My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Artists [Updated]

I guess we should continue the trend and keep updating all the old lists. Let’s continue with my favorite artists then. Enjoy!

love live nozoeri nozomo eri eli
10. Mushiyaki (Kanbayashi Makoto)

I know there are a lot of great artists around when it comes to Love Live doujinshi. Actually, thinking about it now, the number seems insane.

Anyway, the one name that pops up in my mind almost immediately when I think about those works, and especially while thinking about one of my all-time favorite couples—namely Nozomi x Eri—is Mushiyaki.

Be it the fact that those works are always cute, funny, and visually stunning, or maybe it’s the fact that I think this artist captures the relationship between the characters just perfectly. Well, certainly the occasional NSFW content helps me enjoy this to a certain degree too. 😛

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My Top 10 Favorite Yuri Artists

For some reason, I just won’t run out of new material for Top 10 lists. But this time, I think it’s a really important list.

Well, I tried to postpone it long enough so I’d have enough time to post reviews of each and every artist that I wanted to name in this list. However, I didn’t manage to do so, which is why some of the artist reviews I wanted to write are still not done, but they will follow soon, I promise.

So even though I wasn’t able to do so for all the artists, at least in some cases, clicking on their names will redirect you to my reviews about them.

With that said, enjoy the list~

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Artist Review: Tokoharu

Tokoharu (くりころ) is a doujin artist mostly known for her Nanoha x Fate, or in short NanoFate, doujinshi.

First things first, who are Nanoha and Fate? Well, those two are the main characters of an anime series with so far three seasons called Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, a very popular magical girl anime. If you want to read more about the anime, click the below links.

magical girl lyrical nanoha
(from left to right) Fate, Vivio, and Nanoha


Nanoha Takamachi: Nanoha is the main character of the whole series, becoming a magical girl when she is still a child. While she was at first a naive and hesitant girl, she changes throughout the first season, becoming a strong magician and a graceful and responsible adult in the third one. One of her strong points is the fact that she tries to understand people before going up against them, even when those claim to be her enemies.

Fate Testarossa (Harlaown): Fate is one of Nanoha’s first enemies, presenting herself as a strong-willed and rather clinical person who refuses all of Nanoha’s offers to listen to her story before going against each other causelessly. But what she tries to hide with this tough act is her real self, a very insecure girl trying her best to gain back the love of her mother. In addition to that, when finally building up enough trust to people, she acts protective and also overly worried about the ones she cares for most.

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