an underground organization that is fed up with the way espers get all the recognition while intellectuals like themselves are mostly ignored no matter how brilliant they are. To change the system they want to bring forth a revolution upon Academy City and of course Misaka and the gang get involved in this pretty quickly. 
Looking back on the first season, it felt very much like the main story didn’t really take in all that many episodes and the filler episodes or the “carefree fun” episodes how I like to call them, took in most of the first season. I thought it would be the same this time again, but I was wrong. Railgun S is full of action and epic fighting, which is great, especially since the animation made it all look so stunning. But then again, I was also missing the fun episodes a little since especially the first half of this season felt really gloomy at times.
Nonetheless this atmosphere really helped to make Misaka stand out. I mean 90% of this anime, she is a total badass, desperately fighting for the sake of others, making the impossible happen more than just once. And alongside all the fighting, there’s also a little life lesson hidden. So while Misaka was only fighting alone almost the entire time in the first act, she more than once encountered a dead end and could only keep going because someone else helped her out. So in the second arc, she finally did the right thing and asked for help, instead of only relying on her own powers. This simple action saved her form so much more despair and things processed so much easier, that the lesson here is pretty obvious.

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Different Kinds of Yuri in Anime

I think that there are 4 different types of yuri in Anime.

The first one could be described as the most obvious one, in which the relationship between the two characters obviously exists and in which the viewers can actually see the couple confirm their love, which doesn’t necessarily need to be with words only. The best examples for this one are Kannazuki no Miko or Strawberry Panic.

kannazuki no miko yuri
Chikane (left) and Himeko (right). In the anime, their feelings for each other are pretty obvious.

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